Definately now hooked on facebook-esque-crack as well as myspace. Damnit.

And I'm reading books again. Pretty happy about that.


One more shot from Castle Hill

I've been setting routes down at the Massey wall, which has been fun. I'm actually getting some work done as well, which I suppose is a good thing.

Oh, and I had home fries for breakfast this morning. Yum.


I had a very pleasant trip to the post office today; I received a letter from Courtney and my new razor; a Merkur Classic Safety Razor (one of the old-timey ones that takes double-edged razors) and a bar of vanilla shave soap. Pure luxury. No more razor burn or ingrown hairs; you could snort a line off of my cheeks (if that's your thing, though I probably wouldn't let you) (See this joke).

Other then that things are moving right along over here; good kayaking trip this past weekend and only two more months 'til I head home. Crazy stuff.


The cygnets are getting bigger. Soon they'll be full-fledged (literally) killer swans themselves.

Time to prepare for battle...
Got in a run at Mangaho today. Things went pretty well; had a couple good rides and a few cartwheels. Woot.

This weekend it looks like I'll get some paddling in as well, so I'll keep you all posted (almost typed ya'll just then).


I just realized that in my Yale Law application I mistyped "addendum" as "addemdum" once.

This past week was our midsemester break, and I managed to get down to Castle Hill on the south island for some bouldering. The climbing, when there was climbing, was great. Unfortunately, it rained at least a little bit almost every day, so I had a lot of half days and one day where I didn't get to climb at all. Some hilights:

Meeting some good people, including some Americans, Aussies, a Chilean, an Austrian, etc.

Hitchhiking for the first time.

A great ferry ride; felt more like a cruise than a ferry.

A couple good nights out on the town. One night we were pub hopping and most places were playing bad hip-hop, but one place had a cover band that played some Blink-182 covers. I skanked so hard I kneed myself in the nose. I have a bruise to prove it.

Missing a bus but having things work out for the better for it.

Reading in my tent. Yay.

Having a kitchen and living room near my tent under a big chockstone, so they were dry even when it was raining.


My wonderful (and slightly illegal) campsite.


An actual sunny day. A rarity, while I was there.