Went to the Poetry Idol slam last night. It was my last slam in MN for a long while, which made it a little bittersweet. I didn’t score high enough in the 2nd round to make it to the 3rd, which made me sad. Then Ryan K was the first poet in the last round. He took the stage and asked if I had made it or not. When he learned I hadn’t, he stepped down and allowed me to take his place so I could slam one of my own poems (the previous rounds had been bad poetry and a cover, respectively) in my last slam.

Thanks Ryan.

I was surprised at how sad I was when I was saying goodbye to all of the slam people; after a few months of being around them once a week I really felt like I belonged. When I first started slamming in the cities I felt like I was the outsider; just in awe of all of these poets. At the end I felt like one of them. I’ll miss you guys.

I rode home on my Pursuit (now a fixie) and went back to building bikes. I’ve got two for sale at the moment, a Vintage Schwinn Cruiser and a C.Itoh single speed road bike. Hopefully they’ll both sell soon. I’ve finished painting Craft’s creation; I’ll try to get photos up sometime soon. She’s pretty. Now I’m just moseying through the afternoon and waiting to head home and start building up the freshly painted frame.