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We had our dress rehearsals for the directing class one-acts last night. CSB/SJU offers a directing class every other year and the final project is for each student to direct a one-act play. I'm in Mo's play, and we're performing Pyramus and Thisbee, the play within a play in Midsummer Night's Dream. Things were going really well up until last night.

The Prof. for the directing class hadn't seen our show until last night, and she basically ripped it apart. She harshly criticized almost every major decision Mo made as a director, which sucked, since Mo decided to do her own thing instead of doing the play the same way it's always done. Not to mention the fact that we couldn't impliment all of the changes the night before we opened.

So I got riled up, and since my grade didn't depend on the project I figured at least I could speak out about it. I went home and wrote this long email explaining how i thought the point of directing was to make choices and how the Prof. basically destroyed that goal. It was a fun email to write. I also carbon-copied my director as well as the theatre department chair.

The reply I got was basically "you don't know what you're talking about and you have no right saying it, etc. etc." I replied, claiming that my part in the project entitled me to have an opinion on it, but I haven't gotten any response. The nice thing is that I'll never have this prof. for a class, but the downside is that she's directing half of the productions next year. We'll see how things go.


So it turns out I have a strained back, which is noooooo fun. Trust me. Don't try this at home kids.


Oh, one other Pinestock story.

So there was this bottle with a little rum in it that Kyle or somebody left on our counter. Yesterday, during Pinestock, Courtney and I were in the other room and we hear the door open. A voice we don't recognize says "Is anybody home?" Then there's a clinking sound, and the door closes again. Courtney and I walk into the kitchen and notice that the bottle of rum is gone. Vanished. "What the hell?" We look around, and it's soon apparant that some girl jacked the bottle.

We stick our heads into the hallway and the room across from us is really loud. I walk over and open the door and there are maybe half a dozen girls listening to horrible music and drinking. The rum is on the counter. One of them asks me if I live there, I say "no, i live across the goddamn hall. gimme that." I snatch the bottle and return to my room.

Later, C~ and I decide to go to a friend's place, and as we're leaving two guys go into the room across from us. One of them says "oh shit," and the other mutters "those bitches." I go in and tell them that one of their guests swiped my roommate's rum. They apologized, mentioning that it was the roommate's girlfriend and her friends. The ladies also managed to smash a glass-topped coffee table into shards. The neighbors were not happy, so we wished them a good day and went off to our friends' place.

So much excitement...
I suppose things have been exciting around here; the famed DIAVOLO is in town and I saw their shows last night and Friday night. It was definately one of the most impressive things I've ever seen on stage. The first show I saw from my mom and we had pretty darn good seats, then the second time around I was in the fourth row so I could hear and see all the details. The dancers don't use counts because they need to be aware of what's on stage, so they call lots of "sets" and such to make sure nobody gets hurt by the scenery. You'll have to see the photos to understand.

I didn't go to Pinestock since I wasn't too hyped about the bands; I just hung out with Courtney and some friends.
I'm really not as stressed as most people are about the end of the semester, mainly because I have most of the schoolwork under control.

Lots of little things going on, the Diavolo residency, Mississippi Music Fest today, all sorts of other things. Then there's the fact that Courtney leaves in a few weeks. Suck. The looming summer hasn't affected us too much yet, but there's a sort of feeling like we have to hang on to the little time we have left. I keep telling myself that we'll be busy in the summer and everything, but it's still going to be hard.

Oh, and I found out Courtney palys chess. It's fun. We've also been playing "Questions" a lot, ala Who's Line is it Anyway. The rules are no statements, no repetition, no non-sequetors, and no rhetoric. Fun Fun.


Yesterday I sat next to a girl on the bus who was very awkward, even in conversation with her friends, and smelled strongly of tacos.

Just FYI.


I'm now seriously considering going to law school on the California coast and living in a boat. Courtney asked me why I'm up for the boat thing, as opposed to an apartment, and I realized that it's partially because it's cheaper, partially because it's more adventurous, but mostly because it would make me happy. I can't really think of a better reason than that.
The Yonder Mountain String Band rocks my world hard. Check out some of their music; they're pretty great. (notice the proper useage of 2 instances of their. Woot).

Things are humming along now, getting toward the end of the year. Some students got together and put on "Vincent Comes Alive," an evening of outdoor music that turned out extremely well. They had half a dozen or so campus bands, and it was a lot of fun. I think the concert may have contributed to this wierd back pain that I've been plagued with, but I'm not altogether sure.

Also, has anybody seen my climbing shoe? I'm down to one for some reason...


My ecological footprint is about nine acres. How about yours?


*sigh* So I'm at work, and I actually don't have any homework I should be doing right now, so I think I'll do some writing.

All in all, life is going pretty well. The weather is warming up, and school is almost over. I'm excited about spending most of the summer at camp, which should be a lot of fun, but it'll be strange being so far away from Courtney. We'll both be busy though, so it might not be that bad. The two of us have been getting into annoying little squabbles lately, generally about various topics. I'm not quite sure how to fix this yet.

I found out that there's a site where you can play mancala by email. Fun fun fun.

I'm still kicking ideas about starting another novel, but it seems like a daunting task. I'm not so sure about my ideas for the plot and conflicts. What I may end up doing is just writing a string of short stories about the same main character. Then I can either treat them as stories or as part of a cohesive work. We'll see how things go.
Life at TJ's Place is a wonderful blog about a strip club. Don't believe me? Start reading.
Peep eyes are indestructable. This is freakin' amazing.
Blogger has been wierd lately, so excuse the delays.



The first reason I've found to move to Russia:

When NASA first started sending up astronauts,
they quickly discovered that ball-point pens

would not work in zero gravity. To combat the

problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12

Billion to develop a pen that writes in zero

gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any

surface including at temperatures ranging from

below freezing to 300º.

The Russians used a pencil.
I ended up having a pretty good break. I scored a 158 while taking the practice LSAT cold, which was basically good enough to get me a free ride at St. Thomas or Hamline. Woot. I got some stuff done at home, had my friends over for a smashing dinner party, saw the family, put out easter eggs with Courtney (312 of them), hung out with Courtney at home, and collected some random things to sell on Ebay. All in all, a pretty good time.

Things are pretty damn busy now though; I have 2 8 page papers due this week, along with rehearsals for two different plays and another presentation. yay. I'll make it though; hopefully this weekend I'll get to go climbing in this beautiful weather.


all is well


So I'm in a bit of an odd mood, probably due to a recent squabble with Courtney. *sigh*

On a brighter note, I've taught much of the department the gun game, which I'll have to teach you if you don't know it already. Good clean fun.

I'm headed home on Wednesday after the practice LSAT at SCSU. Hopefully I'll be able to see some of the high school friends; we're having a dinner party on Friday. Woot woot.



Sorry all, things have been pretty damn busy lately. I've been working props for Kiss Me Kate, which thankfully closes tomorrow night. I was also cast in a student-directed one-act, which is the play-within-a-play from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Pyramus and Thisbee. Let's see... what else is gong on...

I bought a laptop off of a friend of mine for this summer; it should be helpful for book and photo editing while I'm at camp. I also opened up and ebay account to buy and extra battery and some memory for it. I recently realized that I can use ebay to SELL things as well, so while I'm home for Easter I'll be combing my beliongings for sacrifices.

Easter should be nice; hopefully I'll be able to see the friends from home (email me) and they may even get to meet Courtney. She's also going to our family Easter gathering, so that should be pretty exciting.

I'm laying the groundwork for the next novel, tentatively titled "The Importance of Being Ernie." We'll see how that shapes up. I've also been doing some work for Creative Writing which has been a lot of fun.

Room and class registration is over. I'm living in the same apartment I'm in now, which worked out pretty well. I'll be taking Film Studies, Writing Essays, Gender and Comm., and my senior seminar, Justice in the 21st Centuary. It was nice, I got the room and the classes I wanted, so I'm pretty happy about that.

I'm excited to get out climibing again, especially when I'm looking at a whole summer of climbing and getting paid for it. Woot woot.

All else is going well. Things are great with Courtney, and I'm generally a pretty happy person. Yay.