The Untitled Project Is really cool. They take photos and strip out all of the text, then display the text separately. Check out the gallery, it's quite impressive.


If I was in the army I would be like this guy.


Cardboard sign around the neck of a dirty homeless man- 'Tell me off for a dollar.' Impressive. Second only to the United Negro Pizza Fund guy in front of Two Boots.
Woot, I'm 20 now.

Probably about 1/4 of the way to the grave



*sigh* Honestly. This is rediculious. Courtney's been away for what, 36 hours? I miss her a lot. /*sigh
So Courtney is away to Iowa for her great-uncle's burial. It's odd to be in my regular routine and not have her around. *sigh* She gets back tomorrow though, so it's not too horribly bad.

Saw the strangest thing last night. Two deer walked right past the door of our dormitory. They were just walking through the middle of campus at 11:30 at night. It was pretty amazing.

I've been starting to lay the groundwork for what may be my next novel; I think I at least have a main character and maybe even a premise. It's nice to be working again.

I had a birthday lunch with my parents yesterday, which was a lot of fun. We talked about all sorts of things, Mom saw the tattoo (she said it was "well done," but warned me not to get any ideas...) and my dad threatened to remove it with a belt sander. They walso gave me by birthday present, a hollowfill sleeping bag. It's great, especially since I've been using my dad's old bag, which has gotten pretty stiff in recent years. Should be helpful for camp this summer.



A friend of mine sentTHIS over today and I think it deserves a look.


grumblegrumble. To recap: Went to texas, climbed a bit, got a tattoo, made girlfriend mad, came back, girlfriend happy again, dad threatens to remove tattoo with belt sander if he doesn't like it. End Recap.

I've been having kind of a crappy evening; I had a lousy class, then I went down to the wall to do some climbing, yet I sucked. Merh. Granted, I've been sick the last few days and I haven't really climbed since break, but that didn't make it any more fun.

On the flipside, I've been reading some books on writing lately, and I think I've happened upon a character who may star in my next novel. I still have to hammer out some fine points though, just to make sure that he acts like him and not like me.

Oh yeah, here are some pics of the tattoo.



It's High School Biology All Over Again
Do a google search for weapons of mass distruction, and you get This. I was amused.


So it's raining agian, though it looks like things my clear up tomorrow. If best, we'll get in 2 days of climbing on the trip, both at E-Rock, since all of the limestone areas will be waaaay too wet. *sigh*


Another muggy, rainy day. We're off to see the movie "Barbarian Invasions" in a little bit, and then there's a weekly poetry slam that I"ll be competing in at a club tonight. It should be a lot of fun, and it'll give us something to do for the evening. Otherwise, same 'ol same 'ol. Since it was crappy this morning we hung out in our loft and played video games, which gave the whole situation sort of a "tree house" feel. It was fun.



I'm in Austin in a wonderful coffee shop and using the internet while the barista is closing up. It's rainy and muggy, and we were't able to climb at all today (and it looks the same for tomorrow). Hoffman and I picked up our suveniors from the trip, which was a lot of fun. I miss courtney though... a lot. A lot a lot. I keep thinking about this summer and how it'll be rough; especially when I miss her this bad after a few days. We'll make it through all right I suppose. *sigh* I love her. It'll be good though; we'll have a fun rest of the trip and I'll get to see her at the end of the week. *sigh*