Well, I've lived through the first week (and weekend) of law school. Things have been busy, but not too terrible, and I've managed to get a couple days ahead in my reading, so if one afternoon I just crash and do nothing I have a little bit of slack. The message board discussion on xoxo has pretty much quieted down, though I noticed today that someone posted a link to this blog on it. That's fine, I suppose; I read through some other threads on the site and realized that, though it offers some good advice, most of the threads reinforce all of the negative stereotypes about law school students. Most will trash talk any school not in the top 14, and come off as being greedy, elitists who care for little else than landing a high paying job at a big firm.

I like the idea of a national law school forum, but I'm pretty disappointed in the end result.

On the other hand, I've been impressed with the makeup of our 1L class. Granted, it's not particularly diverse by any stretch of the imagination, but on the whole it seems like it's made up of nice, genuine people.

People are already grinding out rumors and measuring themselves against each other though. I wore my hair down on Friday, and apparently word was going around that it was because I had a meeting with the dean. Not true, by the way. I was also asked how much I'd been studying by a classmate; he had heard that some 1L's were studying 10 or 12 hours a day (I've been putting in about 4-5hrs/day). I told him not to lose too much sleep about it.

Anyway, back to contracts...