Yep, I'm definately really good at updating lately.

Oh, let's see, I was in Canada two weeks ago, paddling the big water up there with Dennis. It was a good trip, and hopefully I’ll have a trip report up on the paddling blog sometime in the near future.

Work has been work; now that we’re done with my big project I’m mainly grinding out settlement demands, though I get thrown the occasional interesting loop every now and again. Sometimes I really enjoy copying or Bates stamping documents (stamping a whole bunch of exhibits in sequential order), which makes me wonder if maybe I’m more cut out for factory work than all of this law business.

I’ve been hitting poetry slams and open mics, which has been really fun, and I feel like I’m starting to earn some respect from some of the poets that I’ve been admiring at all of the SJU slams, which is pretty cool. Last Tues. was the chick slam, where you had to either be a girl or dressed like one to compete. The terrible picture is attached (though I think the barette adds a lot). I’ve been writing a lot of new pieces, which I think is good for me.

Last weekend was my grandparents’ 60th Anniversary Party. I was up in St. Cloud to do a little shopping and see some friends. The party was good; it was fun to see some relatives I don’t get to see much and hang out with my family. This weekend I’m headed to the lake for the weekend, and tomorrow we’re set to close on the house in South Bend. Pretty exciting.

Courtney flies in on Monday, which I’m somewhat apprehensive about. I’m really not sure how things are going to go, but it definitely won’t be a boring summer.

I turned my road bike into a single speed, and I think I’ll be spending a good portion of the rest of the summer fiddling with bikes. I did a lot of work on them in high school and really enjoyed it, but then at SJU there wasn’t much need or opportunity to work on them. Now there is again, since I’m traveling just about everywhere by bike. My Klein needs a new bottom bracket, I need a new stem on my single-speed, and I think I still want to build up a fixed-gear. Then, who knows, maybe I’ll just salvage what I can from scrap bikes, build them up, and sell them. Seems like a fun way to spend an evening.