Oh, and I'm registered for classes. I got what I wanted (well, or what I needed, in some cases). English Topics: The Comic Novel, Constitutional Law, Math Exploration, and credit for my Thesis.

I'm done by 12:30 every day, leaving plenty of boating time. Yippie!
I'm back on the N. Island safe and sound; my parents fly up to Auckland today. Looks like things will be pretty slow for awhile; I have an exam tomorrow and then nothing until the 14th.

I think I may have a new favorite song. It's by a little celtic band called "The Pubcrawlers." It's called The Last Saskatchewan Pirate. Lyrics for your enjoyment:

Well I used to be a farmer and I made a living fine
I had a little stretch of land along the CP line
But times went by and though I tried, the money wasn't there
And bankers came and took my land and told me "fair is fair"
I looked for every kind of job, the answer always no
"Hire you now?" they'd always laugh, "we just let twenty go!"
The government they promised me a measly little sum
But I've got too much pride to end up just another bum
Then I thought, who gives a damn if all the jobs are gone?
I'm gonna be a PIRATE on the river Saskatchewan

Cause it's a heave (ho!) hi (ho!) comin' down the plains
Stealin' wheat and barley and all the other grains
It's a ho (hey!) hi (hey!) farmers bar yer doors
When ya see the Jolly Roger on Regina's mighty shores

Well, you'd think the local farmers would know that I'm at large
But just the other day I found an unprotected barge
I snuck up right behind them and they were none the wiser,
I rammed their ship and sank it and I stole their fertilizer!
A bridge outside of Moosejaw spans a mighty river
Farmers cross in so much fear their stomachs are a-quiver
Cause they know that TRACTOR JACK is hiding in the bay
I'll jump the bridge and knock them cold and sail off with their hay!


Well, Mountie Bob he chased me, he was always at my throat
He'd follow on the shoreline cause he didn't own a boat
But the cutbacks were a-coming and the Mountie lost his job
And now he's sailing with us, and we call him Salty Bob!
A swingin' sword, a skull and bones and pleasant company
I never pay my income tax and screw the GST (SCREW IT)
Prince Albert down to Saskatoon I'm the terror of the seas
If you wanna reach the co-op, boy, you gotta get by me!


Well, Pirate life's appealing but you just don't find it here,
I've heard that in Alberta there's a band of buccaneers
They roam the Athabaska and sail to Fort McKay
And you're gonna loose your stetson if you have to pass their way!
Well, winter is a-comin' and a chill is in the breeze
My Pirate days are over once the river starts to freeze
I'll be back in springtime but now I have to go
I hear there's lots of plundering down in New Mexico!



More hilights from the road: gondola ride above Queenstown, tasting excellent wine, including the best Chardonnay I've ever had, paddling the Roaring Meg, seeing dolphins jump and play, waterfalls, driving into the W. Coast gorges, pizza, wine, and a bonfire on the beach, a little kid dressed up in a Batman costume stopping us on the sidewalk, Whitebait.


Fun times on the South Island

I've been traveling the south island with my parents for the past few days; so far we've made it to queenstown. The highlights have included: buying pants that will last me the rest of my life, driving off-road go-karts with my dad, walking through a bonsai house, parent-financed beer and wine, seeing a few paddlers run Nevis Bluff, a Class V+ monster, staying in wonderful accomidation, and wandering wonderful Queenstown.

It's been a good time, and the mode of travel is much different than the bus/hostel/on-the-cheap style that I've become acostomed to.


So I'm flying down to the South Island tomorrow to meet up with my parents and tour around. I was browsing through the stacks in the library to find some reading material for the plane ride. I eventually grab a book, and on my way out I noticed a book entitled:

Basic Neurochemistry.



My English roommate has never heard of, nor seen before, English Muffins.

Oh, and the water in the sink does spin the other way down here. Pretty cool.


Had a pretty fun adventure today. Palmy was having a festival-thingy, celebrating air, of all things. They were trying to break the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest number of kites in the air at once, currently at 675. Andy and I put together a kite we made out of found materials (though we spent $2 on string and tape) and flew it for... well... it flew. As a whole, we set a NZ record but not a world one; 400 or so. Fun times though, and our kite rocked. The slats were found and split, then we used a mortar bag for the sail. Fun stuff.


Had a great weekend, though as most of it was paddling-related I'll save it for the other blog (link on the right-hand column). Everything else has been going well; only 2 more weeks of classes which is still really bizarre.

Oh, watched a Stephen Segal movie last night, "Submereged." Wow. So terrible. Running-commentary, MST 3000-esque bad. Dr. Strangelove-style special effects. Terrorists. Kung-fu. Wow.


I've actually had to do schoolwork lately. Weird.

It's strange that the semester is over in two weeks. Less than two months and I'm back in LA with Courtney. It feels like quite a while since I left the States, but the last month or so has just blown by.

Right. Back to Organizational Communication.