I'm in Nelson tonight; just got back from a 3 day hike in Nelson lakes. Had lousy weather the first night, stayed in a little hut that we smoked ourselves out of twice, as they stove design was terrible. Then yesterday we had bad weather again. We climbed up a pass and got out on top where it was raining and snowing and cold and visibility was dropping, so we ducked into a hut and made some soup, then decended into a valley on the other side. The trail followed a stream that cascaded down the mountain in a chain of waterfalls that was just amazing. We forded a river, and then made it to the next hut which we shared with about a dozen americans on a guided tour of NZ, as well as another guy who had just finished a year stint at the north pole. An interesting group of people. Then today we just had a short walk out in beautiful weather.

Tomorrow it's off to Abel Tasman National Park for three days of sea kayaking. Yay for adventures.