Not a whole lot going on around here; I re-registered for classes and now have Pratical Ethics instead of Media Law and Ethics, since I wasn't eligible for the latter. I've been working hard on getting paddling gear and am just waiting on a couple more details before I finally have a boat and something to move it around with. I've been hanging out with the other expatriats; orientation started today and was less than thrilling. I also tried out the campus climbing wall, which is actually a lot better than the one in town. And only $2. A steal.

That's about it for now; I feel like I'm doing pretty well but really want to get out onto the water, especially since I found the New Zealand Whitewater Guide and have been sitting around salivating at the river descriptions. I've got a whitewater park 20 minutes away. The place is rigged with floodlights that I can turn on for an hour and a half for $5 for nighttime paddling. The ocean's also not too far away, with tons of surf kayaking and I've got world class rivers within an easy 2 hour drive. Just no boat. Yet.