A Trampoline Game. Remember that time I was bored at work...
Someone is blogging the freeways  of Southern California and it's interesting. Not a real well-designed site, but interesting.
Dave's List Of Words That Are Fun To Say is a lot of fun, but it's missing a number of goodies. Smock. Smock smock smock.

I'm headed home this afternoon, that should be interesting. Hopefully some of my Milace friends will be around (call me?). After thanksgiving we're headed on a road trip to Southern Illinois (SoIll) since South Dakota is looking a little chilly. It's kind of a thrown-together endevor (that kinda rhymes) but it should be fun.


Merry Christmas Everybody. My little cousins will love this.


I had an early Thanksgiving Dinner last night with the girlfriend, the roommate, and a couple other friends. SJU had it's family-style Thanksgiving where we all sat around and feasted on turkey and stuffing and sparkling pear juice. Then we came home and played cards; it was a grand 'ol time. Other than that things have been pretty low-key around here; Bubs is still mean but the other hermit crabs are as friendly as ever.

Our trip to South Dakota is coming up soon, hopefully the weather will hold out. Climbing in snow is no fun.


Race Car: This....this is just funny as hell. Turn up your speakers. Whew.
We had our wonderful Poetry Slam last night, and it was a whoooole lot of fun. I actually won the thing, but it was touch and go for awhile; we had 3 rounds (including the individual final) and I only had 2 poems, so I had to improv the last one. It was surprisingly well-recieved. I was invited to go down to a couple slams down in the cities, so I'll probably end up doing that.

The talkback for Machinal is tonight; it'll probably be a bloodbath. I already have my list of gripes compiled. We'll see how things go.


For some reason two of our Hermit Crabs, Trogdor and especially Bubs, have gotten to be really agressive. The Cheat is still cool, but Bubs pinched Tom the other day. Tom's pretty pissed at him now. Maybe they'll lighten up.


Is this fantastic opportunity funny or creepy? I can't really decide.
We had the SLAM Workshop last night, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Cynthia French, the Minnesota Slam Master, worked with us and we saw some excellent footage of the national poetry slam. One of my favorite lines: "I I I, me me me, my my my, doesn't anybody tell a story anymore?" Now I've got to start working on my material for Sunday's slam.

Courtney and I also got to go climbing last night (Free time, yay!). It was a lot of fun, but it will take some work to get myself back into shape for our trip to Spearfish over thanksgiving break.

In other news...

We received our graded Lit Theory papers today. I felt good about my paper when I handed it in, and the work paid off. It was a nice change in pace, really.


WE'RE DONE!! No more Machinal for us! I have 5 hours of free time every day! It's amazing!

We had our last show and the strike of the set last night, followed by our cast party. It was a good time. Today was homework, a movie, and D&D (we're dorks). Sooo nice to have free time.

Poetry in the Dark is a bit of a bust; we're trying to change some things around. We've got the poetry slam coming up soon; we have a workshop for it tomorrow, and the slam is on Sunday. Good times.


Worst Album Covers Ever. This was sent to me by my English prof. It's pretty wonderful.
I've had a rough couple of days. Homework has been piling up like mad, I still have 4 more performances to deal with, and nothing really seems to be going right. However, things seem to be turning around, at least a little. Once this wicked play is done with I'll finally have some time to get stuff done and maybe even relax a little. I just have to make it through the next few days.


It's snowing today. Not a good sign. They figure at least 3 inches. Ugh.

As for other news, Courtney and I got into a bit of a spat, but it's passed and we're back to normal. It really wasn't any fun, but the making up was nice. Her parents flew out today; and it sounds like their house is probably ok, but there's no real way to tell until they get there.

We're dark for the next two days, being halfway done with the show. I can't wait until it's over. It'll be so nice to have free time again. The main platform broke onstage last night during the first episode, but it was fixed in time for it to move back on again. Way to go stage crew. Hopefully the rest of the run will go without incident.