My kayak fell on Courtney's head today. I was adjusting the foot and thigh braces, and when I set it back on end it must have been at an angle, because after a few minutes the kayak that was standing on end decided to not stand on end anymore. She's ok though.

On Sunday I'm going kayaking here, which should be a good time. I've been paddling about every day (after I shortened my paddle about 6in. with Courtney's help in the tech shop), so it should be a lot of fun.


I'm finally at school, and I'm almost completely moved in. I tried out my kayak on the water for the first time today, which was pretty exciting. It handles a lot different than the Daggers that I used at camp. It's manuverable, but the bouyancy is all centered around the cockpit, which makes tricks easier but rolls feel wierd. The bottom is really flat, so it surfs easily, which is fun. It's edgy too; depending on how the boat is tilted the handling feels quite a bit different. It's handy though, for carving turns and such.

I was home for all of a day before I came to school; kind of a whirlwind return to Minnesota. Now it's back to class tomorrow. I think it'll be a good year; I get to see Courtney every day, and living with Web should be a blast.


I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, I think it was partially from being tired and still having to deal with kids, as well as being so close to going home. I had a nap, which helped, and today I'm feeling considerabally better. Tomorrow I fly home. Crazy. At times this summer has seemed long, but now when I look back on it it feels like it flew by.

A day of cleaning today, then home sweet home.


Well, we're finally coming down to the wire. 3 more days and I'll be back in good 'ol Minnesota. Family camp has really been a breeze; we just don't have to do a whole lot. Kira and I had a climbing trip planned for today with some of the parents, but enough of them backed out to make it a lost cause. One of the cooks stormed out today, so we ended up grilling lunch for about 2 hours since we weren't scheduled to be doing anything else.

As for everything else, I've been kind of pining to get home, but other than that things have been grand.

I had a mango today. Wonderful.

Less than 3 days.


I'm coasting my way through family camp, which is turning out to be a breeze. All we have to do is run activities, and as long as nobody gets hurt or killed in our activities we basically have no responsibilities. Woot. Tonight we get to watch a bluegrass band who's coming to camp.

I've been keeping up the kayaking; I got my hand roll down the other day, which was pretty exciting.

We have every night off, and last night we got together in the staff lounge to watch Top Gun. Such a great movie.

As for everything else, all is well. 5 days until that big plane home.



Yes, I have no bannanas (or kids) today. All of the kids are on their way out today, leaving us with a heafty cleaning job and then off to the wonders of family camp. For me, it's a good time to end, I don't know that I have the energy for another week in a cabin full of kids. I'm all right teaching activities though, which is basically all I have to do during family camp. I figure that if I think of it as a working vacation I'll be able to get through it fine, then (in a week) catch that big plane home to my girlfriend and my school and my kayak. Sooo exciting. I'm stoked to get back.

All in all, things have gone well for me here (aside from not having Courtney here). I don't think it's something I'll do again though. I've had a good time, but it doesn't feel like this is a vocation for me, and I think I've taken from it about all that I can. I came to an interesting realization a few weeks ago: during an average day at school during which I see Courtney a number of times, including sharing a meal and maybe a movie or something of the sort, I am, on the whole, happier than I am on an exciting day here. Note, I'm making a distinction here between having a good time and pure happiness, but even so I think it's an interesting occurance.

Anyway, enough of that; I have to go clean up camp before we have our night off. Tata.


Oh, almost forgot.

Last night we ran "OPERATION MONGOOSE," a covert raid on the kitchen for smores makings. Everything when smoothly. We dressed all in black, then set out about 15 minutes after the older campers had lights out. We made our way across the back of camp, which brought us to the lit common field. I ran across first. Then, when it was safe, I blinked a tiny flashlight twice to tell the first pair that they could come across. They sprinted across the field, then I blinked it twice more to signal to the second pair. Once we were all together we made it into the kitchen and located our objective. Once we found it, we heard a door open. We all dropped down and cut our lights. It was Rangley, one of the girls' cabins, with the same idea we had. As they came up to the door between the dining hall and the kitchen and opened it I turned on my flashlight. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" That made 'em jump a bit. Once they realized who we were we all split up the loot, then our cabin headed back the way we came. All in all, a successful mission.

11 days until that big plane home

1 day left of real work

Today is basically it, since tomorrow I have the day off, then Friday is closing day where we really don't have to do too much. Saturday is a major cleaning day, and then it's just a week of family camp (the place basically turns into a resort, all we have to do is run activities) before I fly back.



Yar. I'm grinding things out now; my cabin is good, but I'm slowing down. Two weeks left, and then that big plane home. Woot.

I've got everything I need for my kayak now; it'll be waiting for me when I get home. So will Courtney. And my apartment. And family. Friends. (enemies?). It'll be good to get back.


A nice, relaxing day off today. I was able to throw some pots and make some holds in the ceramics shed, and then in the afternoon, after reading a book for awhile and buying some things for the kayak, I got to take out one of the little Daggers (kayaks) and work on my rolls. I even managed to get a hand roll, which was a lot of fun. I can get the paddle roll pretty well now, though I'm trying to get a roll on my off (left) side still. I was rained off a bit early by a storm though, so it will have to wait until tomorrow morning.
Yesterday was a great day. I bought http://www.kayaker.com/new/products/boat.asp?type=discontinued&ID=3 this boat, a perception AMP, I finally figured out my eskimo roll, and I got to talk to Courtney on the phone. Woot. The eskimo roll has been about a month in coming; it's probably been one of the most frustrating things I've ever worked on. Such a relief.

19 days.