After a short hiatus up at the lake from all of the craziness, the craziness returns in full force. I went to the poetry slam at the Artist’s Quarter on Mon. night. It went pretty well and I got 2nd ($10, woo woo!), then promptly got a flat on my bike at midnight in downtown St. Paul. I fortunately snagged a ride home (thanks Tom!).

Then yesterday I met up with Courtney for the first time since the breakup. Things went surprisingly well, and, though complicated, we seem to have a friendly relationship.

Today I got a call from Notre Dame and found out that they’re offering me an extra $10k/year if I decide to defer for a year, which would put the entire offer only a few thousand dollars per year away from a full ride. It would be an easy choice if it weren’t for the house in South Bend; we haven’t closed yet, so if it falls over or something I’ll probably take a year off. Things being as they are though, I’ve got to occupy the house for things to work out, and taking a year off in South Bend doesn’t sound like much fun. *sigh*

Back into the fray…