This shot was from a hike we took today. It was a nice walk, though most of it was through foliage so thick it was almost like a rainforst. Cool stuff, though the views weren't too great. The river we were hiking along could be a great whitewater river if it had about 2-3 times the volume.

Last night we went to town and bar-hopped for awhile. I was even denied access to one bar due to the fact that my shoes and pants (the ones with the patches) were "too casual." The place had $5 beers anyway, so it wasn't a big loss. I just went back to the previous bar and played another game of pool. We also met one of the locals and hung out with him for awhile; he gave us a pretty good overview of the town. Where people went, what certain pubs were like, etc. Good guy.

I've been settling in pretty well, and hopefully within the week I'll have a boat, PFD, and paddle, so next weekend I'll be able to start hitting the rivers. Transportation is a bit of a hassle without a car, but hopefully I'll manage to meet some kiwi paddling friends. Otherwise I can start hopping busses; I'll get by one way or the other.

Tomorrow (sunday, for me) will probably be bumming around pretty close to home; not enough time to make a big excursion. This morning we went to the farmer's market, which will have to be a weekly ritual. Great, fresh produce and all pretty cheap, or at least cheaper than the grocery stores.

So yeah, all is well in NZ.