It's been a busy past few days.

Our last special day of the session was Gladiator Day, which I helped coordinate. It was a blast. We had mud wrestling and a couple big bouncy air castles for fun-noodle battles. We had a huge waterfirght, and then we finished everything off with a toga dance. Good times. My gladiator name was Glutious Maximus, and the other coordinators were Bigus Dickus and Homo Erectus.

We also finished the session, which meant closing day, along with lots of goodbyes. I don't feel like I connected with my cabin all that much, but there were a lot of campers who left who I now count among my good friends (you guys know who you are). Thanks for everything.

A new session starts tomorrow; Gerry and I have seven 10 year-olds. Six of them are first-timers, but by and large it looks like it should be a pretty good crew. We'll see how things go.


I have my day off today, and since I had a bit of time before I headed into Portland with some friends, I thought I would read up on some of my friends' live journals.  As I was reading, I realized that I'm really starting to miss school.  I mean, there's Courtney, who I've basically been missing since the day she left, but now I'm getting nostalgic for school and my whole little web of friends and comfort and everything else.  It's not to say I don't have friends here, I do, and I'm getting quite close to some of them, but I'm looking forward to getting back with the crew from home (even though a good batch will be off abroad). 

Not to mention the role playing...


 I had such a great freakin' day today.  I got to work on my eskimo roll (don't have it yet)in kayaking and I took out a whitewater kayak so I could get used to them.  Then I got to actually climb in climbing since some holds were loose.  Then I got to kayak again since they didn't need me in sailing.  I had siesta off, so a couple counselors and I  jumped off some cliffs into Nubble Pond and I found out that there may be some natural rock climbing opportunities just across the street from camp.  Then I went mountain biking and crashed huge on a big downhill.  When I got back I showered, saw the nurse (yay iodine), then had ceramics and actually managed to throw a couple of bowls on the wheel.  Crazygonuts.


Have you seen "Love Actually?" If not, go see it.

Things are pretty vanilla around here, though Courtney is off for a few days so I'm finally able to talk to her on the phone (31 days until I get to talk with her at the airport, not that I'm counting). Tomorrow is our whitewater rafting trip, which should be a lot of fun.

My day off the other day wasn't too interesting; went shopping and got a pair of sandals (my old ones were getting pretty stinky) and a pair of pants (patagonia, way on sale).

I'm finally starting to feel like I know some of the kids in this session, which is a nice feeling. Since most of them are older it's fun sometimes; we can joke around and make fun of each other a lot more. A couple kids realized how most people don't like having their faces touched, so they manage to shove their hands in your face every chance they get. I've taken to doing the same to them, and then snatching their arms and twisting them when they do it to me. Good times.


It's finally gotten nice around here for a little while.  My cabin is about the same, though I'm finally getting to meet some of the other kids in camp.  I have a great schedule this week; ceramics, then two periods of climbing, then competitive sailing.  Oh, and I get to go whitewater rafting on Friday.  This should be a good week.  Oh, and I think I'll put some more photos up on my deviantart portfolio (link along the right side), so enjoy.


Just a quick update: it's raining... agian. I had a day off on Tuesday, which was nice. I went climbing for a bit, didn't do anything terriably hard, met a crazy old man in the woods, bought a $50 fleece (Patagonia), played urban frisbee, ate flatbread pizza (mmm) and generally enjoyed myself.
Things in the cabin have been pretty mellow; I haven't really had much to deal with. I've got one kid who hasn't been having the greatest time since he doesn't feel like he has many friends. There's not a lot I felt like I could do, which kinda sucked. Later yesterday I saw him in an engaged discussion with a couple of girls though, and honestly I think he's going to be fine. Other than that, I'm just waiting out the rain.

5 1/2 weeks to go until I see Courtney at the airport.


We've got the new campers in, 200 strong. 2/3 of them are older, so the atmosphere is a little different. We don't have quite so much of the "oh boy I'm so happy to be in camp" sort of excitement. I'm in the smallest cabin in camp, ironically named Cadillac, and my 3 guys are all right. I've got one kid from Spain who is pretty animated and funny, but the other two aren't too talkative. They seem fine, but they're 15, so I think they basically just want me to realize that they don't need me too much. It makes for an easy cabin, but it gives me a lot more free time. I've even started reading a book (A Wrinkle in Time). A day off tomorrow, hopefully it'll actually be nice out for a change.


Wow. The last 24 hours have been kind of hard on my brain. Last night, for Embers, our cabin ended up talking about the big subjects, the existance of God, what happens to you when you die, the nature of the universe, the meaning of life, etc. Then, today, while waiting for my dear mother to get into town I ended up watching the movie Waking Life, which deals with the issue of weather we're dreaming through our lives or living through our dreams, or some combination of the two. It's a beautiful film, completely animated, it's like watching a wonderful painting in a movie, if that makes any sense at all. I'd highly reccomend it, especially if you're in a contempletave mood.
Another rainy day. It has rained every day off during this session of camp. A group of people are headed into the mall in Portland, but since my dear mother is coming up this afternoon I won't be joining them. It's probably for the best actually; I don't really need anything and I'd probably just end up wandering around. Aside from that everything has been going pretty much as usual; tomorrow is the last day of the session, and when session 2 starts the population of campers will double. Should be exciting.


We had a lot of drama in our cabin over the last day or so, and I've been playing pop psychologist trying to figure everybody out. Our cabin is pretty friggin' funny sometimes; to creep people out they sing "Billie Jean" while snapping their fingers and walking toward people pelvis-first. It really weirds out the counselors.

Today is my day off, and since the entire camp is away on trips we took out the best ski boat (a Malibu Wakesetter) and skied, wakeboarded, and kneeboarded all morning. I managed to get up on the kneeboard after a few failed attempts, and I managed myself pretty well; even pulled off a 360. Now it's into Portland for the afternoon.

Oh, and I completed my first eskimo roll in a kayak yesterday. I haven't been able to repeat it yet, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.