So i tried to post earlier, but apparantly it didn't work. Here's a shorter version.

Break was good; Courtney, Tom, Mo, and I went up to the cabin to hang out for a couple days. We went to the casino and played bocce ball on the frozen lake, which was kind of like playing on the moon. Neato.

I paddled the Vermillion once during break and a guy came down to talk to me. Apparantly he had canoed and sea kayaked, but wanted to get into whitewater. I told him where I paddled and where I got my boat. He told me he once paddled the entire length of the Mississippi. Pretty cool. When I got back to my car I found a book on my windshield, "Floating Down the Country." He left me a note inside thanking me for my help.

I thought it was a nice gesture. I started reading the book, which really isn't very good. At all. He's not much of a writer, and the book is broken down into days, most of which read "I paddled until I got tired, then it started to rain, I found a bar along the river, people bought me drinks, I got drunk, then set my tent up in the rain after dark." I'm almost done though, and I kind of feel obligated to finish it.

I've been paddling a lot lately, especially at Saulk Rapids, which is really coming up (as are most of the rivers in the area). I'll try to post pictures when I can. Yay for paddling.


"how do i get into heaven?"

"you could try being nice to people..."

"man... i said i wanted to get in... i'm not trying to run for jesus or anything."


This makes me want to puke. Drilling for oil in one of the few unadulterated areas left in the U.S. Fuck. I haven't been there, but I've been near there, which is more than most people can say, and it's one of the most beautiful, barren, expansive wilderness areas in existance. This administration is going to kill everything worth saving in the next few years. Christ.
Thanks random person below! As noted, my birthday is in about five hours. Yay for living another year.

I went paddling again today, which was a lot of fun. I found a few playspots even on the saulk rapids at low-ish water, which was pretty cool.

Oh, and spring break is coming up. Nothing huge planned, just a gathering of friends up at the lake. Should be a good time.

if you're coming, bring food ;)


Tarping is freaking cool.

I've been able to get out kayaking a little bit lately, which has been nice. I can't wait until things thaw out. I've been writing a lot, and I've been generally keeping busy.

So yeah.

Oh, and I have red hair now. I'll upload a picture if I feel ambitious.


March 14th is coming up. It's not my birthday, but close. Do you remember what march 14th is???
Woo Hooo! I got my LSAT score today. I scored a 170, which puts me in the 98th percentile. I should have lots of options when it comes to applying for schools.

I also got another rejection letter yesterday. Oh well.


This is pretty cool. Geeky, but cool. It describes all of the ways we could concievabally end the world.

I participated in a survey awhile back, and my name was drawn for a $50 gift certificate at Target. Woo hoo! Other good news, my mom and I are headed to Alaska for a week after Courtney's commencement. I may even get to do some kayaking.