I started crying four times today. It was a little odd, especially since I'm usually a pretty even-keeled person. Today, for some reason, I was much more emotional. The first time was during a conversation during acting. We were talking about touch and how much it means to us as people, and I realized how true that is. It made me think of Courtney (my new significant other. I'm not sure how I'd define our relationship. We're together. That about sums it up) and how much I'd missed touch. We also talked about one of my friends and how he has trouble trusting people with his feelings. Sam, our director, said "there are people in this room that would take a baseball bat for you." #2 was realizing that it was true, #3 was telling him. #4 was when i was talking about what's important for me, and I realized how much my writing means to me. I invest all of myself into it, which can't be said for many other persuits.

Anyway, that was my day of emotions. I feel good though, a little cleaner. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


The Plague

Things have remained hectic around here; I haven't been to the climbing wall all week. Homework upon homework. I think I've got a little touch of the plague; everyone around here seems to be some sort of sick. I've been working some scenes for Acting, and trying to slog through Spanish. I do have a bit of a significant other though, so things aren't all bad.

Water Aerobics

Play practice was pretty interesting today. We were in the pool for an hour or so doing aerobics, and then we went into the gym to play "Crab Soccer." Remember doing the crab back in gym class, where you're on your back but supporting yourself with you arms and legs? Yup. Do that, then try playing soccer. Good times.


The Weekend

Well, this weekend was both eventful and not. I managed to go catch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Not bad, it reminded me of my family, but I don't think it deserved all of the hype. I also ended up spending a great deal of time with a girl I've been interested in since the beginning of the year. I didn't really do anything about it because I figured she just wanted to be friends. I was wrong. Woo hoo! Let's hear it for being wrong.


We are such dorks. A very good friend of mine spent some time trying to convice us that we should play Dungeons and Dragons with him, since we were a bunch of theatre guys and we'd be good at it. Finally, we took him up on the offer.
Myself and four of my good friends are now converted D&D addicts. They will remain nameless to preserve their identities. It's so very sad. Shame, shame. It's so much fun though, I can't even begin to explain, since it would just result in myself looking like more of a geek. Trust me though, it was a good time.


I sucked it up in Acting II today. We were performing our monologues for a grade, and I ended up with a C+. I wasn't happy, but it wasn't really unfair. I was trying so hard to get away from "angry young man" that I overcompensated and ended up just being dull. Ugh. We're doing a short scene for a grade on Friday, and I think I found a good one. Hopefully it'll help out.


Soooooo Very Cool

We had our first play practice last night, and it was basically just a meeting. We went over the general concepts of the show, how we want it to look, what the effects will be, that sort of thing. The cast was walked through some of the more cinematic parts of the production, and if it's anywhere near as cool as it was in my head, this show is going to be so amazing it'll blow everyone away. I've never been this excited for a show in my life.

One of my friends did bring up a good point though. The costumes are going to be awsome. The inspiration behind the production is excellent. The technical aspects will be amazing. The only thing that can be screwed up now is the acting.

New "I got new boots" Boots!

I needed a pair of pants I can destroy for play practice, so Aaron and I took a trip to Saver's. It was extreme productive. I came away with a new pair of boots, a couple sets of scrubs, a belt, a vest, and a waffle-style insulated shirt for $26. Woo-hoo!



My good friend Zoe came up yesterday. We hung out in the morning, then went out to lunch with Aaron (my roommate), I introduced her to Strong Bad (see previous post), and then I had to run off to class. When I came back she was napping, and we went out for dinner, then headed down to the climbing wall. Play practice was canceled, so we had all the time we wanted. It was hella cold.

I ended up getting really frustrated at the wall, which is unusual for me. The problem was that a small bouldering competition was going on. Since I thought I'd be at practice, I recorded all of my scores the day before. As for the actual competition, I did miserably. I failed at problems that I had wired the day before, and I'm not really sure why. Pressure, maybe. I just wasn't having as much fun.

Anyway, Zoe seemed to have a good time, and se was able to meet a bunch of my friends. She may come back on Sunday with Keirsa, so that'd be a good time.

Mother Goose

I also bumped up the 'ol karma count a little. One of my friends wasn't feeling too good today and last night, so I helped him along and made sure he was doing all right. He'll probably be fine by tomorrow, but he's pretty hard up right now. I'll probably go back to check on him in a little while.

Audition Residue

After auditions and all, I was curious as to why I was cast as Parris and not Proctor. I wasn't sure if it was something I could control (like acting ability) or something I couldn't (like height). I was finally able to ask our director today and he told me that Parris is a tough part to play, and I was able to nail the fact that he cared a lot about himself but still cared some for his family. Whoo. He also mentioned that the girl playing Abbey (female lead) is tall and I'm....well...not. At any rate, they're pretty good reasons for me not getting cast as the lead, and now I'm even more comfortable with the part I recived.


Judgement Day

The famed cast list was finally posted, and I've been cast as Parris. I'm not ecstatic about the part, but I'm definately content. As I said before, I thought I might be out of the running for Proctor, and I can't even begin to complain about getting what's probably the 2nd biggest male part in the show. It was strange, I've never had to go through callbacks for a big part like this before. I didn't really know what to expect, and I didn't know how high I should let my hopes get.

During acting class we basically talked about the tryout process and what went on and so on and so forth. Oh, and I met another cute girl today who talked to me. Whoo! I'm also back to setting routes at the climbing wall when I have the right supervision, so things are going well.


More Tryout Drama

Or Drama Tryouts, if that's what you prefer...

Anyway, our last day of Crucible callbacks was yesterday. I'm not really sure how things will turn out, though I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm out of the running for Proctor (the male lead). While he was letting most of us have a break, he called in 4 people to read for Proctor and Proctor's wife. I wasn't one of them. Anyway, the cast list was supposed to be posted this morning, so a bunch of us went over before the building closed last night to see if it was up yet.
It wasn't.

After I awoke this morning I hopped a bus over to the BAC to check the list, but in it's place was a sign saying that the cast list won't be posted until tomorrow, and that he wanted to see a few people before he made his final decisions. *sigh*

Judgement Day has been postponed.



Oh yeah, turns out that I'm supposed to meet up with my mother this coming Thursday, not last. Sorry mom...
Tryout Update

So, I've made it through a couple more rounds of tryouts for our goth-punk version of The Crucible, and things have been pretty interesting. Yesterday we had the movement and singing auditions. For movement we started out with excercising: crunches, pushups, leg lifts, etc. We then did some free movement during which I basically macked on the stage manager. I think that scored me some points. Then we had to learn a cheerleading-style dance piece to perform, followed by a final "strut" across the stage. I was forced to do the singing since I'm in Acting II, but that wasn't too bad. I'm not really the shy type.

Callbacks were posted last night, and I was called back for Proctor (male lead), Parris (2nd in line for males), Corey (mediumish part), and a couple small parts. I was pretty excited, especially since only 4 people were called back to read for Proctor. Today was a 5 hour ordeal, with groups being called in to read and then being sent out again. Since I was called back for a number of roles, I was in every single callback group. It was pretty fun, but exhausting.

The set of callbacks are up for tomorrow, and I'm headed back for Proctor and Parris again (whoo!). It sounds like it'll be another long day, but hopefully it'll be worth it. I did a mowhawk today, and I'll have to see if I can get some more height on it for tomorrow. Since I do the spikes on a daily basis, I had to push the envelope a bit.

In other news...

Spanish Girl

There's this girl in my Spanish class that I thought was kind of cute. I walked into class early the other day and she was the only one there. "Sweet," thinks I. She's on her cell phone, and it becomes apparant that she's talking to someone quite close to her. Yep, it's her boyfriend. He works construction. They've been together for a number of years. *sigh*

yeah yeah, I know, fish in the sea...


I attended Luma tonight at the BAC, and it was an interesting show. It's a theatre group that performs in either complete darkness or black lights, and it's an entire study on light. Some of the sections were basically just juggling with lighted sticks, but other parts of the performance were just amazing. I'd give it 6.5 or 7 out of 10.


Dump Her

Today was pretty laid back; I just had one class and it was at 2:40. I took the time to do my landury, get some homework in, that sort of thing. I was supposed to meet my dear mother for supper, but she stood me up! No call, no note, no nothing. She just didn't show up. Sad.

Anyway, I climbed for a bit, then I went in for the first round of tryouts for The Crucible, our play this spring. I did my monologue, and it went pretty well. More tryouts tomorrow, stay tuned.

Same time, same great station.


*grumble grumble*

Today's been a bit of a roller coaster. Unfortunately it ended fairly poorly. The highlights:

My comm. class was a lot of fun today. We just discussed the readings. Since I'm a fan of discussion and I don't mind reading, I think most of the class will go well.
Acting went all right, though I had to sing, which I'm not all that comfortable with. I got through it though.
Here's the big hitter for today: I actually sort of enjoyed Spanish today. I know. Wierd. It may have something to do with this cute girl, but anyways...

Going pretty good, right? Well, I hung out here for awhile and eventually made my way down to the climbing wall where I set a bouldering problem, then found out that there was a big enough squabble in the OLC that it was prudent for us non-employees not to set anymore until the whole issue is put at rest. This wouldn't be all that rediculious except for the fact that most of the employees don't know anything about setting routes and half of the holds they set are either loose or have the threads stripped out of them. Arugh.....


On a bit of a lighter note, it seems that I'll be taking a climbing trip over spring break. My origional thought was Austin, but another friend was headed to Arizona and may have a better setup there. We'll see how everything shakes out.


S Day Plus One

Well, I'm two days back into school, and things haven't completely fallen apart yet. My communications class should be interesting, though the prof. seems a little... blunt. Acting is going to be a lot tougher this semester, Sam's basically fitting the next 3 years of acting into one semester, since no other acting classes are offered. However, the class is made up of people who want to be there. There's nobody just there to fill up a fine arts credit anymore. This should elevate the experience as a whole. Spanish will probably be tough, especially for me, but the people in the class seem pretty cool. And symposium is, well, symposium. Today we played board games to try and figure out what they had to do with communities. $100 well spent.

Things are kind of a mess at the climbing wall; they stripped the wall of holds to reset routes. That I like, since I was getting a little bored with what they had. On the other hand, the slackers didn't think it was worth it to set routes, so they were just putting holds on the wall thinking they'd set later. Of course, that would mean taking holds off the wall just to put them back on once we did set routes. I've been setting for the past couple days and nobody's stopped me yet, but a few of us went in before buisness hours to set and I guess the powers that be put some heat on the guy who gave us the key. *sigh* Doesn't matter much though; I'll probably be setting tomorrow regardless.


Fat Jack's

This isn't any news to those of you living around Milaca, but to everyone else, an interesting tidbit. There's this town nearby, Bock, which has a population of 97 residents. Recently, and establishment named "Fat Jack's" opened up. Fat Jack's is a strip club. Nude dancers. Apparantly over 100 cars are parked outside the place on a busy night, and the city can't do anything to kick them out. The whole issue has raised hackles all over; most of the pastors and priests have included mention of it in their sermons (Milaca has 13 churches and 2 bars). Such excitement.


Dodging the Fuzz

So Renaldo* was at work the other day and he had to get an Employer ID# for a certain company from the IRS. When he was finally able to talk to an actual person after fifteen minutes of listening to canned classical music (ride of the Valkyires. figures) he began to go through the steps to get the information. Eventually, the actual human person on the other end of the line realized that Renaldo was not the president of the company, she denied him access to the EID.

So, naturally, Renaldo called back as Singfred*, the president of the company. Renaldo then listened to a great deal of classical music. Again. Eventually, the phone was answered by another real person. This masquerade worked well; Singfred's social securiety number was even in the file, so things went along smoothly. Once the real person had the information pulled up, she asked for Singfred's birthdate. Crap. Renaldo stopped talking. The IRS agent figured he hung up, then grumbled to herself about how it wasn't really Singfred on the other end of the phone.

Whooo. All in a day's work.

*names have been changed to preserve anonymity



This is simply marvelous. Follow these few pages to the conclusion. It's wonderful.
Oh, one other thing.

I finally managed to get back to the darkroom after a three or four month absence. It was nice to get some prints done, and it reminded me why I took up photography in the first place. I'll have to pick up some more film sometime soon.
A Little Ramble

I was sifting through some photos and such to pack things up before I head back to school, and I came across some pictures from last year. It was odd. It felt strange to realize how different I was back then. I almost want to say that I had a bunch of false illusions back then, but I don't think that's right. I was just living in a totally different world. Well, at least it was different for me. My own little reality.

Seeing my ex-girlfriend in the photos brought up a flood of memories. They weren't really unpleasent, or all that pleasent, for that matter. It was just interesting how different everything looked now that I'm looking at them with a little more experience. A little more perception. I think I've grown a lot in the past year; more than I do in most years. I'm sure the move to college has had a lot to do with it. I feel like I'm more me than I've been in a long time. Then again, I may end up looking at pictures of me now in a year and thinking about how immature I was. Then again, I might not.
How cool is this?
An online store for pyrotechnics and fireworks. Wow. If I hadn't spent almost everything I have on climbing gear...



Good God. A little something for those who have too much time and want to be punished for it. Optical illusions, sorta. This One is just plain cool.
Another Day...

So I showed up to work late today. My alarm didn't go off. Well.... strike that. I forgot to turn on my alarm. Anyway, it was a few hours of work at the office, lunch, and then I was off climbing. 40+ degrees! Woo hoo! I just climbed around Milaca, but hey, what can ya do. I had a good time though, and completed some cool moves.

I then got home and started in on the real work. I hauled a bunch of wood around, then went to go change the oil on my car. My father came home, changed, then promptly began ranting about how I didn't finish cleaning up the redwood that he felled the other day. Once we were finished with that project, we went to go take a look at the Jeep, since the tail lights were coming on and off. A pressure switch in the break system had gone kaput, and the wires were burning up, smoke and all. I was blamed for that one too. Go me.


Well, I'm back from another couple days of rock climbing, this time at Vertical Endevors in St. Paul. I went with Adam and stayed at his place overnight, and we managed to climb both yesterday and today. It was a pretty nice place, really big, but I didn't like most of the routes all that much. I mean, they were decent and all, and some of them were pretty nice, but you didn't finish many of them and then think to yourself "damn that was cool" on the way down. It was nice to climb again though, and if it's as warm tomorrow as it was today I'll probably be outside once I'm done at the law office.

I'm also off to see Something Corporate at the Quest in a few weeks. That should be a great show, though I want to stab Ticketmaster in the heart for their service charges. Oh well. I'm going to a punk show; can't complain too much.

As for other news, my father felt it necessary to hack down an oak tree in our yard because he thought it was going to fall on the house. Ok everybody, what does that mean?

THAT'S RIGHT! Jake gets to haul wood! Wooooooo!

Oh well. Back to school in less than a week. Hopefully then I can track down the disappearing girl.



I worked again yesterday morning, then set off on a quest to try and find boulders around Milaca. I didn't have much luck. I even checked out an area called "Granite Ledge" (which seemed a little too obvious) but there wasn't really anything bigger than chest high. Everything that could have been promising sunk into the deep topsoil long ago.

On the bright side, I also attended a theatre/mary 2 shindig last night which was a jolly good time. I was annahilated in Operation, but I fought back in Taboo. It was nice to see everyone from school again, and I'm looking forward to going back.


An All-Around Good Day

Yesterday was downright enjoyable. I worked at the law office in the morning, then came home, straightened out things for the weekend, and went climbing. My buddy and I climbed on some rough sandstone buttresses and even did some roped climbing at the highest point. It was my first time setting up a top rope, but everything seemed to hold up fine. I even took a fall on it and nothing budged. At night I caught up with a friend of mine I hadn't seen for awhile and I got to meet all of her friends. One told a story that might end up in one of my books.

When she was a little girl her grandmother let her name a beef cow. It was a bull, but she thought the best name for a cow was always "Miss Bessie." A few years later, her grandmother gave her hamburger for Christmas. Each package had "Miss Bessie" scrawled on the wrapping paper. A few days later they had burgers for dinner, and she spent the whole time crying, thinking about how good Miss Bessie tasted.


New Year's Blast

Well, the epic New Year's party has come and gone. It was a good time. A dozen or so of my friends showed up and we did this whole colorado ski lodge sort of thing. Since we didn't have much for snow or for hills, we went skating instead. I shoveled off our little pond (it's about the size of a hockey rink) and dad cut firewood for us. We had a coleman lantern hung up for light, and it was a whole lot of fun.
Eventually we came back inside and had fondue, then hung out and talked and played Catch Phrase for hours. We finally went to bed at 4 or 4:30 in the morning, then woke up around nine. The first day of the new year was spent in the company of friends, and we lounged around, played a couple more rounds of Catch Phrase, and generally had a good time. I didn't get out of my pajamas until 4:00 in the afternoon to clean everything up. A good day.