I had a wonderful milkshake the other day. Wonderful. I've been writing a lot too, which has been good, especially since I have to turn in a thesis when I get back to Minnesota.

The other day I attended a drama club meeting, and it looks like I'll be bringing the 24 hour theatre festival to New Zealand. It worked really well when we ran it at CSB, so hopefully it will run smoothly here as well. I'm a little worried about getting enough people to turn out for the thing, but by the looks of it I get to be the brains of everything and deligate the publicity to other people. Should be a good time.

Some friends and I are also looking into chartering a sailboat in Able Tasman national park (north end of south island, lots of little islands and harbors). I sail, and one of my flatmates is a bit sailor who's itching to get back on the water, so we may be able to make things work pretty well. The boats aren't astronomically expensive either. We'll see what works out.