I watched Casablanca with in my film studies lab today, and it is one of those classics that I never really got around to see until now. Usually I'm not a huge fan of older films, but I really thought this one was good. Not only is Ingred Bergman stunning, but Bogart's "Rick" may be one of the coolest characters in film.


Is It November? Well, is it?

Find out.


This was a lot of work to be a weekend.

It started out fine; the relatives were up for Johnnie Homecoming, and I cooked breakfast, and all was well. Then we (family, Courtney, and I) went to the game, which was fun. Then, instead of taking out docks at the lake next weekend, which would leave this weekend open for lots of Courtney and Kayaking, Dad thought we'd do it this weekend.

And it began.

Courtney and I stopped off at Saulk Rapids to kayak a bit, which was fun, but her back was hurting for some reason. Then we got up to the lake late, basically ate and went to bed. Today we pulled docks, which was lots of dad telling me what to do and things breaking (like the dock; I told him it wouldn't hold). Then, just as we were about to escape to hit the Saulk once more before getting to my blessed dorm my car wouldn't start; the ignition module had gone to shit.

Long story shorter, my kayak and car are still both in Isle, and the Mississippi is still rising. Christ.



So all has been going pretty well around here; I've been kayaking a lot, including a run on the vermillion when it was at 300+ cfs (cubic feet per second) whereas last time I ran it it was at 50. Pretty damn exciting. I also ran it after the vermillion river cleanup, and I learned how to spin in a hole, which was exciting. The river was lower then, and my helmet paid for itself after I was spit out of S-Bend a few times and dropped on my head. The formerly glossy helmet has a bit more of a matte finish in a few spots.

Things are still great with Courtney; we're in the process of talking about Thanksgiving Break ideas.

I had dinner with my mom the other night, and we talked about various places in New Zealand for me to study abroad. I really have to get on that sometime soon. We ate at Anton's and had delicious giant popovers. Mmmmmm, popovers.

I guess that's all of the major news; nothing terribly exciting. Just thought I'd keep you posted, whoever you are.


Lots more kayaking. I ran the saulk river and the saulk rapids on Thursday with some friends (the river was way low, though the rapids were fun), and then this weekend I ran the St. Louis river with some people I hooked up with through Rapids Riders, the Minnesota kayaking association. It was a fun river, with some big drops and holes, and we had a considerable armada (7 kayaks and an OC-1), which made it a great time. Woot woot.
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So, apparantly since these were my answers on an internet quiz, this is me:

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eXpressive: 7/10Practical: 5/10Physical: 3/10Giver: 6/10
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So it turns out, I love kayaking. It's a lucky thing too, since I bought a boat before I ran my first stretch of rapids. But yeah, I love it. I ran Taylor's Falls last weekend, which was a short stretch of rapids but it's big water and pretty pushy. I was able to do some stern squirts and enders in an eddy line (getting my boat vertical across the eddyline and getting shot into the air) and I tried to surf some of the big waves but was tossed once and had to bail. Then I was up to the cabin over labor day and it was really windy, kicking up 3-4 foot waves that I surfed on for the bulk of the day. Such a good time.

I'm running the Saulk Rapids today, and then this weekend I'm hitting the St. Louis river on Saturday and Taylor's Falls again on Sunday. It should be a good weekend.

I've been cast in a show, Ghost Sonata, which should be fun, especially since we generally are only rehearsing for 3 nights a week. I've been climbing quite a bit as well, which is a nice change of pace. Overall things are going pretty darn well.



It's me again.

It's been busy, getting back into school and all. I tried out for the fall show (partially to keep my scholarship), and callbacks are tomorrow, so we'll see what happens there. I've been making it down to the climbing wall pretty regularly, which is a nice change of pace. I've also been kayaking quite a bit, including a run down the Vermillion near Hastings last weekend, and I'm doing a climbing/kayaking trip to Taylors Falls this weekend. Should be a good time.

Other than that I guess it's mainly business as usual; my classes have pretty high workloads but they're all really interesting, so I guess I'll take the trade off. How's life for you?
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