So yesterday I spent the better part of the morning getting my desktop and laptop networked, but when that finally worked I was able to transfer all sorts of files onto the new laptop. Then I took a bike ride around Dinkytown and eastern Minneapolis to figure out just where everything was at. It was nice; I'm amazed at how close I am to everything. After lunch with a book (one-L, the quintessential 1st year law student novel) I went kayaking on the Vermillion (100 cfs, nothing too crazy) and then when I got back to the house I started to work on the back yard. The back yard of the house, about the size of a large bedroom, looked like a vacant lot, with a crappy fire ring and random debris floating around. I cleaned up the trash, then arranged the leftover bricks and flagstones into an outdoor fireplace, which will hopefully work. After that one of the housemates invited some people over and I was able to meet half a dozen or so pretty cool people. Good times.

Now I'm in South Bend; my parents and I drove here all day, and then in the evening looked at the outsides of a couple of houses before stopping by Fiddler's Hearth for dinner. They had an acoustic open mic night that was amazing; lots of really talented musicians. Tomorrow we house hunt.