Family Bonding

I have survived a week up in a rustic cabin with my parents and grandparents at the Lake of the Woods. I think it's pretty impressive. The trip wasn't all that bad, considering the circumstances. The circumstances were that the fish weren't biting (we caught 2 in a week of fishing, neither of which we kept), it rained for two straight days (I read the Da Vinci Code in a day), and the cabin had no phone (after Grandma left with her cell phone I called Courtney from a pay phone, which I assume was the northernmost in the contiguious U.S.).

On the bright side, our hosts/owners of the resort, Dale and Grace Prothero, were great. They built each of the 5 cabins by hand out of logs that they cut. Pretty amazing. All of the furniature was built by them as well. I may even write a non-fiction article about them and try to get it placed in Minnesota Monthly or something of the sort. We'll see what comes of it.

Once I returned from the lake I headed straight down to the cities with Brittany to Mary's party, where I got to hang out with the crew from college and have a "mary" time (wow). We hung out, watched a thunderstorm and a sunrise, played Truth or Dare, and all sorts of wonderful things. Then, after lounging around for the afternoon, Brittany, Mary, and I headed to Lahti's for all night role playing. We battled (and killed) two dragons, had a role playing reunion or sorts, ate at Denny's, and had a wonderful time, then saw another sunrise. It was a pretty great weekend.


Work today, then up to lake of the woods tomorrow morning with the family. Here's the weather report:

Sat: Showers
Sun: Few Showers
Mon: Scattered T-Storms
Tues: Few Showers
Wed: Few Showers
Thurs: Few Showers
Fri: Few Showers
Sat: Light Rain

Argh. I'm going to bring some books to read.


Oh yeah, I got grades back. It was a fairly rigirous semester, I figured on maybe a couple ABs, couple As. I got the first 4.0 of my college career. Go figure. Oh, and since we're on academia, I took an LSAT preptest at the office today, scored a 163. Not too shabby.
I had a real exciting day yesterday. I worked at the law office, which wasn't terriably exciting (though I got to climb during my lunch break, which was a nice change of pace) and then I went into St. Cloud to have dinner with my mother.

this is where things got interesting.

Mom and I got burgers from Val's (great place) and then went to Munsinger Gardens for a picinic. We sat under some flowering trees of some sort and ate our burgers and talked. At one point we started talking about the forthcoming trip to Lake of the Woods (leaving saturday) and I asked about how far we were from Canada (drinking age 18) and then asked her to take me drinking sometime. That broke into this huge long conversation about all of the sorts of things that mom either assumed I did/didn't do, and I cleared up all of her misconceptions. Drinking, relationships, all sorts of things. I also found out more about my own past, why I'm an only child, what my parents were like when they were younger, etc.

Crazy. then I caught up with an old friend, which was always nice.

I mentioned the mom conversation to Gail at work today and she noted how she was going through the same sort of thing with Zoe, no judging, just talking, and that it was kind of a big "adulthood" sort of step. Good call on that one.


An interesting day today. At first I was going to go climbing, but it rained in the morning, and since climbing in Minnesota also means 4 hours of driving I declined. I ended up going over to Britt's and hanging out with her family, which is almost completely made up of nerds. She has a cool family. They have 5 or 6 computers on a LAN and I played half-life against Britt, her dad, and two of her brothers. Good times.

It's been hard being away from Courtney, especially this first week. I found that writing letters helps. Who knew.

Off to work at Gail's tomorrow, should be a good time. And money. Whoooo money.


It's been a good weekend. Most of it was spent up at the lake for opening of fishing. There was frost on the boat when we got up at 5:00AM, and we caught one lousy fish. Woo.

I also got my sailboat in, which was nice (though the rudder was bent somehow and it took some time to get it back into place). I'll probably head up to sail on Thursday if anyone's interested.

I've also had a recent renessance in my short story writing, which is a welcome change. I've got a couple cooking that will probably be pretty decent. Woot.

Oh, and I'd also like to take this moment to plug Montrail shoes. I have (well, had) a pair of their climbing shoes and I lost one. I emailed the company wanting to buy a single shoe. They told me to call, so I did, and the customer service rep told me they couldn't sell me one shoe, but they could give me a pair at half price. Good people.

P.S. There was a guy in a boat a little ways off of our dock having a disagreement with his outboard motor. He wanted to leave, it didn't. We knew this because we heard the occasional "goddamnit" and "motherfucker" while he had the motor cover off.

P.P.S. I saw 4 newborn foals today. CUTE!

Ok... I'm done now.



I just finished watching the finale of Fraiser, and it turns out that was a horrible idea. Included were the following:

1. Goodbyes
2. Kissing
3. Crying

It was basically all of the things I have a hard time watching on TV these days. *sigh*

A pretty low key day today; I cooked up a Basque Chicken Stew for dinner which was pretty tasty, but that's about it. I head into work at the law office tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.


Sweet. Someone found my site by searching for the terms "how to cook a dog."

Sorry Lucy.
my dog is snoring on the floor near my feet.
Jake's Trip to Town

Today was relatively interesting; I ran into a number of interesting people.

I went to the post office and had a 10 minute conversation with the postmaster (who knew me by name, bless small towns) about this summer and my future plans.

Then I went to Fure's Jewelry and Gifts, where a little old man replaced my watch battery in the little backroom of his shop and reset my watch for a grand total of $2.32.

Then I dropped off some seeds at our neighbors, since my mom can't manage to grow corn in our garden due to the rabbits. Loren is getting on in years, lives by himself, and talks. A lot. I started a conversation by dropping off the seeds, which basically allowed him to start up his monologue, which usually lasts for at least half an hour or so. It was interesting though, at least some of it, and he needed to be listened to.

I hung out at home, reading, writing, and wandering about the house, and then tonight my dad and I went to my grandparents and then to the Pelican Lake Ballroom for all you can eat fried chicken. 5.50. Praise small town america.


So my car has been fixed to the tune of $200, but my dear father picked up the tab as a sort of going away present. He's nice like that sometimes. Other than that it's been a pretty easy-going day; cannibalizing one of my backpacks and adding its various components to other backpacks was probably the most exciting part of it.

Hold on to your hats, I'm actually going into town tomorrow.



Whop, let's check.... yup.... still sick. I'm off to bed. This is the first time in quite awhile I've gone to bed at 10:15pm. Write that down folks... we're making history here.
So Much Excitement

Lots of stuff going on lately.

I moved out of college, which was a lot of work (especially the cleaning) but all in all it didn't go too poorly.

I'm sick. So is Kyle. So is Courtney.

My car started leaking antifreeze. We're thinking it's either a hose leak, which wouldn't be too bad, or a head gasket leak, which means essentially ripping the whole engine apart to fix it. That would be very very bad.

My cousin Brogan was baptised and Courtney and I were able to see the ceremony and then have dinner with the family. It was the first time she was able to meet most of my Dad's side of the fam, so that was pretty exciting.

We went to Courtney's ex-roommate's graduation party (she had a bunch of post-secondary credits in H.S. so she got out early) but had to leave a little early due to sickness.

I drove Courtney to the airport today; she flew home to Cali and in a couple weeks she'll head to Oregon. We didn't talk much on the way down, the whole thing was just looming over us. Then when I dropped her off there were some tears, and when I drove away I debated about pulling off the road since I was basically bawling. I haven't done that in awhile. *sigh*

Then we went to my aunt's for mother's day; I flew kites with the little kids, which was fun (though dusty). However, when I was handling one of my stunt kites it tried to get away from me on a gust and I ended up cutting my hands on the line. Hurts.

Then on the way home there were some storm warnings. I was following my parents back toward St. Cloud, and the skies were looking pretty dark. Then my dad's truck disappeared into this big swirling wall of dust. He hit the brakes, then I did too. We whirled around and hearded back toward my aunt's, which was probably five miles back. Once we got back there we watched the storm, which blew and hailed a bit but that was about it. On the way home afterwards I caught on the radio that there was a tornado sighted right around where we were at. Scary.

I guess that's about all of the news for the time being; now it's just back to unpacking.


Well, the homework is done and everything is basically ready to be shipped home. Courtney and Kyle are both at a final right now and since everything is basiacally in boxes ready for the ride home tomorrow the apartment is pretty damn barren. We're headed to a gathering at the lake later tonight, and after some cleaning tomorrow it's time to go home. It'd be a lot easier if I could just leave everything here, especially since I'm living in the same apartment next year, but that's pretty much out of the question. Now it's just me and barren walls.
The Knenetic Sculpture Race looks pretty damn exciting. People take giant sculptures through sand, streets, mud, and seas. I want one!


Oh, and feel free to comment often. I've found myself checking this page quite a bit to see what people have to say. Have discussions. Talk amongst (funny word, amongst) yourselves.
I've started packing, which is kind of a depressing experience since the first thing I did was take down all of the photos I had on the walls. Now they're just bare (and slightly scuffed; I'll have to change that).

I guess I'm not bummed about leaving school; I mean, I love school, but the summer should be a nice break and I get to go climbing and such in Maine. There's also the fact that I still have two more years to go, so I'm not waxing nostalgic quite yet. The big thing is that it's a reminder that Courtney leaves in five days, which is.... hard. Really hard.

I'll find a different topic now. I swear.

I had my creative writing conference today, and that went pretty well. The prof. liked my stories, and I'm thinking that after fine-tuning them I'll send them out to some literary journals, just to see what the response is like. Any lit journal credits would look good if I'm ever going to get Blissfully Ignorant published.


Ok, so I think I have all of the bugs worked out. I'll add a bit as time goes on, but this is basically the final draft. Woot woot.
Holy Crap. A complete redesign of the site. Hopefully everything works (except for that damn picture). Let me know if you like it; hopefully you do, since I've spent most of today (the study day before finals) doing this instead of real work. Enjoy.


I may have found my calling.
The past couple of days I've been in a pretty wierd mood, probably due to the fact that the school year is almost over. We finished up the directing one-acts, which were a lot of fun, so now I just have a couple of papers to do before I'm finished altogether.

There are a lot of loose ends to be tied up before I leave school; things to pack, people to say goodbye to, etc. That, and the fact that I have the big things of law school, summer employment, and Courtney leaving all hovering over me. It's been tough with Courtney; I'm going to miss her SO much. *sigh* "we're going to be busy" I tell myself. "The summer will fly by," I say. It still sucks.

a lot.