Shane Hawley

Because sometimes the lyrics spill like big secrets always seem to
And here we go again pretending this isn’t about you
But if there is ever a question if I had a muse
Let it be said that I am inspired by everything you do

And in these words pray find the truths
That Santa Claus will never leave you
That hope is real
That if you wanted it hard enough then he would meet you
That parents only lie as a way to show they care
And if you try you’ll be rewarded for the good you do each year

And let’s just make it crystal clear
That when we talk about all of the chances that we miss
They were something we can’t live without but have to anyway
And slowly struggle forward
With a cloud above our heads and the weight of the world on our shoulders

Because maybe things aren’t perfect
Maybe you’re still leaving
Maybe I was stupid and maybe you’re deceiving
But it’s been a long time since I’ve said I love you softly
So close your eyes a little tighter now
This microphone’s exhausting and I rarely get to use it without screaming
Like I rarely see you happy without dreaming
Because we’re living in this world of anymore
Like things aren’t perfect anymore
Like anymore melancholy and we call it quits
Like things aren’t perfect anymore and how quickly we forget
And let’s not go and talk like I’m the greatest ever
Like you’re an angel sent from heaven ‘cause we’re not
I’m a five foot nothing idiot who’s putting on some weight
And you’re an indecisive psych major who’s really fuckin’ hot
And for today, that’s still okay

Because tomorrow may not come
Maybe on earth’s other side tonight aliens eat the sun
And we forever dance this day in a slow spin
Near two years from the beginning and twenty minutes from the end
Because this is how I want to go out
No one chanting along no one looking to shout
Because if this is the end then it’s muted in smoky rooms
With the gentle hiss of PA speakers overpowering doom
And I will cling to childish hope
That if no one ever hears it
It isn’t real
That love is often better than appearances

Because sometimes the lyrics spill like milk across the table
But don’t cry
Just pretend that no one notices
We’ll be able to make it through blindfolded
Feeling for the future
Stumbling towards yesterday’s memories
And if you were happier now
I’d try to take you with me
To that place that I’ve created deep inside my psyche
Where reality melts down into multicolored fantasies
And we easily recussitate the everyday life casualities
Like you and me
In the face of practiciality
And the fact that neither one of us knows just where we might be a year or two from now
I hear you laughing
In a future I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to see

So for today
I will whisper you well wishes
Tell you sweetly we were worth it after all
Hope that one day somehow this makes sense
And blow you kisses as the fact that I still love you
Softly echoes off these walls