Swinging a Hammer

I've struck upon a bit of work, and it basically fell into my lap. We're having our house roofed, and the roofers needed some extra help. On the third day they were here, the main roofer's helper took off, leaving just the two of us. It's been going well, I don't really mind the work, and it pays $10/hr cash. Hopefully I'll be able to keep working for him once he's moved on to other houses, but even if I don't we'll still have at least a week of work just on our house.

Hitting the Books

To fill up my summer, I've also registered for a couple of classes at SCSU. It'll let me get some of my generals out of the way, and I get the credits for free. I'll be taking Social Psychology and Water Enviornment, and I'll basically be in class from 7:30-12:00. It'll run basically through July, and hopefully I'll be able to work in the afternoons. Then it's off to California.



Today I took a trip back to the home of my ancestors, as things may be. Since I don't really consider my family to be from europe any more than I consider us all from the middle east (the birthplace of humanity, so they say), I would say that Holdingford, Minnesota, is about as close to my roots as I can get. Hidden in the middle of central minnesota, it's an area where my grandparents know who lives in every house, in addition to knowing who lived there before them and what church they went to. Holdingford has two churches, a Polish Catholic church and a German Catholic church. It's the sort of area where you meet people who haven't lived outside of their hometown of 500 people and who have never left the state.


Still looking for a job, still getting shot down. It's starting to get mighty frustrating. Oh, and my email doesn't work either. Whoo.



I just finished the final draft of Blissfully Ignorant, my next book. I'll be submitting it for publication in the very near future. Just thought you'd like to know.
Escalamos Rocas

I got to go rock climbing this weekend! My friend Chris and I took a trip out to Taylor's Falls. We bouldered all Saturday afternoon, then went off to find a campsite. Taylor's Falls was filled up, so we went for a drive through the country, trying to find some woods to camp in. We didn't find much, until we got to a planned development area advertising wooded lots. Hmmm, we thought. We pulled in, and only one lot was built on. We drove onto another large, wooded lot, put my (thankfully brown) car near some trees, walked over the hill, and set up camp. It was very picteresque, overlooking a little lake, and all of the underbrush was already cleared away. Very nice. On Monday we ran out of gas for our stove, so we went into town and had french toast, hash browns, eggs, and coffee. Quite a bit better than lukewarm oatmeal. Then we went back in to climb and ran into some friends from St. John's. We scrambled back to where we wanted to climb and set our ropes. We stayed in the same area all day, climbed some nice routes, and Chris and I even learned to lead climb. All in all, a solid trip.

Sail Away

I also got my sailboat in the water this weekend. I took it out once in some gentle breezes, but hopefully I'll be able to catch some heavier weather soon.


Another Day

More bumming around home, though I called the temp agency today. I also read a book. An entire one. 271 pages. I need a job.

I got stumped writing today, so I started writing down the stories I've heard about my extended family. Things are coming along quite well; hopefully I can work them into my current project somehow. Hate to waste it all...



So I'm thinking of going through a temp agency if I don't land any jobs in the next week or so. I let the World Famous Hi-Way Cafe know that I was bak in town too. Things are starting to look pretty thin. Temping wouldn't be so bad though. I'm going climbing this weekend which should be fun, and my writing is coming along. Oh, yeah, and I'm FLYING TO CALIFORNIA ON JULY 8TH!!! Things could be worse.



I just returned from a four-day, 500+ mile trip around minnesota. I went climbing in Taylor's Falls, Sweede's Forest, and Big Stone, I camped out, visited three of my wonderful friends, got one parking ticket that I won't pay (stupid UST), got lost once, almost hit one duck, was nearly hit by a bunch of flying 2x4s, became a godfather, remained unemployed, sent wonderful bouldering problems, was told that I rock by a kid on a tour boat, started a bonfire, imbued my car with coleman fuel, was forced to bash a can open with a rock since I forgot my can opener, consumed one pint peppermant bon bon ice cream, one dish spaghetti, multiple cups of coffee, black beans and rice, an oreo blizzard, motzerella cheese, big wheat thins, multipe other meals, and a great deal of water. I had a lot of fun.


The Book

So I've started on my next book, which would make it my third. If I follow it through to compleation, it will follow a dollar bill and anyone who happens to have it in their possession. It basically allows me to string together a bunch of interesting characters and short stories, and maybe even mix a couple of them together if I feel playful. I think it'll be good for me this summer, since it will give me something with which to occupy myself. I got quite a bit down on paper (sorta) tonight, hopefully I still have a few hundred more words left in me before I head off to bed.

All Measures

By most accounts, today was a pretty good day. I shopped for groceries, made soup, read, wrote, called Courtney (wonderful), cooked, and slacklined. The cooking turned out well, I had a few good walks while slacklining, and talking to Courtney really really made me happy. But for awhile, in the middle of the afternoon, I was overcome by this feeling of listlessness, of aimlessness. I just wandered around for a bit, for want of something to do. I tried to write, but it was near impossible in that sort of state. I ended up reading, which helped, and the feeling was finally cured by calling Courtney and hearing her voice. I hope the feeling doesn't return.



One other thing that I can't neglect to mention. I promised myself that I wouldn't fill up pages and pages about my girlfriend, but this is worth mentioning. My dear mother offered to fly me out to California to see Courtney sometime in July. WHOOOOOO!!!!!!

I took to cooking today, my first full day at home by my lonesome. I picked out some recipies that looked interesting, bummed some grocery money off my mom, and went about fixing dinner. The results were wonderful. I started out with some hot mushroom crustades, followed by rosemary baby red potatos and a parmesan-crusted chicken breast with tossed greens in a basil vinigarette. I planned things out and set up a schedule so everything was done right and done on time. I'm doing a dinner party for my mom's friends tomorrow night.

The Hours

So I'm back into reading because it gives me something to do and it lets me not think about Courtney. I'm reading The Hours by Michael Cunningham. It won a Pulitzer. It's better than being stabbed with an ice pick, but it's not earth-shattering. He uses description excellently. I find it interesting that he seems facinated with lesbians and lesbian desires. I hope that stupid guy fantasies weren't mistaken for profound thoughts.


Homeward Bound

So, I'm home. Abrupt, huh? That's how it felt to me too. I said my goodbyes to Courtney and to all of my college friends, packed my shit, and I now write this from my childhood home. Great. My last day with Courtney wasn't too horrible. Neither of us cried. Of course, this is because we cried our eyes out together the night before. I'm dealing with it now, not having her here. It's tough, but if I keep myself occupied it's not so bad. I read a lot now. I drink tea and coffee. I work on my book. I organize my books and my things. I do things to keep my mind and my hands busy. I won't see her for three more months, granting that no trips to California arise. I hope to take the summer to work, climb, sail, and write. I'm in the process of trying to line up jobs; I haven't had any big breaks yet.

The Rents

I'm not sure yet how living at home with my parents will go. I'm obviously not the same person I was when I left, and I'm taking some time to get adjusted to living at home and under authority figures. I think if I get the space to begin with, we can relate to each other like people. If not, I'll get sulky and pissy and they'll get resentful. I'll keep you posted.



I'm in the process of packing up my room right now, and it's pretty tough on me. Some people felt homesick when they came to school, but I'm feeling the opposite. I'm going to miss my friends here so very much, and I don't have a whole lot to go back to. Most of my friends are going to be gone, I don't have a solid job yet, and it kind of feels like the seafloor is sliding out from under me. I'm a different person than I was; I'm hoping that everyone at home will understand that. I don't really know what to think. *sigh*



She has taken to calling me sweets. I enjoy this.



Well, I'm past the aforementioned hell day, so now i just have a monologue, an asanine little paper, and a final to study for. I'm feeling pretty good about the end of the year, except for the whole "leaving behind my friends" thing.

Slacklining has been improving, and I've been climbing outside, which is damn skippy (or good, rather).

I had a long conversation with a friend of mine tonight. It was one of those things where you were friends before, but then one night can kind of solidify a bond. It's happened a few things in the past couple months, and it's a nice feeling.

Things with Courtney are also going really well *sigh*. Yeah. (that was a pleasant sigh, mind you, not wistful or anything.)

wow. i just used "wistful."