Here's a self-shot at the Massey Climbing Wall (where I'm actually headed after I type this). I like the wall; lots of bouldering and overhangs, which we don't have much of at SJU.

Went to the ocean today with a group of expatriats. It was a nice beach, but cold and windy, with lots of sand blowing off the dunes and into my eyes, it seemed. The surf was small but it looks like it'd be a decent reef break if the swell was right.

Last night we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Great movie, but a bit hard to watch since I saw it for the first time with Courtney and there are some cute scenes in it. And Courtney is 7,000 miles away. Boo.

Classes start tomorrow. After all of the scheduling issues things are finally sorted out; I have Travel Writing, Pratical Ethics, Organizational Communication, and my thesis for SJU. Should be a good semester.