We had a gathering over here last night, and it was a really good time. It was nice to see everybody enjoying themselves and to be able to play the host. The little rooms in Mary didn't facilitate that sort of thing very well. I've adopted my freshman and found a few other cool ones, so that's pretty neat. We have theatre basketball tonight, which should be a good time. Now I should probably get some homework done.


Er, anyway, I like theo, and I read Beowulf and really enjoyed it. The guy rips the arm off a dragon, how cool is that! Anyway, and my other lit and comm classes look pretty good as well, but I haven't really gotten a feel for them yet. I'm having a gathering at our place tonight, so feel free to stop by.

Oh, and I'm not quite sure about that last... post... er... I'm fine now.
Things have been going well in school, I'm really enjoying myself. I went down to the beach with my friends the other day, which was a good time. Classes have started, and they all seem pretty good. A couple of my profs are really excited about what they're teaching, which makes being in the class a lot of fun. Theology looks like it'll be interesting, since I like to argue ... I am Jake... I am Jake... I am Jake... some people think I am evil, but they're right- they're also just jealous... I am a banana. SPAWN. I wrote a book. Be aware I wrote a book. I wrote a book. There. Book. Write. Me. Pepper. Banana. Green peanut.


So I'm all moved in and all, and I cancelled my meal plan so I'll be cooking a lot. I've made some herbed potatos, pasta, ramen (oh well), my tex-mex salsa, hashbrowns, muffins, all kinds of great stuff. The place is wonderful, and I'm all set for my classes. Happy happy.


Well, I'm back in the dorm and loving it. Courtney and I are back together (physically, we were always together mentally/emotionally/etc.). Tom and I are moved into our apartment/dorm, I've been doing some cooking, and I may be able to get out and sail on the school sailboat later this afternoon. Tough to beat.


I'm off to the airport today to pick up Courtney, and then we're headed to the lake before we have to move in for school. I'll probably be a bit preoccupied, but I'll be back into posting come Monday. 6 hours. Woot!


I've got a hit counter on the page and I was looking through the sites people get here through. Most of them come directly here (i.e. through "Favorites"), but a surprising amount come through searches for "hermit crab's leg fell off" or something of the sort. I suppose I could just try to get hits from random people HOT SEX XXX HARDCORE PAMELA ANDERSON IRAQ BOMBINGS TERRORISTS WTC, but that doesn't seem fair. Hee.
Let's see, what's been going on lately... I took a trip up to the lake for the weekend and went out sailing a few times, bummed around, and read a mediocre book. I also indulged in my newfound habit of eating frozen raspberries. Yum.

Then on Monday and Tuesday Craft and I headed down to Blue Mounds State Park for a little climbing. It's about a 4 hour drive from Annandale, so we got there in the afternoon, set up camp, then went climbing. Rain threatened after a little while, so we hid under a boulder. It poured. We stayed dry for the most part, until water started running down the underside of the overhang. Then we made a break for the truck. Back at camp most of our stuff was reasonably dry, so we went over to the shelter pavilion and hung out inside. Then a woman came over and asked us if we wanted to play Uno with her and her kid. So we did. Later, when the rain let up we had wonderful foil dinners, but then the rain started coming down again. The pavilion was empty, and it was basically a little cabin, so instead of staying semi-soggy in the tent we went to the pavilion. I strung my hammock in between a couple of the rafters and was all set. Then on Tuesday we sent some sweet bouldering problems, all of which were on really nice rock. Then we went to a nice little Chinese place that was deserted when we got there, had a good meal, then found out they didn't take credit cards, which was all either of us had. Dinner was followed up by a quick jog to the nearest ATM.

Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow to come and Courtney to get here. In the meantime, I'm running some errands and packing, and I'll probably do some cooking tonight. 26 hours. sigh.


Hey look, it's me hating work today. Instead of my usual staining I was painting trim, and it was sooo bad. The paint didn't cover well, it was getting on all of my finished, stained stuff, and my brushes were crap. At one point I put my brush down and just screamed for about three minutes, then went back to work. Ugh.
On the bright side I managed to go climbing and pulled over half of the roof at the gym at SJU. Good times.

6 days!


Quite the productive day. I stained my grandparents' deck in short order, bought and installed my new battery, decided to get things done and changed oil on my car, greased it, and started packing for school; I maybe have half of my stuff ready to go. Wheee!
Here's an interesting article from Wired about the diamond industry, via MeFi, one of my daily reads. It's long, but talks about the up-and-coming field of man-made diamonds, and the effect they'll have on the market. A good read.
My car is still spiteful, probably due to the whole deer incident. My battery died yesterday. Yay. I did, however, drop my father and uncle off at the airport, they're headed off to Alaska to go kill things. Then I had a delightful dinner with my friend Sarah, after which we got ice cream which was served in sizes approximate to a volleyball. Then we swung by a set of I-drink-beer softball games and had a grand 'ol time cheering on people we didn't know and generally making fun of everything. Then there was the scary ice cream lady. Oh, the horrors.
It was this woman with a scary little van with colored stripes taped onto it (taping the doors shut, or at least the ones we saw) and the van was lettered with the little adhesive letters that you pick up in the hardware store. She had two propane tanks hanging off the back of the van, and a little yellow flashing light. Kids flocked to her. *shudder*
Anyway, on to better things. I'm headed to my grandparents' house today to do some staining, great fun. Off I go...


I sharpened knives today. Thought you'd like to know.
Ok, so it's been a long time. I've been keeping pretty busy; on Thursday I did a bunch of shopping and picked up a speaker set for my computer/entertainment center for our dorm, as well as a bunch of cookware and a few clothes from Saver's. I hung around photo lab for awhile, then did some senior photos for my friend Naomi. We went to Munsinger Gardens and as it got dark we noticed a bunch of spiders building their webs in front of a few lights on one of the caretakers' buildings. Hopefully the photos turn out. When I got home I tried to set up the computer speakers and entered into a five hour battle with my PC which ended around 4am. Things are finally working now, thank God. Friday was more staining, then I headed up to the cabin for the first time in what felt like ages. It was a nice weekend, I saw some old friends and did some catching up, lounged in the hammock, and read a lot. I even sailed a couple times. I satyed through today, and now I'm starting to get things ready for GOING TO COLLEGE. Sorry, got kind of excited there. Anyway, I'm off to go make some parmesan chicken for dinner. Wish me luck.

Oh, and it's 10 days until Courtney flies back. Not that I'm counting.


Almost forgot, I got a job for this school year at the writing center. It took awhile for things to be worked out since I didn't have a work award to begin with, but they wanted me to work there so the found me a 5-6hr a week award. I'll be helping other people with their writing and generally having a good time while getting paid, so it's a pretty good deal.


I took a 15 or 20 foot fall today while staining the house. The bottom of the ladder slid out and the whole thing came down. Not fun. I got out of it with a few bruises and completely coated in stain. I also tipped over another half-gallon of stain later in the day. Ugh. Pain.


I just got back from a pretty interesting weekend. The week wasn't great, mainly just staining and other such nonsense. It's not a whole lot of fun, but it's not particularly hard and it pays pretty well. I went to photo lab again and came out with some nice prints, and I got to hang out with a friend of mine that I'd lost touch with for awhile. When the weekend finally came I exchanged my shoes that climbing at J-Tree destroyed. I got them at REI, and they have such a wonderful return policy that I basically showed up, said "my shoes broke," and they replied "here, have some new ones." Classy. Then it was down to Rochester for my little chinese gymnist friend's china party complete with egg rolls, potstickers, and egg-drop soup. Tasty. I got to see a bunch of friends from school and we hung out until all hours. I realized that I missed the physical contact of my group of school friends; when we get together we're like a litter of puppies. I think physical contact is important, both in romantic and non-romantic relationships. Speaking of which, 17 days until Courtney comes back. Not that I'm counting.
Anyway, after the party I tiptoed out over sleeping bodies in the morning to go climbing in Red Wing with the Chrises. I picked out a traveling hammock from REI and tried it out since I showed up early, and then we climbed. It's been awhile for all of us, and we just kinda flailed our way up the routes. Fun though. After that I took one Chris to our friend Adam's play, Throwing Stones, which tries to propose 10 situations in which the commandments may be justifiablly broken. Quite interesting. I was also able to catch up with another old friend that tends to fall off the face of the earth for months at a time, which was quite enjoyable. All in all, a pretty enjoyable weekend.