Lots of news. I'll keep it brief (not like my underwear).

We had a bouldering copetition last week. It was fun, though I didn't do all that well. Comps make e jittery; I put a lot of pressure on myself for some reason. On the bright side, I get a bunch of new problems to play with now.

We got to role play. Good times.

Then it was off to Vegas with Courtney's family. Things went pretty well, though being 20 in Las Vegas kind of sucks. I can't drink, can't gamble, can't go to clubs, can't get a hooker, the list goes on and on... We saw a Cirque Du Soleil show, Mystiere, which was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on stage. Incredible. We also saw Courtney's sister get married, which wasn't bad either ;)

Now I'm back, and pretty swamped. I've got a bunch of tests and papers, not to mention the fact that the play opens this weekend (you should all go). Busy busy.


$87,000,000,000.00 is a lot of money. This page allows you to try to understand how much.
I just finished watching a presentation of 'Embedded' at St. John's, and it hit me pretty hard. It was a very well-done show by The Actor's Gang, Tim Robbins' production company. It offered commentary on both the administrations' choice to send these people off to war as well as the extreme censorship of the media outlits embedded with the troops. It hit me pretty hard. It's sad, that there's just so much widespread hate and violence in this theoretically "enlightened" time in history.

Here's to the next four years.


Gigapxl Project -- So much for my 3mp camera. Check out some of the images and zooms. Crazy.



I have a new project!

I had this idea the other day and I'm in the process of trying to get it off the ground. I was thinking about how most of the creative pursuits on our campuses have their own studios. Art majors have their own private studio areas that they have personal access to, music majors have practice rooms that they have keys to. Creative writing students have nothing. So I'm putting together a proposal to have space on campus set aside for creative writing studios. There are a lot of groups willing to get behind it; Psuedonym, Project Logos, Studio1, the English Department, so I'll have plenty of names to attatch to the proposal.


I'll be really happy if this works out; it will be like I've given some sort of lasting contribution to the Universities. Yippee!


This experiment is a lot of fun. Try it, no cheating.

I saw a video at www.norope.com today of an interview with Chris Sharma. He's an incredible climber and a cool guy, we even climbed with him a bit in Bishop. He gives the worse interviews ever. It's just rambling about this metaphysical shit for 20 minutes. I gave up watching after the first question.

Also, it doesn't sound like Courtney will be in LA this spring. It's bad since it means that she won't have a cool internship, but kinda good since I won't have to be away from her for an extra six months. Heres to the silver lining.


Forget the fragile ears: Courageous 'Ryan' deserves to be heard

Yay for censorship. I don't understand the FCC and AFA. They have no problems with the gore and violence of basically anything, Saving Private Ryan's opening 45 minutes are among the hardest to watch in cinema, but a few swear words make it an abomination? The same thing goes for nudity. We all have bodies, we all have genitals. Why are we taught that it's worse to show somebody who's naked than it is to show shootings and stabbings on TV? Surely most people are more likely to encounter naked bodies in their daily lives than they are violent crimes, even if the bodies are their own. I just don't get it.
This is why the National Guard is not worth the college money.


This Oragami kicks the ass right off of whatever you're trying to do with cranes.

I've gotten back into climbing, which is nice. Courtney's parents are in town, and they get to meet my parents tomorrow at the johnny/tommy game, and then we're all going out to dinner together. It should be fun.

I hope.



Some interesting issues in the vote counts in Ohio.
Courtney and I went on a date the other night. We at at the illustrious Burger Time (since our chinese place was closed), wandered around PetSmart for awhile, then saw I Heart Huckabees. Great film. It was clever, funny, and had lots of little philosophical musings that were really entertaining. I'll probably get it when it comes out on video. Good stuff.

We also saw The Incredibles. I wasn't very impressed. All of the other Pixar stuff was really innovative, but with the superheros they didn't give us much. The twisted the genre a little bit, but not nearly enough. Sure, it had it's moments, but I was expecting a lot more. At one point Courtney and I started pointing out the parts of the movie that were recycled from other films, and then we were doing it all the time. By the end it felt like everything had been pulled from one move or another, resulting in a 90% post-consumer movie. Meh.


10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time is pretty freakin' cool.


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I recieved an email from a fellow Kingsley Pines counselor with her photos from this past summer, so I thought I would post one of mine. This is from the fire spirit lighting during third session. The art classes made fire spirits, these large sculptures out of wood, twine, and hay, and then the advanced archers got to shoot them with flaming arrows. Of course, the spirits were soaked with kerosene, so they lit up pretty easily.
Lots of news, which makes sense, since I haven't updated in a long time.

I finally broke down and bought an iPod, which is really really great. I scoffed about them for a long time, but it's nice to be able to carry around my entire music library in my pocket. Good stuff.

Courtney and I went with my parents to see "Of Mice and Men" at the Pioneer Place theatre. It was an impressive production, especially considering the small theatre, and I had forgotten how sad the play is. I cried at the end. Well-acted and well-done all around.

At the writing center I now have a recurring client; an ESL student from Jordan. It's interesting and challenging for the both of us. Explaining what "is" means is quite difficult.

The Northern Lights were out last night. I tried to get some photos, but I doubt they turned out. Lots of greens, and I even saw some purples and reds, which are a lot rarer (more rare?). It was really cool.



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A shot of a little stream that was flowing into the Kettle river on my last big kayak trip of the season. Now it's just getting too damn cold.

Monster Hole

Monster Hole
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This is what kayaking on the Vermillion at 300cfs looks like. I was flipped in this hole, and I think I may have swam since I kept thinking about the next drop and how I didn't want to go over it upside down. Regardless, I got a few new scratches on my helmet.

Fall Colors

Fall Colors
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The fall colors at SJU. I snapped this on a longboarding trip with Courtney.
Don't worry, be happy, and be healthier because of it.