I'm headed up to the lake tonight to take down my sailboat and pull in docks. It's kind of sad, another summer past. Tomorrow my roommate and I are hosting a party after role-playing and theatre basketball. It should be a good time; we decided to have a pajama party, complete with games of truth or dare, "I never," and MASH. Woot. I've had some schoolwork piling up, but I'm managing. Most of it is different papers that I have to write, which is preferrable to studying for a test any day. Besides, if I'm having troubles I can just take them to work.


So it was a bit odd, I talked to this girl on the bus the other day who I had met in passing once before. She relayed to me that God had been showing her all these things about herself. In the previous week she had met her soulmate, learned that she played guitar, realized that she knew French as well as she knew English, if not better, realized that her life's ambition is to be a lawyer, and a host of other seemingly miraculousrevelations. I was appropriately skeptical, though I didn't tell her as much.

But then I got to thinking, maybe I shouldn't be so skeptical. Everyone is pretty amazing in their own right, maybe she just didn't know that she was up until this point. I'm still not quite sure what to think.


I got to get back to climbing some, since I didn't have rehearsal tonight. It was fun, and a nice workout. I'm kind of hoping that I don't have it tomorrow either, since I found a chicken marsala recipe that I'd like to make. We'll see how things turn out. As for other buisness, I've been keeping my head above water as far as homework goes, though I do have a couple projects looming on the horizon. *shrug* I'll be fine.


We have poetry in the dark tonight, and a girl mentioned in a poem that she looked to grass for reassurance. I like this idea immesnely.

This weekend has been pretty fun; my roommate and I hosted a shindig and a good time was had by all. Chris, one of my climbing buddies, even came up for it from the cities. After everyone took off Craft, Lauer, and I hung around, watched climbing videos, and ate pizza. College is so great. My parents came up for brunch before the football game, which was followed by role playing. We are dorks. We had theatre basketball and had lots of fun, then went to see a movie at Courtney's. Today was pretty laid back, though Anna, my friend from high school, swung by for dinner with stories of her neurotic roommates. One is a hypocondriac, which makes it interesting when the stories of SARS and West Nile show up on the news.


This basically sums up my thoughts on Iraq, Bush, and the state of affairs.
I enjoy looking at how people get to my site. Someone searched for Milaca Movie Theatre, nort, and duck duck gray duck. Heh. Nort.
This seems to be yet another sign that the apocolypse is nigh. It defies the concept of a sports car manufacturer, and it means another SUV on the highway. Great.
It doesn't seem that we'll be grilling tonight; it's cold and drizzley and it doesn't look like things will be changing anytime soon. Maybe later this week. Mmmmmm, hamburgers.
I made it to the wall the other day and climbed some of the new routes. There are a handful of really quality ones up, though nearly all of them are within my ability level, so I won't have a lot to strive for. However, apparantly the boulder problems (which are yet to be completed) are going to be tough. Courtney and I have resloved our fight, which is always a nice feeling. Rwar. I don't have rehearsal tonight, and I didn't have it last night either. Whee! Since I'm not in every scene, I'm not called every night. It makes things considerablymore managable. Tom and I are planning on grilling tonight, which should be nice. I got to go grocery shopping yesterday, which was fun. I like thinking of all of the different meals I'll be able to cook up. Oh, and we're hosting a shindig tomorrow night at our place, if you'd like to attend. Between being sick (ugh) and my family-filled weekend last week, we're about due.


I've decided that I like typing. Not typing a paper or anything else in particular, though it could be a paper, but just the act of typing. Granted, I haven't been doing much of it for this website lately, but things have been pretty hectic. I made it into a play, Machinal, and I get to play a prosecution lawyer, among a few other parts, which should be a really good time. The SJU climbing wall was reset, so I'll hopefully be able to get down there tonight before rehearsal. Classes are all right, nothing too horrible and I've got a couple interesting ones. Courtney and I are still together (though we had a fight the other day, ugh), and we still really really like each other :D. All else is going pretty well I suppose.