I moved into Dinkytown today; the place is pretty nice, and I've got a big room and nice roommates. Fokken came over to help me move in, then we went out for dinner and drinks in Dinkytown. When we were at Loring pasta bar and ordering drinks we commented that I was the indecicive one and he was the picky one; our waitress commented that that must be why we make a good cou... pair. Granted, it was two guys out for a candle-lit dinner at a pseudo-yuppie place in Dinkytown. Later she wandered in while Tom was uttering the phrase "dick shots," and I picked up the tab. Fun stuff.

Anyway, it's good to be moved in; my new laptop came today so I've been playing around with that and trying to get files transferred between my computers. Oh, and I got my car stuck in the mud at home today and Dad had to come home during lunch to pull it out. All in all it's been a full day.