I went to the spring play rehearsal last night to take some props notes for it (I'm the Properties Master, woo hoo!); looks like it should be a really fun show. It's strange for me to be a part of a show but not be acting in it; I had a hard time running props for Kiss Me Kate, but this time it should be a little easier. I'm just a little too much of an attention whore to be comfortable working in the wings. It's also odd to think that I won't get to act in another show in college theatre, and that it'll probably be quite some time before I act again unless I find some community theatre stuff this summer, though even that won't be the same. The end of an era, I suppose.

As for law schools, Northwester wait-listed me while Stanford and Yale said no. That leaves Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, Berkeley, and Lewis and Clark still in the air. I'm still hanging my hat on a Berkeley acceptance, since if they'll take me that's probably where I'll end up going. Here's hopin'.

Other than that I'm still staying pretty busy; freelance writing and editing is keeping me fed and clothed, and it's nice to be able to go to work at 11pm while drinking a beer. Courtney has started her new job at a ritzy health club and she's getting some back stage work, so that's pretty exciting (though what's more exciting is that I get to see her in three weeks, yay!).

I've gotten back into an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game, for you non-nerds) that I played last year. It wouldn't work on my computer for awhile, but then I got it fixed, which may have been a mistake as it tends to consume a good chunck of my time. It's not chronic though, so I should survive.

Anyway, off to class. I'm seeing a play about the monkey trials tonight, then it's speech judging tomorrow bright and early.