It's been a hell of a week.

Personal issues aside, this past weekend Dad and I roadtripped to Notre Dame to visit the campus. Had a good, quick trip; the campus is, if anything, prettier than St. John's. Found some apartments I liked too, and signed away my next three years and my first deposit. Happy with everything, we returned home to find a letter from UCLA, who had admitted me but not wanted to give me any money. Turns out they just offered me the Dean's Scholarship, which put UCLA even, money-wise, with Notre Dame. After some soul-searching I realized that ND seemed to fit me better and it'll probably give me more options after graduation (not just on the west coast like UCLA) so I'll stick with ND. They may even give me more money. So yeah, I'm off to law school at Notre Dame.

I looked at the housing market in South Bend, and it looks like it may be cheaper to buy a house than to rent. You can get a house easily for $20k, and I even saw some for $8k-$10k. Crazygonuts. I emaild ND's housing office to ask about what was wrong with all of these places, since it's not like there's just one dive that's cheap, but literally dozens of houses in the price range. A payment on a place like that would be around $100/month. Weird stuff.

Also, today I got a phone call from the law firm who interviewed me in California; they want to hire me for the summer, full time, at $13/hr. I should go buy a freaking lottery ticket.

Courtney is coming up for the weekend, so that's pretty exciting. I'm headed down to the cities tomorrow night and then I'll pick her up at the airport friday morning. Woot.