If you're having a crappy day and this video doesn't cheer you up, you are without a soul. Wow.

Things in Cali are going good; got to take a nap on the beach yesterday and saw a guy with 2 live parrots on his bike along with other miscellanay. It's great to be with Courtney again, though a bit boring when she's not around. Tomorrow I have a job interview though, Wednesday I visit USC, and Thursday Courtney and I get a tour of UCLA and we're sitting in on a class, which should be interesting. It's supposed to be rainy for the next couple days though, which is too bad.

Yesterday I also realized that a pretty solid beachside bouldering area is a 10 or 15 minute bike ride away. I climbed there when I came out here after my freshman year at SJU, and if/when I come out here this summer it'll be a great place to hang out. Woot.