So I've been working a lot lately on not trying to hard to plan things out too far in advance. I mean, I still plan on doing things, like going to my grandparents' anniversary party this weekend, and I still know that I'm going to South Bend this fall, but for the most part I've been trying to avoid putting together any grandiose life plans. It's a lot of work, and I've come to realize that things rarely work out the way I expect them to. So I've stopped wasting time expecting them to do... well... just about anything.

I've been trying to comfort a friend (I know, again with the vagueness) from about 1000 miles away the past couple days, and it's tough. Though I'm always a big fan of emails (speaking of, you should email me), I've never been much of one for phone conversations, and emails are pretty impresonal for these sorts of matters. I'd rather be there in person to lend support, but alas, I can't be. *sigh* Anyway, hopefully I can be of some solace.