So Courtney is back in LA; I told her Wednesday night that I had to go to South Bend without her, and she flew out early Friday morning. It was a tough decision but I think things are going to work out for the best; right now the timing just doesn’t work out; it’s too close to my being hurt and too close with having to deal with law school. It was all the tougher since things were going well between us.

In the end, things worked out between us better than I expected. She understandably took it hard on Wednesday night, but on Thursday we got together again to talk things over. She seemed to understand where I was coming from and why I had to take this step on my own. I still think she was incredibly brave for coming out here, and I think that her decision to come to MN gives us a chance at making things work in the future if we both want them to. We’re friends for the time being, but who knows what will happen in the future.

So yeah, off to South Bend solo in about three weeks. It’s pretty scary/exciting, especially with the new house and all (hopefully the pipes will be in it when I move in).

Aside from that, I’ve been tinkering with bikes and trying to stay cool; Fokken and I went to go see A Scanner Darkly last night (pretty good movie, really beautiful, and in a wonderfully air-conditioned theatre), and when we walked outside it felt like walking into a swimming pool. Hopefully the humidity will drop sometime in the near future.