The kitchen in my flat. The toaster is funky in that when it pops the bread up the elements don't turn off, resulting in the bottom half of your bread/toast being burned beyond all recognition if you're not paying attention. Trust me. I've been there.

I feel like I'm finally starting to establish myself around here. I went kayaking last night (Vahoo!) at the nearby whitewater park with one of the locals. He found a boat, paddle, and PFD for me to use and showed me around. It was great to be back out on the water and meeting people. It turns out that his regular paddling buddy just left for a year and he's been looking for people to head out to the park with . And here I am. Playboating-wise we're both about at the same level, just working out cartwheels. He doesn't creek much, but that's not a huge issue for the rivers that are around here. It just means I'll probably have to find someone else if I want a partner for the south island.

I have my books now ($200 or so, byebye). Things are a bit different out here, no quizzes, only a couple assingments per class per semester, and then a big final exam (60% of your grade, usually). It could be good or bad, depending on how things go.