Sickish. Quite the Understatement

Remeber that sickish feeling that I spoke of on my birthday? My birthday present was mono. I'm in the hospital right now, I was admitted yesterday. No fun at all. I was actually diagnosed last thursday, then went home friday night because I could barely talk. I tried to recover, but early sunday morning I could hardly breathe. My throat was so swollen I'd try to swallow but I couldn't. I came into the hospital and they hooked me up on a mega iv for a couple hours which helped immensely. The gave me some drugs and sent me home. I didn't improve for two days. Finally mom figured we should see someone, so we came in to see a throat specialist. He said we couldn't take care of it at home and that I needed to go into the hospital to get an IV treatment. Here I am. Ugh. Sounds like I'll probably be able to go home tomorrow, and if things keep improving I'll even still be able to be in the play. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't; that's three months of my life that would just be shot. Hopefully things will keep improving.

I've had quite a few visitors over here, which has been really nice. Tonight has been the first time I've been able to get internet access, and even a dialup is wonderful. My voice is even coming back, and Courtney may even swing by tonight, so I guess things are looking up. Then again, I'd have to be dying for them to be looking a whole lot worse.



Well, I have a mohawk now, which is pretty exciting. Red and black plastic will be woven into it for the play, and it should be classy. I can't wait for easter. Not a whole lot else has been going on; my mom returned from South Africa yesterday so I went home to have dinner with my parents. Courtney came with as well, and she had a chance to see where I was from and meet my dad for the first time. Things went well, we're actually having dinner again on Wednesday.

I also turned 19 today, which, in all honesty, wasn't all that exciting. 19 isnt' a real huge birthday, but it beats the alternative of not having a birthday. I'm a little sickish today too, which doesn't help anything. Oh well.


Busy Busy

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately; I've had the play to deal with, scenes and monologues in acting, a research paper, a presentation on social movements, the radio show, and all sorts of other things. After this weekend things may begin to clear a little, depending on what I get done. On a lighter note, I actually had fun at rehearsal last night. I'm starting to find the physicality of my character, and I'm realizing that I can take things farther than I once thought.

The Video

How's this for a sad story: We had about 4 hours of footage from our climbing trip, but we couldn't get the cable to work to get the video to the computer for editing. A day before the deadline for the campus video contest, I found another friend with a different cable that worked. The night before the deadline I didn't sleep at all. Instead, I worked for 10 hours straight, editing and putting everything together. At around 10:00 or so the next morning, as I'm waiting for the final cutting to compile, I check my email. That morning an email was sent out stating that the deadline had been pushed back an entire week. Yippie.


Warning: Complaints Ahead

It's alright folks, it won't be all that bad. You'd be getting a big long rant if this was a couple hours ago, but I've vented some and taken in some sherbet, so it's not so bad. Rehearsal was rough tonight; Sam kept wanting me to follow my instincts but then prevented me from doing so by telling me what not to do, which was just about everything. Then we went to water aerobics instead of rehearsing more, since we have a whopping 12 more rehearsals before tech. Ugh.


The roommate situation looks a little more promising. If things work out as I hope they will, I'll be rooming with Fokken in the fall and Kyle in the spring. That would rock.


My Eternal Soul

Over the course of spring break our acting class was told to create a representation of our souls using paper and finger paints. A unique task, to say the least. I ended up doing the paintings during a period of time when I was going back and forth between completely tweaking out and being perfectly fine. The paintings had an interesting evolution to them; from one to the next they became increasingly more emotional and less based in reason. I finally ended up with a big, firey-galaxy looking thing which I was quite happy with. Ironically, when we were first given the assingment, it was the first thing that popped into my head. I didn't paint it at first because I thought it was to cliche, but eventually it was apparant that it was the only design that seemed to fit.

The Great Roommate Search

It's come time to start looking for a roommate, and I'm coming up a little short. Aaron and I planned on rooming together again, but then he ran off and became an RA. Tim and Seifert are both already hooked up with people... I'm starting to feel like the kid who always gets picked last for gym class. ugh.


The Big Trip

Here it is, the comprehensive journal from our texas trip. It's pretty lengthy, and we'll have a video once we get everything edited, but it may be worth the read. It was quite the trip.