The sickness is thankfully clearing up; it's basically been a week of lying low and trying to get better. I've seen quite a few movies over the course of the sickness, (i.e. Broken Flowers, which didn't impress me very much).

Tomorrow I get to fly to CA, woo hoo! I'm excited to see Courtney and to get some sunshine. I'll be able to visit UCLA and USC, which should be good. I got an email from Harvard today saying that they mailed a letter to my NZ address and it bounced back, so they wanted a valid address and wanted me to send them a letter with the correction. At first I thought it might be good, since if they're asking for a permanent correction it means they want to send me more mail, so the letter must be an acceptance, but then I realized that it's probably just something preliminary and isn't a decision letter at all. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm off to class to discuss a 17th c. comic novel. Yippee!