Hope you like the photos from NZ (even though they seem to have messed up the page formatting).

Things have been going pretty well around here; the week seems to have gone by really quickly, which is nice since it means that I'm flying to Newport in a week. I'm kind of sick though, which isn't much fun. Hopefully I'm on the upswing though.

I pulled some more props for the show last night and hung around for the beginnings of rehearsal. I'm still kinda sad I wasn't cast for the show since it would have been nice to be on stage one last time before graduation; being at rehearsal made me sort of miss the whole camradarie of being in a cast. *sigh*

I'm going to go see Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) give a talk at SCSU with Tim and my dear mother this evening; that should be pretty interesting. Other than that not a lot is going on; mainly just combatting my sickness and looking forward to Cali.