Finals are almost over, then it's a week of good times with Courtney before she heads to CA and I head to Alaska. Then I'm back in MN for 6 weeks working for Lindell & Lavoie in the twin cities, then it's off to New Zealand for a semester. Good stuff.

I've been packing up, which always makes me a bit morose. I'm going to a Leo Kottke concert with my parents and Courtney's family, which should be good. Oh, and I have a myspace account (http://www.myspace.com/everythingsjake) which I may post a permanent link to on this page when I feel ambitious.

Oh, I got a new palm pilot after shattering my old trusty one. It was a bit more spendy, but it has wifi and bluetooth, which is a lot of fun. Woo hoo.

Everybody go watch the thunderstorms.