This past week was our midsemester break, and I managed to get down to Castle Hill on the south island for some bouldering. The climbing, when there was climbing, was great. Unfortunately, it rained at least a little bit almost every day, so I had a lot of half days and one day where I didn't get to climb at all. Some hilights:

Meeting some good people, including some Americans, Aussies, a Chilean, an Austrian, etc.

Hitchhiking for the first time.

A great ferry ride; felt more like a cruise than a ferry.

A couple good nights out on the town. One night we were pub hopping and most places were playing bad hip-hop, but one place had a cover band that played some Blink-182 covers. I skanked so hard I kneed myself in the nose. I have a bruise to prove it.

Missing a bus but having things work out for the better for it.

Reading in my tent. Yay.

Having a kitchen and living room near my tent under a big chockstone, so they were dry even when it was raining.


My wonderful (and slightly illegal) campsite.


An actual sunny day. A rarity, while I was there.