I had a dinner party tonight with some of my friends from high school. The menu all turned out well; we had bruchetta, a big, towering appetizer with portabello mushrooms, zuchinni, eggplant, and motzerella cheese, a meatless chili, homemade breadsticks, and key lime pie. Tasty.

It was nice to get together with the high school crowd, but it was odd to realize that we'd drifted apart some. I mean sure, it's to be expected, but it was still strange.

Everything is getting set for our trip to Alabama, which is nice, since it's waaaay cold right now. Single digit highs are no fun.


So I didn't win the norope.com photo contest (didn't get 2nd either, grrr). No big batch of holds, no new clothes. I'm a bit bummed, but it's not that big of a deal. I've got clothes and holds and gear from the prelimenary round, so I really can't complain. I'll probably donate the holds that I have to the SJU wall, since they're in need of them and I don't have much use for 5 holds. The pants are nice though; I just hemmed them today and took about two inches out of the waist. I did a lot of sewing today actually; hemmed a few pairs of pants, did some repair work, etc. Suzie Homemaker.
I was flipping through craigslist.org and I ended up looking at some of the "missed connections" posts. Some of them are really interesting, and most are at least slightly bittersweet. I'm thinking lots of them hold possible story ideas, but we'll see...
See Jake

See Jake Write

See Jake Want to get Paid

See Jake Freelance

Freelance, Jake, Freelance


I dropped Courtney off at the airport today; she's home for the holidays and will return a few days into the new year. I realized that when she's not around I feel like I have a lot more free time, but I'm not as generally happy. Makes sense I guess.

I'm home for a week, then I'm off to Alabama to climb, which should be fun. I'm studying for the LSATs, since I'm taking them in February. Good times.

Oh, and I'm trying to throw together a dinner party for my friend sometime soon, so if you're interested, give me a call.



Found this at Tom's site, had to try it:

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I saw June Lune's production of The Miser last week with the theatre classes (free ticket, woot) and it was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. The acting was wonderful, and they did their own translation of the play (from French), so they played with some of the dialogue. Funny as hell, too. The tech was also really cool. Go see it.

I've been finishing up finals, which haven't been too terrible. I had my big test today, and I felt pretty good about it. I gave Courtney her first Christmas present, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise, two wonderful movies. We watched them today, and I think she really liked them both. Good times.

Oh, and I get at least some warmer weather for Christmas break; I'm headed down to Alabama to do some climbing with friends and probably buy another kayak :)


This Game will brighten your day. If not, you're no fun.


The Show's Over

Ghost Sonata finally closed. I was really happy with the show; it was a very solid, tight show and we didn't have to work rediculously hard to get where we ended up. Good times.

I'm being assigned a roommate for the spring semester, which kind of sucks. I had a less-than-ideal situation for this past semester, now who knows what I'm getting myself into for the spring. I tried to find a single somewhere, but no luck. Grr. So if anybody wants to live with me, let me know.


I have money again!

Skeletal Systems of cartoon characters. This is pretty cool.
I don't have my money back yet, but I did win a photo contest here, and they're sending me some free gear, which is pretty cool. I'm in the top 4 which will be voted on for the grand prize as well. Good times.

Ghost Sonata only has 3 more performances left. The run has been going pretty well, though I think I'll be glad to have time for other things.

Oh, and I think I'm going to buy another kayak. When I get money, that is.


Gather round everyone. I have a good story.

I logged onto my bank's homepage today to check to see how much I have in savings. Turns out that I have hardly anything left. $12 left in checking. Upon closer inspection, both my checking and savings accounts were liquidated through an ATM in Estonia. Yowza.

After a few calm, collected calls to my bank and to Visa, I have at least a vague idea of what might have happened. At first I figured it was from an online merchant, but to withdraw from an ATM they would have needed my PIN as well, and I have no idea how they got that. My bank informed me that they would have needed to encode a fradulant credit card with my information, then somehow get my PIN to access my funds. It sounds like I should be able to get my money back, but I get to file a police report and all sorts of other fun things. The whole thing feels really bizarre.