I'm back home in the cold battling a bit of a sickness (along with the relatives). Things have been pretty exciting on the law school front; U of M accepted and wants to give me 12k, U of Michigan accepted, USC accepted and wants to give me money, and Notre Dame wants to give me $20,000/year to go to their school.



Things in California are going well; the other day I worked for a catering company at a couple's christmas party. 200 people, 50 kids, carolers, a santa claus, and a magician, and 12 staff, all for a private backyard bash. I'd be interested to know how much the whole thing cost them, as staff salaries were over $1,000 on their own.

Oh, and supermarkets sell booze in Cali, and it's cheap. Cool. And Courtney and I stopped in at Trader Joe's the other day. Apparantly there's this winery where the owner got a divorce, and his wife gets 1/2 of the profits for this year, so you can get quite good wine for $2 a bottle. I'm going to get a case before I leave.

Everyone is excited about the engagement, which makes things a lot of fun. I guess that's about all the excitement for now. Oh, and here's what the ring looks like:




The details: I proposed on the beach on a beautiful December day. No date is set yet, but the wedding will be sometime during the summer of '07 (after my first year of law school). All of the parents are excited, and Courtney and I have been trying out new words like "fiancee" and "engagement." Wow.


I've made it back to the States!

Fiji was fun, low key, but fun. For three days I basically did nothing but lay on the beach, broken up by snorkeling occasionally, which was like snorkeling in some doctor's fish tank. Pretty cool stuff.

I'm with Courtney for three weeks (yay!) in orange county. I'm trying to find some little job to make some money while I'm here, but nothing has been forthcoming yet. Anyone wanna pay me to do something?