I had tomatoes thrown at me yesterday. Our evening program was the Rennisance Fair, and I signed up to do "Vegatable Justice," which involved me sticking my head through a board and taunting kids while they huck tomatoes at me. It was a lot of fun, even though I ended up smelling like ketchup for the rest of the night. I wasn't as bad off as those who had signed up for pie throwing, since they started smelling like rancid whipped cream by the end of the evening.

Other than the ketchup smell things have been going well; apparantly the kids (and to some extent the counselors) are among the heartthrobs of the cabin, which makes things interesting at meals since you can track who's sitting next to who.

Oh, and I tried to learn how to eskimo roll a kayak. I ended up with a lot of water up my nose, but I'm close to getting it figured out.


Things are still going pretty well; this week I'm teaching two sessions of rock climbing and one each of sailing and photography. We had an all-camp dance last night, which brought back some vivid memories of middle-school dances. I'm sure it was a lot of fun for most involved, but I couldn't shake the feeling that

1. I couldn't dance
2. I wasn't cool enough
3. Everyone thought I was a dork.

I didn't like dances much in middle school.


I have such a sweet freakin' job. I got to climb this morning, then I set holds for a period so that my second period boys can have a challenge for Saturday. Then I was going to play capture the flag, but the capture the flag game turned into a giant waterfight after a few counselors had the idea of squirt guns. Things escalated quickly from squirt guns to water balloons to just any containers that would hold large amounts of water. My weapons were three 20oz soda bottles. It was a great time, and I got paid (not much) for it. Then tonight I have the night off. Sweet.


It begins. The campers have arrived. I'm in a cabin with two other counselors, both Irishmen, and seven kids. Five of the seven are returning campers, most of them have been coming here for awhile. I worry about the two new fish a bit, one is getting along well but the other has been pretty quiet. I also have two of the veterans who are basically continiously cracking jokes and threatening to get into trouble, though usually they don't follow through. Kinda reminds me of me. My main goal for the next couple days is to get the new fish talking more and the two ringleaders talking less. I think I'm making some progress. The newbie was a little more chatty last night, and I took one of the ringleaders aside to have a chat with him, finding out about what's going on in the cabin and how everything is going, trying to establish a mutual respect. I think the session will go well.
Yesterday I got to teach climbing for 2 periods, then go sailing for an hour, then work the ropes course, and then I got to hang in my hammock and read a book during free period. I have a pretty cool job.
I was going to go climbing bright and early today, but it's raining across the Northeast so I'll have to figure something else out. How's everybody else doing?


So camp is still going swimmingly (woo, pun). All of the people I work directly with are great, and the staff as a whole seems to be made up of some good people. I found out today that Kingsley Pines gets about 10 applications for every one person that they hire. Cool. Other than that it's been basic orientation/training sorts of things, with lots of team building exercises. More to come tomorrow. Oh, and also tomorrow, 6 hours of listening to a speaker. Ugh.

Then maybe a swim. :D


So I've finally made it out to camp, and I've had a pretty great day. I had a welcoming committee of 3 people, and after grabbing a bite to eat we came back to camp, where I got the full tour. The facilities are great, though most of the holds on the climbing tower still need to be set. We had a great dinner outside on picnic tables, then went into The Mosquito for homemade ice cream in town. New people kept arriving all day today, and more counselors will arrive tomorrow for orientation. It looks like it'll be a great summer.


I packed up my desktop and am now on my laptop, since I leave on Saturday, and now Gmail finally works. 'bout time.
A good evening. I had dinner at The China Resteraunt with my family (the Mongolian Beef is wonderful), then I got new shoes, the Adidas Samba Skate. Classy.
Britt came over today and we watched Red vs. Blue and the ending to Run Lola Run, which she hadn't seen. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to give her my hermit crabs, Trogdor and Sue, for the summer since I won't be around.

Oh, and Gmail still doesn't live up to the hype. I asked them a question since I couldn't open the emails in my inbox, and then sent me a reply... to the inbox that I couldn't open emails in. Smart.


Oh, and I added a couple blogs to my "things I like." Enjoy.
I had a pretty busy day today, and managed to meet up with two old friends.

I saw Ryan in the morning, he came over and we hung out, talked, watched The Italian Job (about what I expected) and had some lunch. He's getting ready for his wedding, which I'm going to miss since I'll be in Maine (suck), and we talked about how our fellow classmates are doing. Anyone know how Dave Christianson is? Hopefully he's in jail or something...

Then in the afternoon I hung out with Keirsa; we went to the park with plans of playing bocce ball, but instead we sat on top of the tank (a Sherman), I blew bubbles, and we talked about our respective lives. Then we went out to eat for fine dining at Huckelbucks. I had comfort food, a french dip and onion rings. Mmmmm. Keirsa's really thin now, and she was always kinda skinny; the fact that she's thinner now kinda makes me worry. Mergh.

Oh, and I drove the Jeep. Woot. The thing has enough horespower to climb up trees. In the words of Ferris Bueller: "I love to drive it. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly reccomend picking one up." Indeed.

Oh, has anyone tried gmail? I have an account, and it's great for sending stuff, but I can't open up anything in my inbox. Suck.

One more update, Courtney and I are back on the mend. This being apart stuff isn't much fun. *sigh*


A good day today, though fairly low-key. I did some writing, which was a nice addition. I also watched "Last Comic Standing," which for the most part wasn't too good, but there were a few funny ones.

A black guy:

Yeah, my kids are mixed, since my wife is from, you know, hell. My kids are part black and parte posessed.

Another comic:

We didn't tell my friend because, you know he's... *hand shakes*

he had parkinson's.
Thank God. There was a storm last night, which dropped the temperature by about 30 degrees. A big deal in a house without air conditioning.

Oh, and things with Courtney (hi love!) were ironed out during a wonderful phone conversation. It's funny how just hearing someone's voice can help things along. Hee.


I was staining decks basically all day today, which wasn't much fun since it was over 90 out. Oh, and not only that, but yesterday, when I was at the cabin with my sailboat, it was almost dead calm, but today when I'm working the wind is trying to blow the leaves off of the trees. Figures.

Not much else is going on. Courtney and I got into a bit of a spat online last night, which is never much fun. I think we have it mostly patched up now (eh?). The distance thing is tough, especially when things don't go well on instant messanger and you tend to take things differently than they were intended. argh.


I had a really great day on Friday. That's not a thing I say often. I mean, good things happen during my days, but rarely would I put such high regard on one entire day. Friday was one of those days.

I showed up at work and Gail put me to work planning out her flowerbox, buying flowers for it, and then planting them. Good times. Then we had some real work, then a long lunch doing the crossword, then a bit of real work, then her neighbor, also a lawyer, actually got paid for a big case so he bought champagne. Then I got to see Harry Potter with Erik and we snickered and joked through the entire thing. Good times.

The weekend was all right; my last one up at the cabin with hardly any wind. I finally got out and sailed for a bit today though. I went to the beach, read a book, and got burned. Tan though. I also made a new friend; a sailor from Princeton. We talked about boats and such, hopefully I'll see him around again.

Now, one more week before camp. I showed my parents Wet Hot American Summer and told them it was exactly what camp would be like. The liked it.

"Where are we going?"
"To a secret pizza party."
"Really? SWEET! I love pizza!"
"Yeah well..."
*pushes kid out of van*


JohnKerryIsADoucheBagButImVotingForHimAnyway.com is a wonderful website.

In other news, Rose and I went into St. Cloud to pick up a few items (I got cool pants) and to catch up. I won't be seeing her, along with probably half of my good college friends, for about six months since they're studying abroad. sad.

I also had a great conversation with Courtney on the phone tonight. She makes me happy. hee.

P.S. On the Kerry site, read the essay about how fucked we are. It's amusing.