So I'm not dead or anything.

I'm back from my trip to Alaska, and Courtney is off to California. The former is great, the latter not so good. I'm living down in the cities with Keirsa and working at an injury law firm downtown. The work is interesting and it pays pretty well, so I can't really complain. I may even start riding my bike in to work. Woot.

We have wireless both at work and at home, but I usually just use my palm pilot, which doesn't work so well with blogger. Hence, not so many updates. Then it's off to New Zealand.

Hilights from Alaska: seeing a beeched whale, tons of glaicers, hundreds of otters, running the hardest whitewater I've ever attempted, breaking a paddle in half, breakfast at a little bitty ski lodge, hanging out with my cousin Brogen, driving a stick shift everywhere.

Higlights now: having my own room in a house, biking to the store and everywhere else, riding the bus, working on interesting cases, living in a city and not in the middle of nowhere, catching up with old friends.

So yeah, if you're around the twin cities, drop me an email and we'll get together before I'm off to the southern hemisphere.