I had a really fun weekend this past weekend. Between the sausage party at Tim's and the holiday shindig at Ryan's I was able to see all of the college friends, which was a really good feeling. It was strange thinking that it was the last set of these holiday getherings I'd attend while at SJU. Weird.

I also went to a LARP (live action role playing) game with Fokken, and that was, well, kinda weird. Granted, I'm a D&D player, but in the table-top game it seems like we have a little stronger divide bewtween fantasy and reality, and I think I'll keep that divide there, thank you.

I also got out paddling a couple times, which was good stuff (more details on the other blog).

I'm starting to see why people like cell phones so much too; they're handy little dealies. I'm happy about the no-contract thing though, since it could get expensive quickly.