I have 6 bikes now, though hopefully they'll be pared down considerabaly next week.

1. My Klein aluminum mountain bike. They make some of the best frames on the planet. I like this bike a lot.

2. Raleigh Pursuit; vinatage road bike setup as a single speed at the moment, but will soon be converted to a fixie. Gold/black paint scheme; really pretty.

3. Gitane fixie; the one I just finished. I'm working on selling this one, as it's a blast to ride but it's way to big for me. It's like getting on a horse.

4. Schwinn Cruiser. Just picked this one up last night (free, woo!) and built it up. Still needs pedals, but other than that she's finished. She'll be my lousy weather commuter in south bend.

5. Ross Flat Bar Road Bike. My first project, which will hopefully be sold tonight to make room in the stables.

6. C.Itoh Road Bike. A tank of a frame made by a subsidary of Bridgestone, this was purchased ($10) mainly for parts. It had really pretty 1/4 fenders, and some of the parts were cannibalized to finish the Schwinn. I'll probably finish stripping the parts and then offload the frame.

Anyway, that's the stable for the moment.