I had a dinner party tonight with some of my friends from high school. The menu all turned out well; we had bruchetta, a big, towering appetizer with portabello mushrooms, zuchinni, eggplant, and motzerella cheese, a meatless chili, homemade breadsticks, and key lime pie. Tasty.

It was nice to get together with the high school crowd, but it was odd to realize that we'd drifted apart some. I mean sure, it's to be expected, but it was still strange.

Everything is getting set for our trip to Alabama, which is nice, since it's waaaay cold right now. Single digit highs are no fun.


So I didn't win the norope.com photo contest (didn't get 2nd either, grrr). No big batch of holds, no new clothes. I'm a bit bummed, but it's not that big of a deal. I've got clothes and holds and gear from the prelimenary round, so I really can't complain. I'll probably donate the holds that I have to the SJU wall, since they're in need of them and I don't have much use for 5 holds. The pants are nice though; I just hemmed them today and took about two inches out of the waist. I did a lot of sewing today actually; hemmed a few pairs of pants, did some repair work, etc. Suzie Homemaker.
I was flipping through craigslist.org and I ended up looking at some of the "missed connections" posts. Some of them are really interesting, and most are at least slightly bittersweet. I'm thinking lots of them hold possible story ideas, but we'll see...
See Jake

See Jake Write

See Jake Want to get Paid

See Jake Freelance

Freelance, Jake, Freelance


I dropped Courtney off at the airport today; she's home for the holidays and will return a few days into the new year. I realized that when she's not around I feel like I have a lot more free time, but I'm not as generally happy. Makes sense I guess.

I'm home for a week, then I'm off to Alabama to climb, which should be fun. I'm studying for the LSATs, since I'm taking them in February. Good times.

Oh, and I'm trying to throw together a dinner party for my friend sometime soon, so if you're interested, give me a call.



Found this at Tom's site, had to try it:

You're "Thomas the Alien". You like
hitting things with bats. Weirdo. Why don't you
go back where you're from?

Which Member of Teen Girl Squad are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


I saw June Lune's production of The Miser last week with the theatre classes (free ticket, woot) and it was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. The acting was wonderful, and they did their own translation of the play (from French), so they played with some of the dialogue. Funny as hell, too. The tech was also really cool. Go see it.

I've been finishing up finals, which haven't been too terrible. I had my big test today, and I felt pretty good about it. I gave Courtney her first Christmas present, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise, two wonderful movies. We watched them today, and I think she really liked them both. Good times.

Oh, and I get at least some warmer weather for Christmas break; I'm headed down to Alabama to do some climbing with friends and probably buy another kayak :)


This Game will brighten your day. If not, you're no fun.


The Show's Over

Ghost Sonata finally closed. I was really happy with the show; it was a very solid, tight show and we didn't have to work rediculously hard to get where we ended up. Good times.

I'm being assigned a roommate for the spring semester, which kind of sucks. I had a less-than-ideal situation for this past semester, now who knows what I'm getting myself into for the spring. I tried to find a single somewhere, but no luck. Grr. So if anybody wants to live with me, let me know.


I have money again!

Skeletal Systems of cartoon characters. This is pretty cool.
I don't have my money back yet, but I did win a photo contest here, and they're sending me some free gear, which is pretty cool. I'm in the top 4 which will be voted on for the grand prize as well. Good times.

Ghost Sonata only has 3 more performances left. The run has been going pretty well, though I think I'll be glad to have time for other things.

Oh, and I think I'm going to buy another kayak. When I get money, that is.


Gather round everyone. I have a good story.

I logged onto my bank's homepage today to check to see how much I have in savings. Turns out that I have hardly anything left. $12 left in checking. Upon closer inspection, both my checking and savings accounts were liquidated through an ATM in Estonia. Yowza.

After a few calm, collected calls to my bank and to Visa, I have at least a vague idea of what might have happened. At first I figured it was from an online merchant, but to withdraw from an ATM they would have needed my PIN as well, and I have no idea how they got that. My bank informed me that they would have needed to encode a fradulant credit card with my information, then somehow get my PIN to access my funds. It sounds like I should be able to get my money back, but I get to file a police report and all sorts of other fun things. The whole thing feels really bizarre.


Lots of news. I'll keep it brief (not like my underwear).

We had a bouldering copetition last week. It was fun, though I didn't do all that well. Comps make e jittery; I put a lot of pressure on myself for some reason. On the bright side, I get a bunch of new problems to play with now.

We got to role play. Good times.

Then it was off to Vegas with Courtney's family. Things went pretty well, though being 20 in Las Vegas kind of sucks. I can't drink, can't gamble, can't go to clubs, can't get a hooker, the list goes on and on... We saw a Cirque Du Soleil show, Mystiere, which was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on stage. Incredible. We also saw Courtney's sister get married, which wasn't bad either ;)

Now I'm back, and pretty swamped. I've got a bunch of tests and papers, not to mention the fact that the play opens this weekend (you should all go). Busy busy.


$87,000,000,000.00 is a lot of money. This page allows you to try to understand how much.
I just finished watching a presentation of 'Embedded' at St. John's, and it hit me pretty hard. It was a very well-done show by The Actor's Gang, Tim Robbins' production company. It offered commentary on both the administrations' choice to send these people off to war as well as the extreme censorship of the media outlits embedded with the troops. It hit me pretty hard. It's sad, that there's just so much widespread hate and violence in this theoretically "enlightened" time in history.

Here's to the next four years.


Gigapxl Project -- So much for my 3mp camera. Check out some of the images and zooms. Crazy.



I have a new project!

I had this idea the other day and I'm in the process of trying to get it off the ground. I was thinking about how most of the creative pursuits on our campuses have their own studios. Art majors have their own private studio areas that they have personal access to, music majors have practice rooms that they have keys to. Creative writing students have nothing. So I'm putting together a proposal to have space on campus set aside for creative writing studios. There are a lot of groups willing to get behind it; Psuedonym, Project Logos, Studio1, the English Department, so I'll have plenty of names to attatch to the proposal.


I'll be really happy if this works out; it will be like I've given some sort of lasting contribution to the Universities. Yippee!


This experiment is a lot of fun. Try it, no cheating.

I saw a video at www.norope.com today of an interview with Chris Sharma. He's an incredible climber and a cool guy, we even climbed with him a bit in Bishop. He gives the worse interviews ever. It's just rambling about this metaphysical shit for 20 minutes. I gave up watching after the first question.

Also, it doesn't sound like Courtney will be in LA this spring. It's bad since it means that she won't have a cool internship, but kinda good since I won't have to be away from her for an extra six months. Heres to the silver lining.


Forget the fragile ears: Courageous 'Ryan' deserves to be heard

Yay for censorship. I don't understand the FCC and AFA. They have no problems with the gore and violence of basically anything, Saving Private Ryan's opening 45 minutes are among the hardest to watch in cinema, but a few swear words make it an abomination? The same thing goes for nudity. We all have bodies, we all have genitals. Why are we taught that it's worse to show somebody who's naked than it is to show shootings and stabbings on TV? Surely most people are more likely to encounter naked bodies in their daily lives than they are violent crimes, even if the bodies are their own. I just don't get it.
This is why the National Guard is not worth the college money.


This Oragami kicks the ass right off of whatever you're trying to do with cranes.

I've gotten back into climbing, which is nice. Courtney's parents are in town, and they get to meet my parents tomorrow at the johnny/tommy game, and then we're all going out to dinner together. It should be fun.

I hope.



Some interesting issues in the vote counts in Ohio.
Courtney and I went on a date the other night. We at at the illustrious Burger Time (since our chinese place was closed), wandered around PetSmart for awhile, then saw I Heart Huckabees. Great film. It was clever, funny, and had lots of little philosophical musings that were really entertaining. I'll probably get it when it comes out on video. Good stuff.

We also saw The Incredibles. I wasn't very impressed. All of the other Pixar stuff was really innovative, but with the superheros they didn't give us much. The twisted the genre a little bit, but not nearly enough. Sure, it had it's moments, but I was expecting a lot more. At one point Courtney and I started pointing out the parts of the movie that were recycled from other films, and then we were doing it all the time. By the end it felt like everything had been pulled from one move or another, resulting in a 90% post-consumer movie. Meh.


10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time is pretty freakin' cool.


Originally uploaded by Jetman Jake.
I recieved an email from a fellow Kingsley Pines counselor with her photos from this past summer, so I thought I would post one of mine. This is from the fire spirit lighting during third session. The art classes made fire spirits, these large sculptures out of wood, twine, and hay, and then the advanced archers got to shoot them with flaming arrows. Of course, the spirits were soaked with kerosene, so they lit up pretty easily.
Lots of news, which makes sense, since I haven't updated in a long time.

I finally broke down and bought an iPod, which is really really great. I scoffed about them for a long time, but it's nice to be able to carry around my entire music library in my pocket. Good stuff.

Courtney and I went with my parents to see "Of Mice and Men" at the Pioneer Place theatre. It was an impressive production, especially considering the small theatre, and I had forgotten how sad the play is. I cried at the end. Well-acted and well-done all around.

At the writing center I now have a recurring client; an ESL student from Jordan. It's interesting and challenging for the both of us. Explaining what "is" means is quite difficult.

The Northern Lights were out last night. I tried to get some photos, but I doubt they turned out. Lots of greens, and I even saw some purples and reds, which are a lot rarer (more rare?). It was really cool.



Originally uploaded by Jetman Jake.
A shot of a little stream that was flowing into the Kettle river on my last big kayak trip of the season. Now it's just getting too damn cold.

Monster Hole

Monster Hole
Originally uploaded by Jetman Jake.
This is what kayaking on the Vermillion at 300cfs looks like. I was flipped in this hole, and I think I may have swam since I kept thinking about the next drop and how I didn't want to go over it upside down. Regardless, I got a few new scratches on my helmet.

Fall Colors

Fall Colors
Originally uploaded by Jetman Jake.
The fall colors at SJU. I snapped this on a longboarding trip with Courtney.
Don't worry, be happy, and be healthier because of it.


Bush Addresses 8.2 Million Unemployed: 'Get A Job'

Too close to the truth.
I went paddling today, and I'm finally convinced that the season is over. I kayaked the Saulk River and the Saulk Rapids, and when I reached my favorite play hole (which was larger than usual) I flipped once, and that was the end of it. It was cold enough to give me a big ice-cream headache, and I decided I had enough. Then, when I got back to SJU I realized that I left my paddle in the parking lot, so I raced back to retrieve the $150 carbon-fiber stick. Luckily it was still there.


I watched Carrie today, for the first time. I thought it was good; different from most of the horror films of our day. Instead of having blood and gore every few minutes it builds up to a big climax. When we finally get the climax it's something that's happening to a character that we care about and who we've learned about throughout the movie. It's really effective.


Street Painting

Street Painting
Originally uploaded by Jetman Jake.
A street painting (on a flat surface) by artist Kurt Wenner. I found it linked off of a site proving and disproving urban legands (http://www.snopes.com/snopes.asp), some of which can be an interesting read if you have the time.

Night Camp

Originally uploaded by Jetman Jake.
Here's a shot at this photo posting thing. If it works I'll upload some fresh stuff tomorrow.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.
I had a great class this morning. We were talking about Catholic economic doctrine, then became embroiled in this big debate about Catholics and if there's an implicit fear of hell, if we are generally selfish or unselfish, and if those who follow God are implicitly better people. Good fun.

Oh, and it it rained yesterday and is cruddy out today. It smells like worms outside.


Get Political for Halloween
The Bush Daughters came to campus the other day, but their reception was by invitation only, and the organizers were pretty damn strict on who they let in and who they tried to kick out.


The grounds crew were all out with their leaf blowers outside my window at 8:30 this morning. I was not amused.

Oh, and my roommate is being a bit of a tool. He doesn't clean stuff, plays xbox all the time, watches bad tv with his girlfriend, and slams doors when he gets up early in the morning. Grrr.


Allow me to demonstrate my lack of tact by combining one very serious and three not-serious issues into one post.

The (now) fiance of one of my best friends is in the hospital, on her birthday no less. She has some sort of ball of evil in her chest and it's affecting her ability to breathe, which is scary as hell. They're not sure if it's cancerous yet, and for the time being we can only hope for the best. Now granted, I'm not a particularly religious person, but my thoughts and prayers are with them, and hopefully you can lend yours as well.

deep breath

Right. On to movie reviews.

I saw Antonia's Line, The Beach, and Simon Birch all in the last 24 hours. The Beach was pure trash, nothing that was in the movie hasn't been done better and earlier by other movies. Simon Birch was all right, a little too touchy-feeley and the bus crash at the end kinda ruined it. Antonia's Line, a Dutch film I saw in film studies, was excellent. It follows one woman's family in this small village, and the whole thing is great in that it has a strong emotional pull without taking cheap shots or undermining the audience's intelligence. Highly reccomended.

Oh, and listen to Rise Against's song "Paper Wings." My new favorite.


World views on our election. World citizens for Kerry anyone?

Anybody see Ashlee Simpson screw up on SNL the other night? Apparantly the lip sync track started before she knew what the hell was going on, causing her to get flustered and leave the stage. The whole situation is made even more amusing since she had previously spoken out against lip syncing, saying that she would never do it.

If only SNL would go back to hiring actual artists.

Oh well.
RollingStone.com: Ashlee Caught Lip Syncing.



Welcome to Bush is Lord, which may be the most frightening website I have ever seen.


Masturbation to End War: Masturbate for Peace

Find a cause you believe in.


I have witnessed a victory in baseball's battle of good and evil.

Go Sox.



"As the pattern becomes more intricate and subtle being swept along is no longer enough."

identify the qote, win a candy.


The Fabulous, Productive Weekend

All right, that may be going a bit far, but it was a good weekend. I got a lot of work done on Thursday and Friday (long weekend), and then Courtney and I went home for dinner with the family on Friday night. Then it was a family gathering on Saturday, followed by lots of lounging around on Sunday.

I'm doing my honors option project for film studies, an analysis of the Linkletter film Waking Life in which I'm tracking down all of the references in the dense movie. One of the most interesting theories is one put forth by Rupert Sheldrake called "Morphic Resonance." He claims that memories aren't in our minds but "out there" and that our minds tune into memories. This also allows us to tune into the human consciousness of a whole, plucking out ideas. This explains why most scientific discoveries pop up almost simultaneously all over the world.

Interesting stuff.


Same site, 'nother post. Sad, but funny:

Last year, a buddy of mine got a kitten (I don't know where from--probably a neighborhood "free kitten"). Two days later it went into a coma. $2500 worth of surgery later, the cat dies anyway. They "owned" the cat for less than a week total. It didn't even have a name.
So now our big thing to hassle him about goes something like this:
"So you could have a Caribbean cruise or a dead cat."
"So you could have a new deck, complete with grille, or a dead cat."
"You could see "Lord of the Rings" 300 times or have a dead cat."
Hours of pure fun, I tell you.
This from a post I saw online:

The Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Organisatoin at my uni in Georgia had a "Wear jeans if you're coming out" day. Ha ha ha ha to all the uptight homophobic bigoted bible-loving redneck assholes who freaked out that day...


This will be me in a few years.


I just had the most infuriating meeting of my life.

I met with a pre-law advisor for the first time to make sure I'm on the right track for law school, but apparantly I'm not, since the only way he thought law school worked was to have a poli-sci major and take econ. and accounting, then go to a ivy-league school and go into corporate law. Obviously my comm. minor won't help me, since it just shows me how to COMMUNICATE! Oh, and my choice to go to New Zealand won't help me either.



One of my best friends got engaged last night to his on-again-off-again girlfriend. Crazy. Everybody's growin' up so durn quickly...

Hopefully I'll be the best man or something; I've always kinda wanted to be a best man. We'll see.



So I bought Courtney a longboard for her birthday present, and of course the first time she was busy with stage managing during an afternoon I stole it to go and play. Things went really well for about 15 minutes, then really bad for about 15 seconds when I decided to bomb a hill and lost control of the board. I tried to step off of it at about 20mph since I knew I'd eat it otherwise. My first step onto the pavement launched me forward at which point I caught myself with my leg and the palm of my hand. Then I went to the BAC, since I knew they had both a large sewing machiene for my pants and a large first aid kit for my hand.

Longboarding is fun.


More paddling news. I ran the Kettle this past weekend, but I was having a bit of an off day. I wasn't catching the eddies I needed to, so I was missing the good waves for the most part. The wave I was riding consistantly eventually flipped me and held me in the hydraulic, so I ended up swimming. It was damn cold.

I've started my application for my semester abroad; if all goes well I'll be studying in Palmerston North (New Zealand) at Massey University. Woot woot. It looks like it'll be a great time.

Oh, a word of warning. Never, ever eat at the White Castle in Hinkley, MN. Shadiest fast food place I've ever been to (and that's saying quite a bit). The guy who handed me my food was missing at least 3 teeth. Good fries though, and they had cherry coke, but the burgers were... spongey. Ack.


The Big Debate. Did you watch it? Whadja think? I caught most of it; Kerry seemed a lot more polished and informed than Bush. Bush seemed to be repeating the same catchphrases over and over. Yes, we know the war is hard work. We know you think Kerry's indecisive. Mixed messages. We got it.

Oh, and the Poland jab was funny as hell.

Any swing voters out there? What'd you think? Personally, now I'm more of the mindset for voting for Kerry, not just NOT voting for Bush.


I watched Casablanca with in my film studies lab today, and it is one of those classics that I never really got around to see until now. Usually I'm not a huge fan of older films, but I really thought this one was good. Not only is Ingred Bergman stunning, but Bogart's "Rick" may be one of the coolest characters in film.


Is It November? Well, is it?

Find out.


This was a lot of work to be a weekend.

It started out fine; the relatives were up for Johnnie Homecoming, and I cooked breakfast, and all was well. Then we (family, Courtney, and I) went to the game, which was fun. Then, instead of taking out docks at the lake next weekend, which would leave this weekend open for lots of Courtney and Kayaking, Dad thought we'd do it this weekend.

And it began.

Courtney and I stopped off at Saulk Rapids to kayak a bit, which was fun, but her back was hurting for some reason. Then we got up to the lake late, basically ate and went to bed. Today we pulled docks, which was lots of dad telling me what to do and things breaking (like the dock; I told him it wouldn't hold). Then, just as we were about to escape to hit the Saulk once more before getting to my blessed dorm my car wouldn't start; the ignition module had gone to shit.

Long story shorter, my kayak and car are still both in Isle, and the Mississippi is still rising. Christ.



So all has been going pretty well around here; I've been kayaking a lot, including a run on the vermillion when it was at 300+ cfs (cubic feet per second) whereas last time I ran it it was at 50. Pretty damn exciting. I also ran it after the vermillion river cleanup, and I learned how to spin in a hole, which was exciting. The river was lower then, and my helmet paid for itself after I was spit out of S-Bend a few times and dropped on my head. The formerly glossy helmet has a bit more of a matte finish in a few spots.

Things are still great with Courtney; we're in the process of talking about Thanksgiving Break ideas.

I had dinner with my mom the other night, and we talked about various places in New Zealand for me to study abroad. I really have to get on that sometime soon. We ate at Anton's and had delicious giant popovers. Mmmmmm, popovers.

I guess that's all of the major news; nothing terribly exciting. Just thought I'd keep you posted, whoever you are.


Lots more kayaking. I ran the saulk river and the saulk rapids on Thursday with some friends (the river was way low, though the rapids were fun), and then this weekend I ran the St. Louis river with some people I hooked up with through Rapids Riders, the Minnesota kayaking association. It was a fun river, with some big drops and holes, and we had a considerable armada (7 kayaks and an OC-1), which made it a great time. Woot woot.
Yet another reason why you should Vote for Bush: http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/35561



So, apparantly since these were my answers on an internet quiz, this is me:

20 Questions to a Better Relationship
eXpressive: 7/10Practical: 5/10Physical: 3/10Giver: 6/10
You are a XPIG--Expressive Practical Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Catch.You are a magazine-cover, matinee idol dreamboat. Parents love you and want to set you up with their kids. However, first dates are tough because it takes time for your qualities to come out. You are generous and kind. You think first and act later. You are cool in a conflict, but your practical side means if your partner throws out emotional appeals ("why can't we do what I want for a change?") they will grate on your nerves, even when the conflict is resolved. You're a romantic. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and you don't just fall into bed with anyone. You pay close attention to your significant other's needs, and this makes you an excellent lover and partner. The problem is that your friends and lovers may find it so easy to express things to *you* that they lose sight of whether you feel as comfortable with *them*! This doesn't necessarily make you feel under-appreciated -- you're too well-adjusted and self-aware for that -- but you may feel restless. Thus you seek adventure in your life outside the relationship to prove and actualize yourself. Of all the types, you would make the best parent. You are coiffed. Didja see "Big Fish"? 'Cause you're like Ewan MacGregor in "Big Fish."Of the 62845 people who have taken this quiz, 8.4 % are this type.
So it turns out, I love kayaking. It's a lucky thing too, since I bought a boat before I ran my first stretch of rapids. But yeah, I love it. I ran Taylor's Falls last weekend, which was a short stretch of rapids but it's big water and pretty pushy. I was able to do some stern squirts and enders in an eddy line (getting my boat vertical across the eddyline and getting shot into the air) and I tried to surf some of the big waves but was tossed once and had to bail. Then I was up to the cabin over labor day and it was really windy, kicking up 3-4 foot waves that I surfed on for the bulk of the day. Such a good time.

I'm running the Saulk Rapids today, and then this weekend I'm hitting the St. Louis river on Saturday and Taylor's Falls again on Sunday. It should be a good weekend.

I've been cast in a show, Ghost Sonata, which should be fun, especially since we generally are only rehearsing for 3 nights a week. I've been climbing quite a bit as well, which is a nice change of pace. Overall things are going pretty darn well.



It's me again.

It's been busy, getting back into school and all. I tried out for the fall show (partially to keep my scholarship), and callbacks are tomorrow, so we'll see what happens there. I've been making it down to the climbing wall pretty regularly, which is a nice change of pace. I've also been kayaking quite a bit, including a run down the Vermillion near Hastings last weekend, and I'm doing a climbing/kayaking trip to Taylors Falls this weekend. Should be a good time.

Other than that I guess it's mainly business as usual; my classes have pretty high workloads but they're all really interesting, so I guess I'll take the trade off. How's life for you?
R0xor.com.worldometers are really cool. Seriously guys. Seriously.


My kayak fell on Courtney's head today. I was adjusting the foot and thigh braces, and when I set it back on end it must have been at an angle, because after a few minutes the kayak that was standing on end decided to not stand on end anymore. She's ok though.

On Sunday I'm going kayaking here, which should be a good time. I've been paddling about every day (after I shortened my paddle about 6in. with Courtney's help in the tech shop), so it should be a lot of fun.


I'm finally at school, and I'm almost completely moved in. I tried out my kayak on the water for the first time today, which was pretty exciting. It handles a lot different than the Daggers that I used at camp. It's manuverable, but the bouyancy is all centered around the cockpit, which makes tricks easier but rolls feel wierd. The bottom is really flat, so it surfs easily, which is fun. It's edgy too; depending on how the boat is tilted the handling feels quite a bit different. It's handy though, for carving turns and such.

I was home for all of a day before I came to school; kind of a whirlwind return to Minnesota. Now it's back to class tomorrow. I think it'll be a good year; I get to see Courtney every day, and living with Web should be a blast.


I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, I think it was partially from being tired and still having to deal with kids, as well as being so close to going home. I had a nap, which helped, and today I'm feeling considerabally better. Tomorrow I fly home. Crazy. At times this summer has seemed long, but now when I look back on it it feels like it flew by.

A day of cleaning today, then home sweet home.


Well, we're finally coming down to the wire. 3 more days and I'll be back in good 'ol Minnesota. Family camp has really been a breeze; we just don't have to do a whole lot. Kira and I had a climbing trip planned for today with some of the parents, but enough of them backed out to make it a lost cause. One of the cooks stormed out today, so we ended up grilling lunch for about 2 hours since we weren't scheduled to be doing anything else.

As for everything else, I've been kind of pining to get home, but other than that things have been grand.

I had a mango today. Wonderful.

Less than 3 days.


I'm coasting my way through family camp, which is turning out to be a breeze. All we have to do is run activities, and as long as nobody gets hurt or killed in our activities we basically have no responsibilities. Woot. Tonight we get to watch a bluegrass band who's coming to camp.

I've been keeping up the kayaking; I got my hand roll down the other day, which was pretty exciting.

We have every night off, and last night we got together in the staff lounge to watch Top Gun. Such a great movie.

As for everything else, all is well. 5 days until that big plane home.



Yes, I have no bannanas (or kids) today. All of the kids are on their way out today, leaving us with a heafty cleaning job and then off to the wonders of family camp. For me, it's a good time to end, I don't know that I have the energy for another week in a cabin full of kids. I'm all right teaching activities though, which is basically all I have to do during family camp. I figure that if I think of it as a working vacation I'll be able to get through it fine, then (in a week) catch that big plane home to my girlfriend and my school and my kayak. Sooo exciting. I'm stoked to get back.

All in all, things have gone well for me here (aside from not having Courtney here). I don't think it's something I'll do again though. I've had a good time, but it doesn't feel like this is a vocation for me, and I think I've taken from it about all that I can. I came to an interesting realization a few weeks ago: during an average day at school during which I see Courtney a number of times, including sharing a meal and maybe a movie or something of the sort, I am, on the whole, happier than I am on an exciting day here. Note, I'm making a distinction here between having a good time and pure happiness, but even so I think it's an interesting occurance.

Anyway, enough of that; I have to go clean up camp before we have our night off. Tata.


Oh, almost forgot.

Last night we ran "OPERATION MONGOOSE," a covert raid on the kitchen for smores makings. Everything when smoothly. We dressed all in black, then set out about 15 minutes after the older campers had lights out. We made our way across the back of camp, which brought us to the lit common field. I ran across first. Then, when it was safe, I blinked a tiny flashlight twice to tell the first pair that they could come across. They sprinted across the field, then I blinked it twice more to signal to the second pair. Once we were all together we made it into the kitchen and located our objective. Once we found it, we heard a door open. We all dropped down and cut our lights. It was Rangley, one of the girls' cabins, with the same idea we had. As they came up to the door between the dining hall and the kitchen and opened it I turned on my flashlight. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" That made 'em jump a bit. Once they realized who we were we all split up the loot, then our cabin headed back the way we came. All in all, a successful mission.

11 days until that big plane home

1 day left of real work

Today is basically it, since tomorrow I have the day off, then Friday is closing day where we really don't have to do too much. Saturday is a major cleaning day, and then it's just a week of family camp (the place basically turns into a resort, all we have to do is run activities) before I fly back.



Yar. I'm grinding things out now; my cabin is good, but I'm slowing down. Two weeks left, and then that big plane home. Woot.

I've got everything I need for my kayak now; it'll be waiting for me when I get home. So will Courtney. And my apartment. And family. Friends. (enemies?). It'll be good to get back.


A nice, relaxing day off today. I was able to throw some pots and make some holds in the ceramics shed, and then in the afternoon, after reading a book for awhile and buying some things for the kayak, I got to take out one of the little Daggers (kayaks) and work on my rolls. I even managed to get a hand roll, which was a lot of fun. I can get the paddle roll pretty well now, though I'm trying to get a roll on my off (left) side still. I was rained off a bit early by a storm though, so it will have to wait until tomorrow morning.
Yesterday was a great day. I bought http://www.kayaker.com/new/products/boat.asp?type=discontinued&ID=3 this boat, a perception AMP, I finally figured out my eskimo roll, and I got to talk to Courtney on the phone. Woot. The eskimo roll has been about a month in coming; it's probably been one of the most frustrating things I've ever worked on. Such a relief.

19 days.


It's been a busy past few days.

Our last special day of the session was Gladiator Day, which I helped coordinate. It was a blast. We had mud wrestling and a couple big bouncy air castles for fun-noodle battles. We had a huge waterfirght, and then we finished everything off with a toga dance. Good times. My gladiator name was Glutious Maximus, and the other coordinators were Bigus Dickus and Homo Erectus.

We also finished the session, which meant closing day, along with lots of goodbyes. I don't feel like I connected with my cabin all that much, but there were a lot of campers who left who I now count among my good friends (you guys know who you are). Thanks for everything.

A new session starts tomorrow; Gerry and I have seven 10 year-olds. Six of them are first-timers, but by and large it looks like it should be a pretty good crew. We'll see how things go.


I have my day off today, and since I had a bit of time before I headed into Portland with some friends, I thought I would read up on some of my friends' live journals.  As I was reading, I realized that I'm really starting to miss school.  I mean, there's Courtney, who I've basically been missing since the day she left, but now I'm getting nostalgic for school and my whole little web of friends and comfort and everything else.  It's not to say I don't have friends here, I do, and I'm getting quite close to some of them, but I'm looking forward to getting back with the crew from home (even though a good batch will be off abroad). 

Not to mention the role playing...


 I had such a great freakin' day today.  I got to work on my eskimo roll (don't have it yet)in kayaking and I took out a whitewater kayak so I could get used to them.  Then I got to actually climb in climbing since some holds were loose.  Then I got to kayak again since they didn't need me in sailing.  I had siesta off, so a couple counselors and I  jumped off some cliffs into Nubble Pond and I found out that there may be some natural rock climbing opportunities just across the street from camp.  Then I went mountain biking and crashed huge on a big downhill.  When I got back I showered, saw the nurse (yay iodine), then had ceramics and actually managed to throw a couple of bowls on the wheel.  Crazygonuts.


Have you seen "Love Actually?" If not, go see it.

Things are pretty vanilla around here, though Courtney is off for a few days so I'm finally able to talk to her on the phone (31 days until I get to talk with her at the airport, not that I'm counting). Tomorrow is our whitewater rafting trip, which should be a lot of fun.

My day off the other day wasn't too interesting; went shopping and got a pair of sandals (my old ones were getting pretty stinky) and a pair of pants (patagonia, way on sale).

I'm finally starting to feel like I know some of the kids in this session, which is a nice feeling. Since most of them are older it's fun sometimes; we can joke around and make fun of each other a lot more. A couple kids realized how most people don't like having their faces touched, so they manage to shove their hands in your face every chance they get. I've taken to doing the same to them, and then snatching their arms and twisting them when they do it to me. Good times.


It's finally gotten nice around here for a little while.  My cabin is about the same, though I'm finally getting to meet some of the other kids in camp.  I have a great schedule this week; ceramics, then two periods of climbing, then competitive sailing.  Oh, and I get to go whitewater rafting on Friday.  This should be a good week.  Oh, and I think I'll put some more photos up on my deviantart portfolio (link along the right side), so enjoy.


Just a quick update: it's raining... agian. I had a day off on Tuesday, which was nice. I went climbing for a bit, didn't do anything terriably hard, met a crazy old man in the woods, bought a $50 fleece (Patagonia), played urban frisbee, ate flatbread pizza (mmm) and generally enjoyed myself.
Things in the cabin have been pretty mellow; I haven't really had much to deal with. I've got one kid who hasn't been having the greatest time since he doesn't feel like he has many friends. There's not a lot I felt like I could do, which kinda sucked. Later yesterday I saw him in an engaged discussion with a couple of girls though, and honestly I think he's going to be fine. Other than that, I'm just waiting out the rain.

5 1/2 weeks to go until I see Courtney at the airport.


We've got the new campers in, 200 strong. 2/3 of them are older, so the atmosphere is a little different. We don't have quite so much of the "oh boy I'm so happy to be in camp" sort of excitement. I'm in the smallest cabin in camp, ironically named Cadillac, and my 3 guys are all right. I've got one kid from Spain who is pretty animated and funny, but the other two aren't too talkative. They seem fine, but they're 15, so I think they basically just want me to realize that they don't need me too much. It makes for an easy cabin, but it gives me a lot more free time. I've even started reading a book (A Wrinkle in Time). A day off tomorrow, hopefully it'll actually be nice out for a change.


Wow. The last 24 hours have been kind of hard on my brain. Last night, for Embers, our cabin ended up talking about the big subjects, the existance of God, what happens to you when you die, the nature of the universe, the meaning of life, etc. Then, today, while waiting for my dear mother to get into town I ended up watching the movie Waking Life, which deals with the issue of weather we're dreaming through our lives or living through our dreams, or some combination of the two. It's a beautiful film, completely animated, it's like watching a wonderful painting in a movie, if that makes any sense at all. I'd highly reccomend it, especially if you're in a contempletave mood.
Another rainy day. It has rained every day off during this session of camp. A group of people are headed into the mall in Portland, but since my dear mother is coming up this afternoon I won't be joining them. It's probably for the best actually; I don't really need anything and I'd probably just end up wandering around. Aside from that everything has been going pretty much as usual; tomorrow is the last day of the session, and when session 2 starts the population of campers will double. Should be exciting.


We had a lot of drama in our cabin over the last day or so, and I've been playing pop psychologist trying to figure everybody out. Our cabin is pretty friggin' funny sometimes; to creep people out they sing "Billie Jean" while snapping their fingers and walking toward people pelvis-first. It really weirds out the counselors.

Today is my day off, and since the entire camp is away on trips we took out the best ski boat (a Malibu Wakesetter) and skied, wakeboarded, and kneeboarded all morning. I managed to get up on the kneeboard after a few failed attempts, and I managed myself pretty well; even pulled off a 360. Now it's into Portland for the afternoon.

Oh, and I completed my first eskimo roll in a kayak yesterday. I haven't been able to repeat it yet, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.


I had tomatoes thrown at me yesterday. Our evening program was the Rennisance Fair, and I signed up to do "Vegatable Justice," which involved me sticking my head through a board and taunting kids while they huck tomatoes at me. It was a lot of fun, even though I ended up smelling like ketchup for the rest of the night. I wasn't as bad off as those who had signed up for pie throwing, since they started smelling like rancid whipped cream by the end of the evening.

Other than the ketchup smell things have been going well; apparantly the kids (and to some extent the counselors) are among the heartthrobs of the cabin, which makes things interesting at meals since you can track who's sitting next to who.

Oh, and I tried to learn how to eskimo roll a kayak. I ended up with a lot of water up my nose, but I'm close to getting it figured out.


Things are still going pretty well; this week I'm teaching two sessions of rock climbing and one each of sailing and photography. We had an all-camp dance last night, which brought back some vivid memories of middle-school dances. I'm sure it was a lot of fun for most involved, but I couldn't shake the feeling that

1. I couldn't dance
2. I wasn't cool enough
3. Everyone thought I was a dork.

I didn't like dances much in middle school.


I have such a sweet freakin' job. I got to climb this morning, then I set holds for a period so that my second period boys can have a challenge for Saturday. Then I was going to play capture the flag, but the capture the flag game turned into a giant waterfight after a few counselors had the idea of squirt guns. Things escalated quickly from squirt guns to water balloons to just any containers that would hold large amounts of water. My weapons were three 20oz soda bottles. It was a great time, and I got paid (not much) for it. Then tonight I have the night off. Sweet.


It begins. The campers have arrived. I'm in a cabin with two other counselors, both Irishmen, and seven kids. Five of the seven are returning campers, most of them have been coming here for awhile. I worry about the two new fish a bit, one is getting along well but the other has been pretty quiet. I also have two of the veterans who are basically continiously cracking jokes and threatening to get into trouble, though usually they don't follow through. Kinda reminds me of me. My main goal for the next couple days is to get the new fish talking more and the two ringleaders talking less. I think I'm making some progress. The newbie was a little more chatty last night, and I took one of the ringleaders aside to have a chat with him, finding out about what's going on in the cabin and how everything is going, trying to establish a mutual respect. I think the session will go well.
Yesterday I got to teach climbing for 2 periods, then go sailing for an hour, then work the ropes course, and then I got to hang in my hammock and read a book during free period. I have a pretty cool job.
I was going to go climbing bright and early today, but it's raining across the Northeast so I'll have to figure something else out. How's everybody else doing?


So camp is still going swimmingly (woo, pun). All of the people I work directly with are great, and the staff as a whole seems to be made up of some good people. I found out today that Kingsley Pines gets about 10 applications for every one person that they hire. Cool. Other than that it's been basic orientation/training sorts of things, with lots of team building exercises. More to come tomorrow. Oh, and also tomorrow, 6 hours of listening to a speaker. Ugh.

Then maybe a swim. :D


So I've finally made it out to camp, and I've had a pretty great day. I had a welcoming committee of 3 people, and after grabbing a bite to eat we came back to camp, where I got the full tour. The facilities are great, though most of the holds on the climbing tower still need to be set. We had a great dinner outside on picnic tables, then went into The Mosquito for homemade ice cream in town. New people kept arriving all day today, and more counselors will arrive tomorrow for orientation. It looks like it'll be a great summer.


I packed up my desktop and am now on my laptop, since I leave on Saturday, and now Gmail finally works. 'bout time.
A good evening. I had dinner at The China Resteraunt with my family (the Mongolian Beef is wonderful), then I got new shoes, the Adidas Samba Skate. Classy.
Britt came over today and we watched Red vs. Blue and the ending to Run Lola Run, which she hadn't seen. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to give her my hermit crabs, Trogdor and Sue, for the summer since I won't be around.

Oh, and Gmail still doesn't live up to the hype. I asked them a question since I couldn't open the emails in my inbox, and then sent me a reply... to the inbox that I couldn't open emails in. Smart.


Oh, and I added a couple blogs to my "things I like." Enjoy.
I had a pretty busy day today, and managed to meet up with two old friends.

I saw Ryan in the morning, he came over and we hung out, talked, watched The Italian Job (about what I expected) and had some lunch. He's getting ready for his wedding, which I'm going to miss since I'll be in Maine (suck), and we talked about how our fellow classmates are doing. Anyone know how Dave Christianson is? Hopefully he's in jail or something...

Then in the afternoon I hung out with Keirsa; we went to the park with plans of playing bocce ball, but instead we sat on top of the tank (a Sherman), I blew bubbles, and we talked about our respective lives. Then we went out to eat for fine dining at Huckelbucks. I had comfort food, a french dip and onion rings. Mmmmm. Keirsa's really thin now, and she was always kinda skinny; the fact that she's thinner now kinda makes me worry. Mergh.

Oh, and I drove the Jeep. Woot. The thing has enough horespower to climb up trees. In the words of Ferris Bueller: "I love to drive it. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly reccomend picking one up." Indeed.

Oh, has anyone tried gmail? I have an account, and it's great for sending stuff, but I can't open up anything in my inbox. Suck.

One more update, Courtney and I are back on the mend. This being apart stuff isn't much fun. *sigh*


A good day today, though fairly low-key. I did some writing, which was a nice addition. I also watched "Last Comic Standing," which for the most part wasn't too good, but there were a few funny ones.

A black guy:

Yeah, my kids are mixed, since my wife is from, you know, hell. My kids are part black and parte posessed.

Another comic:

We didn't tell my friend because, you know he's... *hand shakes*

he had parkinson's.
Thank God. There was a storm last night, which dropped the temperature by about 30 degrees. A big deal in a house without air conditioning.

Oh, and things with Courtney (hi love!) were ironed out during a wonderful phone conversation. It's funny how just hearing someone's voice can help things along. Hee.


I was staining decks basically all day today, which wasn't much fun since it was over 90 out. Oh, and not only that, but yesterday, when I was at the cabin with my sailboat, it was almost dead calm, but today when I'm working the wind is trying to blow the leaves off of the trees. Figures.

Not much else is going on. Courtney and I got into a bit of a spat online last night, which is never much fun. I think we have it mostly patched up now (eh?). The distance thing is tough, especially when things don't go well on instant messanger and you tend to take things differently than they were intended. argh.


I had a really great day on Friday. That's not a thing I say often. I mean, good things happen during my days, but rarely would I put such high regard on one entire day. Friday was one of those days.

I showed up at work and Gail put me to work planning out her flowerbox, buying flowers for it, and then planting them. Good times. Then we had some real work, then a long lunch doing the crossword, then a bit of real work, then her neighbor, also a lawyer, actually got paid for a big case so he bought champagne. Then I got to see Harry Potter with Erik and we snickered and joked through the entire thing. Good times.

The weekend was all right; my last one up at the cabin with hardly any wind. I finally got out and sailed for a bit today though. I went to the beach, read a book, and got burned. Tan though. I also made a new friend; a sailor from Princeton. We talked about boats and such, hopefully I'll see him around again.

Now, one more week before camp. I showed my parents Wet Hot American Summer and told them it was exactly what camp would be like. The liked it.

"Where are we going?"
"To a secret pizza party."
"Really? SWEET! I love pizza!"
"Yeah well..."
*pushes kid out of van*


JohnKerryIsADoucheBagButImVotingForHimAnyway.com is a wonderful website.

In other news, Rose and I went into St. Cloud to pick up a few items (I got cool pants) and to catch up. I won't be seeing her, along with probably half of my good college friends, for about six months since they're studying abroad. sad.

I also had a great conversation with Courtney on the phone tonight. She makes me happy. hee.

P.S. On the Kerry site, read the essay about how fucked we are. It's amusing.


Family Bonding

I have survived a week up in a rustic cabin with my parents and grandparents at the Lake of the Woods. I think it's pretty impressive. The trip wasn't all that bad, considering the circumstances. The circumstances were that the fish weren't biting (we caught 2 in a week of fishing, neither of which we kept), it rained for two straight days (I read the Da Vinci Code in a day), and the cabin had no phone (after Grandma left with her cell phone I called Courtney from a pay phone, which I assume was the northernmost in the contiguious U.S.).

On the bright side, our hosts/owners of the resort, Dale and Grace Prothero, were great. They built each of the 5 cabins by hand out of logs that they cut. Pretty amazing. All of the furniature was built by them as well. I may even write a non-fiction article about them and try to get it placed in Minnesota Monthly or something of the sort. We'll see what comes of it.

Once I returned from the lake I headed straight down to the cities with Brittany to Mary's party, where I got to hang out with the crew from college and have a "mary" time (wow). We hung out, watched a thunderstorm and a sunrise, played Truth or Dare, and all sorts of wonderful things. Then, after lounging around for the afternoon, Brittany, Mary, and I headed to Lahti's for all night role playing. We battled (and killed) two dragons, had a role playing reunion or sorts, ate at Denny's, and had a wonderful time, then saw another sunrise. It was a pretty great weekend.


Work today, then up to lake of the woods tomorrow morning with the family. Here's the weather report:

Sat: Showers
Sun: Few Showers
Mon: Scattered T-Storms
Tues: Few Showers
Wed: Few Showers
Thurs: Few Showers
Fri: Few Showers
Sat: Light Rain

Argh. I'm going to bring some books to read.


Oh yeah, I got grades back. It was a fairly rigirous semester, I figured on maybe a couple ABs, couple As. I got the first 4.0 of my college career. Go figure. Oh, and since we're on academia, I took an LSAT preptest at the office today, scored a 163. Not too shabby.
I had a real exciting day yesterday. I worked at the law office, which wasn't terriably exciting (though I got to climb during my lunch break, which was a nice change of pace) and then I went into St. Cloud to have dinner with my mother.

this is where things got interesting.

Mom and I got burgers from Val's (great place) and then went to Munsinger Gardens for a picinic. We sat under some flowering trees of some sort and ate our burgers and talked. At one point we started talking about the forthcoming trip to Lake of the Woods (leaving saturday) and I asked about how far we were from Canada (drinking age 18) and then asked her to take me drinking sometime. That broke into this huge long conversation about all of the sorts of things that mom either assumed I did/didn't do, and I cleared up all of her misconceptions. Drinking, relationships, all sorts of things. I also found out more about my own past, why I'm an only child, what my parents were like when they were younger, etc.

Crazy. then I caught up with an old friend, which was always nice.

I mentioned the mom conversation to Gail at work today and she noted how she was going through the same sort of thing with Zoe, no judging, just talking, and that it was kind of a big "adulthood" sort of step. Good call on that one.


An interesting day today. At first I was going to go climbing, but it rained in the morning, and since climbing in Minnesota also means 4 hours of driving I declined. I ended up going over to Britt's and hanging out with her family, which is almost completely made up of nerds. She has a cool family. They have 5 or 6 computers on a LAN and I played half-life against Britt, her dad, and two of her brothers. Good times.

It's been hard being away from Courtney, especially this first week. I found that writing letters helps. Who knew.

Off to work at Gail's tomorrow, should be a good time. And money. Whoooo money.


It's been a good weekend. Most of it was spent up at the lake for opening of fishing. There was frost on the boat when we got up at 5:00AM, and we caught one lousy fish. Woo.

I also got my sailboat in, which was nice (though the rudder was bent somehow and it took some time to get it back into place). I'll probably head up to sail on Thursday if anyone's interested.

I've also had a recent renessance in my short story writing, which is a welcome change. I've got a couple cooking that will probably be pretty decent. Woot.

Oh, and I'd also like to take this moment to plug Montrail shoes. I have (well, had) a pair of their climbing shoes and I lost one. I emailed the company wanting to buy a single shoe. They told me to call, so I did, and the customer service rep told me they couldn't sell me one shoe, but they could give me a pair at half price. Good people.

P.S. There was a guy in a boat a little ways off of our dock having a disagreement with his outboard motor. He wanted to leave, it didn't. We knew this because we heard the occasional "goddamnit" and "motherfucker" while he had the motor cover off.

P.P.S. I saw 4 newborn foals today. CUTE!

Ok... I'm done now.



I just finished watching the finale of Fraiser, and it turns out that was a horrible idea. Included were the following:

1. Goodbyes
2. Kissing
3. Crying

It was basically all of the things I have a hard time watching on TV these days. *sigh*

A pretty low key day today; I cooked up a Basque Chicken Stew for dinner which was pretty tasty, but that's about it. I head into work at the law office tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.


Sweet. Someone found my site by searching for the terms "how to cook a dog."

Sorry Lucy.
my dog is snoring on the floor near my feet.
Jake's Trip to Town

Today was relatively interesting; I ran into a number of interesting people.

I went to the post office and had a 10 minute conversation with the postmaster (who knew me by name, bless small towns) about this summer and my future plans.

Then I went to Fure's Jewelry and Gifts, where a little old man replaced my watch battery in the little backroom of his shop and reset my watch for a grand total of $2.32.

Then I dropped off some seeds at our neighbors, since my mom can't manage to grow corn in our garden due to the rabbits. Loren is getting on in years, lives by himself, and talks. A lot. I started a conversation by dropping off the seeds, which basically allowed him to start up his monologue, which usually lasts for at least half an hour or so. It was interesting though, at least some of it, and he needed to be listened to.

I hung out at home, reading, writing, and wandering about the house, and then tonight my dad and I went to my grandparents and then to the Pelican Lake Ballroom for all you can eat fried chicken. 5.50. Praise small town america.


So my car has been fixed to the tune of $200, but my dear father picked up the tab as a sort of going away present. He's nice like that sometimes. Other than that it's been a pretty easy-going day; cannibalizing one of my backpacks and adding its various components to other backpacks was probably the most exciting part of it.

Hold on to your hats, I'm actually going into town tomorrow.



Whop, let's check.... yup.... still sick. I'm off to bed. This is the first time in quite awhile I've gone to bed at 10:15pm. Write that down folks... we're making history here.
So Much Excitement

Lots of stuff going on lately.

I moved out of college, which was a lot of work (especially the cleaning) but all in all it didn't go too poorly.

I'm sick. So is Kyle. So is Courtney.

My car started leaking antifreeze. We're thinking it's either a hose leak, which wouldn't be too bad, or a head gasket leak, which means essentially ripping the whole engine apart to fix it. That would be very very bad.

My cousin Brogan was baptised and Courtney and I were able to see the ceremony and then have dinner with the family. It was the first time she was able to meet most of my Dad's side of the fam, so that was pretty exciting.

We went to Courtney's ex-roommate's graduation party (she had a bunch of post-secondary credits in H.S. so she got out early) but had to leave a little early due to sickness.

I drove Courtney to the airport today; she flew home to Cali and in a couple weeks she'll head to Oregon. We didn't talk much on the way down, the whole thing was just looming over us. Then when I dropped her off there were some tears, and when I drove away I debated about pulling off the road since I was basically bawling. I haven't done that in awhile. *sigh*

Then we went to my aunt's for mother's day; I flew kites with the little kids, which was fun (though dusty). However, when I was handling one of my stunt kites it tried to get away from me on a gust and I ended up cutting my hands on the line. Hurts.

Then on the way home there were some storm warnings. I was following my parents back toward St. Cloud, and the skies were looking pretty dark. Then my dad's truck disappeared into this big swirling wall of dust. He hit the brakes, then I did too. We whirled around and hearded back toward my aunt's, which was probably five miles back. Once we got back there we watched the storm, which blew and hailed a bit but that was about it. On the way home afterwards I caught on the radio that there was a tornado sighted right around where we were at. Scary.

I guess that's about all of the news for the time being; now it's just back to unpacking.


Well, the homework is done and everything is basically ready to be shipped home. Courtney and Kyle are both at a final right now and since everything is basiacally in boxes ready for the ride home tomorrow the apartment is pretty damn barren. We're headed to a gathering at the lake later tonight, and after some cleaning tomorrow it's time to go home. It'd be a lot easier if I could just leave everything here, especially since I'm living in the same apartment next year, but that's pretty much out of the question. Now it's just me and barren walls.
The Knenetic Sculpture Race looks pretty damn exciting. People take giant sculptures through sand, streets, mud, and seas. I want one!


Oh, and feel free to comment often. I've found myself checking this page quite a bit to see what people have to say. Have discussions. Talk amongst (funny word, amongst) yourselves.
I've started packing, which is kind of a depressing experience since the first thing I did was take down all of the photos I had on the walls. Now they're just bare (and slightly scuffed; I'll have to change that).

I guess I'm not bummed about leaving school; I mean, I love school, but the summer should be a nice break and I get to go climbing and such in Maine. There's also the fact that I still have two more years to go, so I'm not waxing nostalgic quite yet. The big thing is that it's a reminder that Courtney leaves in five days, which is.... hard. Really hard.

I'll find a different topic now. I swear.

I had my creative writing conference today, and that went pretty well. The prof. liked my stories, and I'm thinking that after fine-tuning them I'll send them out to some literary journals, just to see what the response is like. Any lit journal credits would look good if I'm ever going to get Blissfully Ignorant published.


Ok, so I think I have all of the bugs worked out. I'll add a bit as time goes on, but this is basically the final draft. Woot woot.
Holy Crap. A complete redesign of the site. Hopefully everything works (except for that damn picture). Let me know if you like it; hopefully you do, since I've spent most of today (the study day before finals) doing this instead of real work. Enjoy.


I may have found my calling.
The past couple of days I've been in a pretty wierd mood, probably due to the fact that the school year is almost over. We finished up the directing one-acts, which were a lot of fun, so now I just have a couple of papers to do before I'm finished altogether.

There are a lot of loose ends to be tied up before I leave school; things to pack, people to say goodbye to, etc. That, and the fact that I have the big things of law school, summer employment, and Courtney leaving all hovering over me. It's been tough with Courtney; I'm going to miss her SO much. *sigh* "we're going to be busy" I tell myself. "The summer will fly by," I say. It still sucks.

a lot.


This is the Creepiest Robot Clip of All time. It's also only for the bandwidth junkies; it'll take forever to load on a dial-up.
We had our dress rehearsals for the directing class one-acts last night. CSB/SJU offers a directing class every other year and the final project is for each student to direct a one-act play. I'm in Mo's play, and we're performing Pyramus and Thisbee, the play within a play in Midsummer Night's Dream. Things were going really well up until last night.

The Prof. for the directing class hadn't seen our show until last night, and she basically ripped it apart. She harshly criticized almost every major decision Mo made as a director, which sucked, since Mo decided to do her own thing instead of doing the play the same way it's always done. Not to mention the fact that we couldn't impliment all of the changes the night before we opened.

So I got riled up, and since my grade didn't depend on the project I figured at least I could speak out about it. I went home and wrote this long email explaining how i thought the point of directing was to make choices and how the Prof. basically destroyed that goal. It was a fun email to write. I also carbon-copied my director as well as the theatre department chair.

The reply I got was basically "you don't know what you're talking about and you have no right saying it, etc. etc." I replied, claiming that my part in the project entitled me to have an opinion on it, but I haven't gotten any response. The nice thing is that I'll never have this prof. for a class, but the downside is that she's directing half of the productions next year. We'll see how things go.


So it turns out I have a strained back, which is noooooo fun. Trust me. Don't try this at home kids.


Oh, one other Pinestock story.

So there was this bottle with a little rum in it that Kyle or somebody left on our counter. Yesterday, during Pinestock, Courtney and I were in the other room and we hear the door open. A voice we don't recognize says "Is anybody home?" Then there's a clinking sound, and the door closes again. Courtney and I walk into the kitchen and notice that the bottle of rum is gone. Vanished. "What the hell?" We look around, and it's soon apparant that some girl jacked the bottle.

We stick our heads into the hallway and the room across from us is really loud. I walk over and open the door and there are maybe half a dozen girls listening to horrible music and drinking. The rum is on the counter. One of them asks me if I live there, I say "no, i live across the goddamn hall. gimme that." I snatch the bottle and return to my room.

Later, C~ and I decide to go to a friend's place, and as we're leaving two guys go into the room across from us. One of them says "oh shit," and the other mutters "those bitches." I go in and tell them that one of their guests swiped my roommate's rum. They apologized, mentioning that it was the roommate's girlfriend and her friends. The ladies also managed to smash a glass-topped coffee table into shards. The neighbors were not happy, so we wished them a good day and went off to our friends' place.

So much excitement...
I suppose things have been exciting around here; the famed DIAVOLO is in town and I saw their shows last night and Friday night. It was definately one of the most impressive things I've ever seen on stage. The first show I saw from my mom and we had pretty darn good seats, then the second time around I was in the fourth row so I could hear and see all the details. The dancers don't use counts because they need to be aware of what's on stage, so they call lots of "sets" and such to make sure nobody gets hurt by the scenery. You'll have to see the photos to understand.

I didn't go to Pinestock since I wasn't too hyped about the bands; I just hung out with Courtney and some friends.
I'm really not as stressed as most people are about the end of the semester, mainly because I have most of the schoolwork under control.

Lots of little things going on, the Diavolo residency, Mississippi Music Fest today, all sorts of other things. Then there's the fact that Courtney leaves in a few weeks. Suck. The looming summer hasn't affected us too much yet, but there's a sort of feeling like we have to hang on to the little time we have left. I keep telling myself that we'll be busy in the summer and everything, but it's still going to be hard.

Oh, and I found out Courtney palys chess. It's fun. We've also been playing "Questions" a lot, ala Who's Line is it Anyway. The rules are no statements, no repetition, no non-sequetors, and no rhetoric. Fun Fun.


Yesterday I sat next to a girl on the bus who was very awkward, even in conversation with her friends, and smelled strongly of tacos.

Just FYI.


I'm now seriously considering going to law school on the California coast and living in a boat. Courtney asked me why I'm up for the boat thing, as opposed to an apartment, and I realized that it's partially because it's cheaper, partially because it's more adventurous, but mostly because it would make me happy. I can't really think of a better reason than that.
The Yonder Mountain String Band rocks my world hard. Check out some of their music; they're pretty great. (notice the proper useage of 2 instances of their. Woot).

Things are humming along now, getting toward the end of the year. Some students got together and put on "Vincent Comes Alive," an evening of outdoor music that turned out extremely well. They had half a dozen or so campus bands, and it was a lot of fun. I think the concert may have contributed to this wierd back pain that I've been plagued with, but I'm not altogether sure.

Also, has anybody seen my climbing shoe? I'm down to one for some reason...


My ecological footprint is about nine acres. How about yours?


*sigh* So I'm at work, and I actually don't have any homework I should be doing right now, so I think I'll do some writing.

All in all, life is going pretty well. The weather is warming up, and school is almost over. I'm excited about spending most of the summer at camp, which should be a lot of fun, but it'll be strange being so far away from Courtney. We'll both be busy though, so it might not be that bad. The two of us have been getting into annoying little squabbles lately, generally about various topics. I'm not quite sure how to fix this yet.

I found out that there's a site where you can play mancala by email. Fun fun fun.

I'm still kicking ideas about starting another novel, but it seems like a daunting task. I'm not so sure about my ideas for the plot and conflicts. What I may end up doing is just writing a string of short stories about the same main character. Then I can either treat them as stories or as part of a cohesive work. We'll see how things go.
Life at TJ's Place is a wonderful blog about a strip club. Don't believe me? Start reading.
Peep eyes are indestructable. This is freakin' amazing.
Blogger has been wierd lately, so excuse the delays.



The first reason I've found to move to Russia:

When NASA first started sending up astronauts,
they quickly discovered that ball-point pens

would not work in zero gravity. To combat the

problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12

Billion to develop a pen that writes in zero

gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any

surface including at temperatures ranging from

below freezing to 300º.

The Russians used a pencil.
I ended up having a pretty good break. I scored a 158 while taking the practice LSAT cold, which was basically good enough to get me a free ride at St. Thomas or Hamline. Woot. I got some stuff done at home, had my friends over for a smashing dinner party, saw the family, put out easter eggs with Courtney (312 of them), hung out with Courtney at home, and collected some random things to sell on Ebay. All in all, a pretty good time.

Things are pretty damn busy now though; I have 2 8 page papers due this week, along with rehearsals for two different plays and another presentation. yay. I'll make it though; hopefully this weekend I'll get to go climbing in this beautiful weather.


all is well


So I'm in a bit of an odd mood, probably due to a recent squabble with Courtney. *sigh*

On a brighter note, I've taught much of the department the gun game, which I'll have to teach you if you don't know it already. Good clean fun.

I'm headed home on Wednesday after the practice LSAT at SCSU. Hopefully I'll be able to see some of the high school friends; we're having a dinner party on Friday. Woot woot.



Sorry all, things have been pretty damn busy lately. I've been working props for Kiss Me Kate, which thankfully closes tomorrow night. I was also cast in a student-directed one-act, which is the play-within-a-play from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Pyramus and Thisbee. Let's see... what else is gong on...

I bought a laptop off of a friend of mine for this summer; it should be helpful for book and photo editing while I'm at camp. I also opened up and ebay account to buy and extra battery and some memory for it. I recently realized that I can use ebay to SELL things as well, so while I'm home for Easter I'll be combing my beliongings for sacrifices.

Easter should be nice; hopefully I'll be able to see the friends from home (email me) and they may even get to meet Courtney. She's also going to our family Easter gathering, so that should be pretty exciting.

I'm laying the groundwork for the next novel, tentatively titled "The Importance of Being Ernie." We'll see how that shapes up. I've also been doing some work for Creative Writing which has been a lot of fun.

Room and class registration is over. I'm living in the same apartment I'm in now, which worked out pretty well. I'll be taking Film Studies, Writing Essays, Gender and Comm., and my senior seminar, Justice in the 21st Centuary. It was nice, I got the room and the classes I wanted, so I'm pretty happy about that.

I'm excited to get out climibing again, especially when I'm looking at a whole summer of climbing and getting paid for it. Woot woot.

All else is going well. Things are great with Courtney, and I'm generally a pretty happy person. Yay.


The Untitled Project Is really cool. They take photos and strip out all of the text, then display the text separately. Check out the gallery, it's quite impressive.


If I was in the army I would be like this guy.


Cardboard sign around the neck of a dirty homeless man- 'Tell me off for a dollar.' Impressive. Second only to the United Negro Pizza Fund guy in front of Two Boots.
Woot, I'm 20 now.

Probably about 1/4 of the way to the grave



*sigh* Honestly. This is rediculious. Courtney's been away for what, 36 hours? I miss her a lot. /*sigh
So Courtney is away to Iowa for her great-uncle's burial. It's odd to be in my regular routine and not have her around. *sigh* She gets back tomorrow though, so it's not too horribly bad.

Saw the strangest thing last night. Two deer walked right past the door of our dormitory. They were just walking through the middle of campus at 11:30 at night. It was pretty amazing.

I've been starting to lay the groundwork for what may be my next novel; I think I at least have a main character and maybe even a premise. It's nice to be working again.

I had a birthday lunch with my parents yesterday, which was a lot of fun. We talked about all sorts of things, Mom saw the tattoo (she said it was "well done," but warned me not to get any ideas...) and my dad threatened to remove it with a belt sander. They walso gave me by birthday present, a hollowfill sleeping bag. It's great, especially since I've been using my dad's old bag, which has gotten pretty stiff in recent years. Should be helpful for camp this summer.



A friend of mine sentTHIS over today and I think it deserves a look.


grumblegrumble. To recap: Went to texas, climbed a bit, got a tattoo, made girlfriend mad, came back, girlfriend happy again, dad threatens to remove tattoo with belt sander if he doesn't like it. End Recap.

I've been having kind of a crappy evening; I had a lousy class, then I went down to the wall to do some climbing, yet I sucked. Merh. Granted, I've been sick the last few days and I haven't really climbed since break, but that didn't make it any more fun.

On the flipside, I've been reading some books on writing lately, and I think I've happened upon a character who may star in my next novel. I still have to hammer out some fine points though, just to make sure that he acts like him and not like me.

Oh yeah, here are some pics of the tattoo.



It's High School Biology All Over Again
Do a google search for weapons of mass distruction, and you get This. I was amused.


So it's raining agian, though it looks like things my clear up tomorrow. If best, we'll get in 2 days of climbing on the trip, both at E-Rock, since all of the limestone areas will be waaaay too wet. *sigh*


Another muggy, rainy day. We're off to see the movie "Barbarian Invasions" in a little bit, and then there's a weekly poetry slam that I"ll be competing in at a club tonight. It should be a lot of fun, and it'll give us something to do for the evening. Otherwise, same 'ol same 'ol. Since it was crappy this morning we hung out in our loft and played video games, which gave the whole situation sort of a "tree house" feel. It was fun.



I'm in Austin in a wonderful coffee shop and using the internet while the barista is closing up. It's rainy and muggy, and we were't able to climb at all today (and it looks the same for tomorrow). Hoffman and I picked up our suveniors from the trip, which was a lot of fun. I miss courtney though... a lot. A lot a lot. I keep thinking about this summer and how it'll be rough; especially when I miss her this bad after a few days. We'll make it through all right I suppose. *sigh* I love her. It'll be good though; we'll have a fun rest of the trip and I'll get to see her at the end of the week. *sigh*


Bush calls for same-sex marriage-ban amendment | Metafilter: An excellent comment regarding the same sex marriage ban:"
Bush: 'If we're to prevent the meaning of marriage from being changed.......'

Wait........ That's the agenda? Protecting the *meaning* of a word? We need a constitutional amendment to protect a word's meaning? This is the issue Bush wants to fight for? Can anyone say 'smoke screen'?

Great. We've protected the dictionary, Iraqis can vote, we've decided to go to Mars (someday). Wonderful. Now can we deal with the jobs/education/debt trainwreck?"


*weirded out* This is one of the strangest/best things I've seen in awhile. It's... great.



I had such a wonderful afternoon/evening yesterday. It was nice and warm, Courtney stopped by after class, and then when she left I played video games for a bit. Then I set up lodging for spring break (austin again, yay!), made myself a wonderful sandwitch, wrapped it in wax paper (very comforting), grabbed some chips and snuck away to the library to do some writing. I cranked out a short story that may be salvagable, went down to the wall, sent a couple boulder problems that I couldn't do earlier, then came home. Today's shaping out to be pretty damn good too (started out with a good orange and a great cup of coffee). Yippie!


I was rejected by an agent for the first time ever yesterday. It sucked. I suppose it was somewhat heartening, he said that my writing was better than most that he recieved, but he couldn't connect with the storyline or the characters so he wasn't enthusiastic enough to represent me. Suck.

I snuck away to do some writing yesterday, that was a lot of fun. I snuck away to the farthest corner of the lowest level of the library, the dungeon. I was able to write for an hour or so, undisturbed. I may have to do that more often.

I've got to get back to studying, I have, as my professor described it, an "old-fashioned midterm" coming up. Yay.


I finally broke down and got a haircut today. It's probably the best $10 I've spent recently. Part of me tells me I should go climbing tonight, but my back and legs are still sore from last night, so I'll probably pass. Maybe I'll do some cleaning around here, then edit some photos.

I've been feeling somehow off this evening, and I'm not altogether sure how to fix it. I would think writing may do the trick, but I'm not feeling particularly motivated. Merh.

I made a coconut and mango stir-fry today, and it was interesting, but not great. It's more of an ice-cream topping than anything. Kyle thought basically the same, and Courtney didn't like it at all. I don't think it's a keeper.


A creative writing exercise, done without punctuation:

Words fly through my mind like fireflies or a baby's cry on the fourth of July but I keep running because that's all I have right now and that's all I know right now since knowing is experiencing and because all I experience right now is the thud of my sneakers on hot asphalt and the sun at my back and the wind wicking away beads of sweat that bespeckle my face and right now that's all that exists not her not us not the ending of us and the new beginnings of just me and loneliness at my side all of that fades into the distance behind me on the straight-as-an-arrow road that condenses to a point on both horizons it is behind me and in front of me but it is not here and it is not in my control because I am the only one here with my own breath in my ears and my own pulse pounding in my chest as I run because I am running and there's no way she can stop me now so my feet pound like pistons down this two land highway and I run like a God until I feel like stopping and I am free
The Infamous Valentine's Day

I suppose it was more famous than infamous; Courtney and I had a pretty wonderful day. We had a Krispy Kreme breakfast together, then went into town to go shopping, she got me my present (a kitchen knife set, very classy) and I told her about her's (a towel warmer, ritzy). Then we shopped for groceries and came home, where I made dinner. Then she ran off to watch Othello (the play was in town, she had to see it for class, it was bad) I set some problems at the climbing gym and made a cake from scratch (lemon almond-butter cake). Then we had dessert.

I'm enjoying not acting this semester; I've really gotten back into writing, climbing, and photography. I think the break is good for me.

Oh, and the hermit crabs are doing well. Just in case you were wondering.


This is a pretty interesting depository of magic tricks. They don't tell you how they're done, but that's sort of the point, isn't it?

Things have been going well here, I've been judging speech meets (though a girl cried in one of my rounds. wasn't my fault, mind you). Classes have improved if anything, lots of good reading and discussion. I've also been setting routes at the climbing wall; I put up a reasonabally hard one on Sunday. I'm also getting things sorted out for my summer job; it should be a lot of fun.


Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae.
The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn barin deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the
wrod as a wlohe.
Fcuknig amzanig huh?


Things have been going pretty well around here, though they haven't been too terriably exciting. I've been judging speech meets which has been a lot of fun (and I'm getting paid $85/meet, so it's even MORE fun). I've been playing some racquetball as well, so that's been a good time. I am now allowed to set routes down at the climbing wall, so I'm looking forward to that; bringing in outside setters should improve the wall considerabally. We've also been playing D&D (I missed Bogen) and getting our geek on regularly.

Courtney and I are doing really well; we still get into our occasional stupid spats, but all in all things are pretty wonderful. We went to go see a group of Korean drummers last weekend; that was pretty darn impressive. In their second act they were wearing the coolest hats I've ever seen. Woot.


Courtney and I had our one year anniversary last weekend, which was really nice. I cooked dinner, pork tenderloin with gingered apples, mashed potatos with rosemary and lemon, and roasted bell peppers with onion and balsamic vinegar. It was tasty, though the tenderloin cooked a little hot and the fire alarm went off. Exciting. I also accepted a position teaching rock climbing at a summer camp in Maine this year, which should be fun. Courtney will be on the other end of the country (Oregon), but we'll work things out. I guess that's about all for now, other than a bit of winter photography.


African-American or Black? An interesting question.
Ok, so I'm getting to be not so good at this. Live is pretty good at the moment, I've picked up playing raquetball, and pretty soon I'll be able to legally set routes at the climbing wall. I'm not acting this semester, but I'll probably still do some tech work. I have 4 literary agents who are interested in seeing more of my work, so that's encouraging. I also have a couple of job offers for this summer, which is a welcome change from last year. Classes are pretty good; I especially like creative writing, which spawned this:

Let me tell you of the time that I hunted the elusive snaggletoothed snark. It all began one night when I was eleven-and-two, all snuggled into my snoogley bed, when my fearless father, Fredrick Francis the Fifth, dug me up from my dreams and clad me in downy clothing. Our boots scrunched and crunched and squeaked as we shuffled out into the cold.
“Come on son,” he whispered, drawing me into the darkness. “Tonight we have to hunt the elusive snaggletoothed snark. It can be conniving and cunning, so we must be careful.” I heeded his words, creeping through the snowy woods, wary of any sounds that snuck into my ears. “Now stay here,” my father told me, hushing his voice. “I will tiptoe around these trees to try to scare out a snark. If he starts snuffling over your way, sack him with this baited bumble bag.”
I seized the sack as I was told, and watched my fearless father tiptoe through the trees.
I waited.
And waited
And waited some more.
But no snark came snuffling through the trees. Sighing, I sat down on a stump, until I began to thunk that the stump stunk. I stood up to look at the stinking stump, and inside I found none other than a snuffling snark snuggling into the stump! I swiftly sacked him with my baited bumble bag, where he wiggled and waggled and snuffled and shuffled. Soon, my fearless father found his way through the forest, and I told him what was in the bumble bag.
“That’s wonderful, my beaming boy.”
“Father, we’re not going to feast on the snaggletoothed snark, are we? For I’ve become quite fond of him,” I said, cinching the bumble bag shut.
“Of course not,” he said in his huffling laugh. “I just must have a snaggletoothed snark for your magnificent mother’s birthday!”
So we set off for home, with one freshly found snaggletoothed snark in our bumble bag.

I named him Sam.


All right, so you've missed a lot. I saw some friends from home for awhile, and then after Christmas with the family I headed off with some friends for Bishop, CA. It was a hell of a trip, we stopped in Reno, climbed a lot, made fire, hurt our hands, saw the best climber in the world, drove 5,000 miles, saw a clown motel, and had a lot of fun.

I'm back in school now, furiously submitting my query and manuscript to agents, getting back into classes, and getting back into the swing of things.

My babysitter from my childhood, Freida, died this weekend. She basically took care of me from infancy until age 12. She was like another parent to me, and now she's gone. I guess it's probably for the best; she was hit by a car a couple years ago and was really taken out of things. She wasn't herself anymore. *sigh* Mortality is scary.