I had a bit of a mortality check today. All of my condolances to the friends and family of Mary Miller, a former classmate of mine that passed away a few days ago. She contracted menengitis while working at a casino on Mille Lacs. Scary stuff. Other than that I've basically just been pressure washing the house, getting it ready to be stained. I scared away a little bat yesterday; I hope he sticks around. He was pretty cute, and we can use the help against the mosquitos. I've also been fighting off bees under every eve. Grrr. My muffler fell off my car today, or at least it tried to. Time to get a new one, methinks. Grrrr. I make money, then I lose money.


I got another rejection letter for Blissfully Ignorant the other day. It's made that much worse by the fact that it was from the publisher that I figured was most likely to print the book. *sigh* It may be time to start looking for an agent.
Did I mention that I fell off a scaffold when we were building the house? It was probably 8 or 9 feet up. It sucked because the roof overhung over the scaffold a little bit, forcing you to lean in toward the roof to keep your balance. I was relaying up 4x8 sheets of plywood, which are heavy as hell when you're off-balance, and my boss told me to do it "like this," causing me to lose my balance completely and come peeling off the top. Lucky I'm a climber; lots of falling experience.

Also in the news, I can't wait to get back to school. My darling girlfriend is flying back a few days early to hang out at the cabin, and then it's off to my apartment-dorm and friends and everything wonderful. The summer really hasn't been that bad; I've made some money and gotten some classes out of the way, but it'll be nice to get back.


Not a horribly exciting day today, though I did get to pressure wash the beginnings of the garage and house in preparation for my staining escapades. I made a wonderful supper though; a tex-mex chicken and salsa. The salsa had cilantro, onions, peppers, canteloupe, watermelon, and lime in it. Quite good. I'd say it was the high point of the day.
So I'm finally back home after my long list of adventures. It started out with my cousin's wedding which was a grand 'ol time. The groom cried during the vows, which I thought was pretty darn sweet. Then it was to marathon D&D where we had player vs. player team combat. We whupped the crew from Lahti's hometown, and had a wonderful victory. Then it was up to The Lake of the Woods for construction for a week. It was not a whole lot of fun. We did a lot of framing, mostly rafters and such, then roof boards and shingles. Lots of hotness and me not knowing what I'm doing and long hours and more hotness. It paid well though, and doing it for a week is bearable. Now I'm back home and ready to start staining our house. Not quite so bad, and I get to work on my killer tan!. Woot.


I'd say the week has been fairly uneventful, but in retrospect that wouldn't be quite true. I went over to my friend Kat's for a bonfire the other day, where a good time was had by all. We talked for al ong time adn then watched The Family Guy to our hearts' content. I've been working at Gail's doing some lawyering, where all has been going smoothly. Last night I went over to the Paramount to get some work done in the photo lab. I developed a roll from Californa that turned out wonderfully. The roll was basically divided between climbing photos and shots of Courtney. *sigh* I also got my car back, complete with baby blue hood. I managed to salvage the flames, so it's still a sweet ride. I was worried that I wouldn't see her get to be old enough to buy cigarettes and porn, but now it looks like she'll make it. This weekend it's off to a wedding, then marathon D&D with the boys. Then I'm off to do construction at the lake of the woods. Yay (i guess).



Yesterday I got back from the best trip of my life. I got out to California and Courtney met me at the gate. Things were great, we were together agian. On Wednesday we went sea kayaking with her parents and went through some sea caves, saw sea lions, kelp, a ray, and a jellyfish. We met up with her friends from home, I got to climb in Joshua Tree which has some of the best bouldering in the states and sent an awsome problem. I got to meet her family, go bouldering on the beach, swim in the ocean, bodyboard with my girlfriend, take long walks along the ocean, and best of all, spend and entire week with Courtney. I don't know what I'd want more. Wow. Sooooooo wonderful.

Apparantly I'm better suited to planes than cars though; I was driving my mom's Accord since mine is still getting fixed (i'll be able to repair it for a push once the dust clears) and the passanger side window shattered without apparant reason. Not good. More details later.


Danger, Excitement, Intrigue!

It's been quite the weekend. On Thursday I ran up to Brainerd to do some legal research, then went to the cabin. The day was slightly tainted since my hermit crab, GriGri, died in the morning. Not so good. Friday brought some wind and great sailing, I was out in full whitecaps and maybe 3ft waves. Lots of spray, lots of fun. The relatives came up for the 4th, and it was nice catching up with them. I did notice, however, that Dimitrius lost a claw. Not so good.
On Saturday I picked up the boys and we headed out to Red Wing to do some climbing. We sent some nice routes, though I did take a scary 20ft fall on lead. Five more feet and I could have decked. Not so great. We also came across a huge snake, which did nothing to put me at ease. We got back to camp late and went about making supper, which may have been one of the best meals ever. We feasted on fresh peaches, seasoned chicken, roasted potatos, onions, peppers, and sweet corn. It was made that much better by the fact that we were all starving and didn't get to eat until midnight, since the coals took awhile to heat up. Sunday morning brought rain, so we hung around camp and waited for things to dry. Eventually we hopped up on a couple routes, but soon it was time to go home. I stayed at SJU with Lauer, and this morning I annahilated a deer with my poor car. She took out the hood, radiator, and most of the front end. It will probably be totalled, but we'll probably buy it back and try to get it back to being drivable. Apparantly the flames make it 20% faster, but not 20% more immune to deer.