Today was a pretty good day; I understood the lion's share of my readings and I even fixed my plumbing (woo woo!).

I offered up an opinion in class today and got my just desserts; I was instructed to take a set of facts that ran against a defendant and defend him in class on Friday. I'll be fighting, by definition, a losing battle, but I am to demonstrate what all great lawyers should be able to do, which is take a set of facts that seemingly run against their client and turn them in their favor. Should be interesting; I figure that as long as I know the case and make some good arguments without backing down I'll win some points with my Contracts prof. Should be a good time.

Oh, and we got a speech today about the honor code that we're all bound by. Unmarried sex, along with intoxication and cheating, are all violations of the honor code. Awesome.