I found a great site, live365.com, which has a bunch of streaming radio stations. I was getting a bit tired of all of the music on my iPod, and some of the punk stations are really good.

I just read a story on boatertalk.com about a death on the Salmon river and this, combined with the worries of my family and girlfriend about my swim last weekend, made me reflect a bit on kayaking. Most of this unfolded in a conversation with Courtney, though the boatertalk article prompted me to work it over a bit more.

The more I think about it the more I've affirmed my decision to paddle. A glance at the stats shows that in all of paddlesports the deaths per year are in the low 100s. 60% of those deaths were in cases where the paddler wasn't wearing a PFD, and well over half constituted canoe deaths. On top of that, every rapid I scout I consider huh, is this rapid going to kill me? If it looks like it will, I won't run it. I trust myself and my team on the river.

I figure there's still a better chance I'll die from a car crash, and driving isn't nearly as much fun as paddling.

Anyway, enough talk of death. This isn't Hoffman's blog after all...

Not sure what's on for the weekend yet; I may get out and catch some surf if I can't put together a whitewater trip. Looks like a road trip around the south island may be in order for midsemester break, but that's a bit up in the air as well.