So i tried to post earlier, but apparantly it didn't work. Here's a shorter version.

Break was good; Courtney, Tom, Mo, and I went up to the cabin to hang out for a couple days. We went to the casino and played bocce ball on the frozen lake, which was kind of like playing on the moon. Neato.

I paddled the Vermillion once during break and a guy came down to talk to me. Apparantly he had canoed and sea kayaked, but wanted to get into whitewater. I told him where I paddled and where I got my boat. He told me he once paddled the entire length of the Mississippi. Pretty cool. When I got back to my car I found a book on my windshield, "Floating Down the Country." He left me a note inside thanking me for my help.

I thought it was a nice gesture. I started reading the book, which really isn't very good. At all. He's not much of a writer, and the book is broken down into days, most of which read "I paddled until I got tired, then it started to rain, I found a bar along the river, people bought me drinks, I got drunk, then set my tent up in the rain after dark." I'm almost done though, and I kind of feel obligated to finish it.

I've been paddling a lot lately, especially at Saulk Rapids, which is really coming up (as are most of the rivers in the area). I'll try to post pictures when I can. Yay for paddling.