Bush calls for same-sex marriage-ban amendment | Metafilter: An excellent comment regarding the same sex marriage ban:"
Bush: 'If we're to prevent the meaning of marriage from being changed.......'

Wait........ That's the agenda? Protecting the *meaning* of a word? We need a constitutional amendment to protect a word's meaning? This is the issue Bush wants to fight for? Can anyone say 'smoke screen'?

Great. We've protected the dictionary, Iraqis can vote, we've decided to go to Mars (someday). Wonderful. Now can we deal with the jobs/education/debt trainwreck?"


*weirded out* This is one of the strangest/best things I've seen in awhile. It's... great.



I had such a wonderful afternoon/evening yesterday. It was nice and warm, Courtney stopped by after class, and then when she left I played video games for a bit. Then I set up lodging for spring break (austin again, yay!), made myself a wonderful sandwitch, wrapped it in wax paper (very comforting), grabbed some chips and snuck away to the library to do some writing. I cranked out a short story that may be salvagable, went down to the wall, sent a couple boulder problems that I couldn't do earlier, then came home. Today's shaping out to be pretty damn good too (started out with a good orange and a great cup of coffee). Yippie!


I was rejected by an agent for the first time ever yesterday. It sucked. I suppose it was somewhat heartening, he said that my writing was better than most that he recieved, but he couldn't connect with the storyline or the characters so he wasn't enthusiastic enough to represent me. Suck.

I snuck away to do some writing yesterday, that was a lot of fun. I snuck away to the farthest corner of the lowest level of the library, the dungeon. I was able to write for an hour or so, undisturbed. I may have to do that more often.

I've got to get back to studying, I have, as my professor described it, an "old-fashioned midterm" coming up. Yay.


I finally broke down and got a haircut today. It's probably the best $10 I've spent recently. Part of me tells me I should go climbing tonight, but my back and legs are still sore from last night, so I'll probably pass. Maybe I'll do some cleaning around here, then edit some photos.

I've been feeling somehow off this evening, and I'm not altogether sure how to fix it. I would think writing may do the trick, but I'm not feeling particularly motivated. Merh.

I made a coconut and mango stir-fry today, and it was interesting, but not great. It's more of an ice-cream topping than anything. Kyle thought basically the same, and Courtney didn't like it at all. I don't think it's a keeper.


A creative writing exercise, done without punctuation:

Words fly through my mind like fireflies or a baby's cry on the fourth of July but I keep running because that's all I have right now and that's all I know right now since knowing is experiencing and because all I experience right now is the thud of my sneakers on hot asphalt and the sun at my back and the wind wicking away beads of sweat that bespeckle my face and right now that's all that exists not her not us not the ending of us and the new beginnings of just me and loneliness at my side all of that fades into the distance behind me on the straight-as-an-arrow road that condenses to a point on both horizons it is behind me and in front of me but it is not here and it is not in my control because I am the only one here with my own breath in my ears and my own pulse pounding in my chest as I run because I am running and there's no way she can stop me now so my feet pound like pistons down this two land highway and I run like a God until I feel like stopping and I am free
The Infamous Valentine's Day

I suppose it was more famous than infamous; Courtney and I had a pretty wonderful day. We had a Krispy Kreme breakfast together, then went into town to go shopping, she got me my present (a kitchen knife set, very classy) and I told her about her's (a towel warmer, ritzy). Then we shopped for groceries and came home, where I made dinner. Then she ran off to watch Othello (the play was in town, she had to see it for class, it was bad) I set some problems at the climbing gym and made a cake from scratch (lemon almond-butter cake). Then we had dessert.

I'm enjoying not acting this semester; I've really gotten back into writing, climbing, and photography. I think the break is good for me.

Oh, and the hermit crabs are doing well. Just in case you were wondering.


This is a pretty interesting depository of magic tricks. They don't tell you how they're done, but that's sort of the point, isn't it?

Things have been going well here, I've been judging speech meets (though a girl cried in one of my rounds. wasn't my fault, mind you). Classes have improved if anything, lots of good reading and discussion. I've also been setting routes at the climbing wall; I put up a reasonabally hard one on Sunday. I'm also getting things sorted out for my summer job; it should be a lot of fun.


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Fcuknig amzanig huh?


Things have been going pretty well around here, though they haven't been too terriably exciting. I've been judging speech meets which has been a lot of fun (and I'm getting paid $85/meet, so it's even MORE fun). I've been playing some racquetball as well, so that's been a good time. I am now allowed to set routes down at the climbing wall, so I'm looking forward to that; bringing in outside setters should improve the wall considerabally. We've also been playing D&D (I missed Bogen) and getting our geek on regularly.

Courtney and I are doing really well; we still get into our occasional stupid spats, but all in all things are pretty wonderful. We went to go see a group of Korean drummers last weekend; that was pretty darn impressive. In their second act they were wearing the coolest hats I've ever seen. Woot.